2018 Season Likely To Be Reggie McKenzie’s Last With Raiders

When Jon Gruden took over as coach of the Oakland Raiders, the writing was on the wall for GM Reggie McKenzie. Now there’s more confirmation the two sides will be heading for a split, as Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports reports there is virtually no chance McKenzie is back in 2019.

Sources told La Canfora it’s a “near certainty” that there are “new decision-makers in place in Oakland well before the 2019 draft.” The final nail in the coffin appeared to be the decision to trade away Khalil Mack. Comments made by both Gruden and McKenzie following the trade made clear that it was Gruden’s imperative to deal the defensive end.

Gruden has been remaking the team in his vision ever since he became coach, and while nothing has been formally announced, it’s been clear for a while that McKenzie’s power has been reduced. Gruden will likely begin to bring in his own front office people shortly after the season ends.

It will be a critical and potentially era-defining offseason for Gruden in 2019. He’ll be doing it essentially all on his own and will receive all the credit, and the blame, for whatever transpires. What he does with the picks acquired in the Mack trade will determine how the trade, and his decision making, are viewed down the line. McKenzie, a fairly well respected executive, should land on his feet with another organization sooner rather than later after he’s eventually cut loose.

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9 comments on “2018 Season Likely To Be Reggie McKenzie’s Last With Raiders

  1. captainsalty

    You better start winning Chucky, you’re stepping on someone who had us on the right track

  2. cowman707

    Reggie will get a job as soon as he wants one. Part of me wants to see Chucky down and out in Vegas in a couple years with a crappy team he ruined

    • dust44

      He would b a good choice to step in after Ozzie. McKenzie has done a pretty good job thru the draft. And pretty much the whole AFC North r draft and develop dominate rosters.

      • paly2124

        Hopefully the ravens do hire him, they will be the new browns. One how has he done a pretty good job in the draft . He has 1 draft in 6 years. Mack carr and Jackson. Who else?

  3. Danthemilwfan

    Everyone gives the packers so much credit because they had Brett Favee and now Aaron Rodgers. The Packers roster for most of the past 30 years has been awful around these guys. Now McKenzie goes to Oakland from green bay where he learned the roster can suck if your qb is good.

  4. paly2124

    Reggie McKenzie is an awful GM. Let’s look at his draft record in 6 years. Two first round picksis a starters Conley, two games he starter and Amari cooper. And Mack who has been traded. 1 2nd and 1 3rd rounder are on the roster. Carr and Gabe Jackson. That’s it in 6 years. 3 starters on offense and 1 on defense in 6 years. This is not a good team. He’s wasted free agent money on Sean smith, David Emerson. Over paid for Bruce Irvin and many other flops to name. He has been a disaster. Just on his poor draft record he should have been fired two years ago. Don’t even get me in the hires of Dennis Allen, jack del rio, and ken norton jr.

    • Bill Jasper

      You’ll be begging for ol’ Reggie back after a few seasons of Gruden running the front office.

      • paly2124

        Doubtful. Gruden drafted more starters in this draft then Reggie has in 6 years. Miller, hurst, Hall and key.

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