Packers Progressing On Aaron Rodgers Deal

More progress regarding the biggest contract in NFL history is taking place as the regular season nears. The Packers are “creeping along towards a deal,” with Aaron Rodgers, Adam Schefter of reports (on Twitter). “Both sides” are motivated to finish this deal, Schefter adds. 

This follows a report earlier this month that indicated the sides were moving closer to a historic agreement, and Schefter confirms it will indeed be the most lucrative contract an NFL player has ever signed.

The type of extension Rodgers would sign has been one of the sticking points in this months-long process, with reports the 34-year-old quarterback wanted a deal that provided him more flexibility. At the same time, the Packers, understandably, were in favor of a more traditional type of re-up – similar to the five-year deal Matt Ryan signed earlier this year.

It’s unclear if the parties are progressing along the lines of a usual mega-extension – Rodgers is tied to a five-year deal presently – or one that affords the future Hall of Famer player options down the road in order to keep up with the escalating quarterback market. But with three weeks to go until the regular season opens, signs are pointing to a Rodgers deal having a strong chance of being completed by the time he suits up for his 14th season.

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22 comments on “Packers Progressing On Aaron Rodgers Deal

  1. autumnwind

    I hope it’s an 100% deal guaranteed deal. Some of these guys get beat up with alarming health issues down the line. This is one guy I would like to see as a QB with 2 minutes left. He should have been the #1 overall pick years ago…

    • chrisg98502

      While I don’t disagree about the nfl and guaranteed contracts the rule that owners have to have in escrow any and all guarantees at all times makes it pretty hard to tie up that much money…not saying owners can’t pony it up but even billionaires might flinch at $100+ mil tied up in escrow

  2. itslonelyatthetrop

    Make sure to leave some cap space for things like an offensive line and running backs.

    • crosseyedlemon

      Well that’s the tricky part. Rodger’s wants the flexibility to jump ship if leaks aren’t plugged but how can the leaks be plugged if the cap space doesn’t exist?

    • Bearmeat

      The RBs are more than fine. The starting OTs are top 5 put together. The depth at OT isn’t great, but what team has a fantastic backup OT or two just hanging around.

      The concerns on the Packers roster are: FS/SS (have not looked good in camp or pre-season), and OLB 4. Maybe ILB 3.

      The team is going to be very good.

      • crosseyedlemon

        The offense ranked 26th last season in both yardage and time of possession. They are a non playoff team this year if those stats don’t improve.

        • augold5

          Lol… Ranked 26th with Brett Hundley at QB. You put Brett Hundley as the starting QB on any team in the NFL and they would rank in the bottom half of the league in offense.

  3. nentwigs

    Nice to see the Packers FINALLY trying to sign their FREE AGENT Quarterback. You all remember that according to NFL rules, when AR was placed on IR for the second time in 2017 for the same injury, after having been previously placed on IR and then activated, he became a free agent. Although the NFL and Packers have covered up the whole matter due to the Packers iconic league status and Rodgers all star persona, rules are still rules – BUT they can be bent and violated when the result suits your purpose.

    • Bearmeat

      lol. Must be a Vikings fan talking.

      Do you need some more foil for your hat? Who shot JFK again? I heard it was the CIA!

      • nentwigs

        Someone who believes that rules exist for a reason and should be applied fairly to all parties affected.

        • Bearmeat

          LOL. Definitely a tinfoil hat Vikings fan. Ready for another letdown with high expectations going into the season? That’s your team’s specialty!

    • afsooner02

      Waaaaahhhhh… you gonna post this same crybaby crap on every packers thread? Get over it.

      • nentwigs

        Damn RIGHT! The League ALLOWED the Packers to circumvent the rules of the game. Where is the outrage from the fans of THE GAME. I would fully anticipate that Had the rules been followed, AR would have resigned with the Packers anyway (just wouldn’t seem right to see him in a different uniform) but RULES are RULES.

        • afsooner02


          (Seriously this is all you are doing here)

  4. nentwigs

    Rodgers missed 7 games due to his broken collarbone (that required surgery) and spent that time on IR. The ONLY reason he was activated on 12/16/17, was to (hopefully) lead the team to victory against Carolina. When that didn’t happen and the Falcons won on Monday night, playoff hopes for the Packers ended. Per USA Today Article 12/19/17 by Ryan Wood, “The team waited until Tuesday night last week before clearing him to return for the game at Carolina, and it’s unlikely that his surgically repaired right collarbone is completely healed.” Rodgers was placed on season ending IR on Tuesday, December, 19, 2017. Reason for the second trip to IR, the same as the first back on 10/20/17, injury (broken) to the collarbone. Aaron Rodgers IS A FREE AGENT !!!

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