Reactions, Notes On Josh Gordon Situation

Josh Gordon news continues to come flying in in the wake of the Brownsstunning announcement earlier today. There have been plenty of developments, including reports of a possible relapse and that the Browns will look to trade Gordon rather than release him.

The Browns would clearly prefer to get assets back rather than cut him for nothing, and it appears they may get their wish. “As many as five teams are researching possibly trading for Gordon” according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network (Twitter link) who notes that “Cleveland has a market.” It’s unclear what any potential compensation would be, but it likely won’t be anything too valuable. A later round pick, perhaps even a conditional one, seems more likely at this point despite all of Gordon’s talent.

Here’s more surrounding the situation:

  • In the aftermath of the Gordon news, many immediately began suspecting the Browns would reach back out to Dez Bryant, who they had brought in for a visit and reportedly made an offer to. But Bryant’s name “hasn’t come up around the building lately” and the Browns are “not certain he wants to play football” according to Josina Anderson of ESPN (Twitter link).
  • One team that was quickly brought up in connection to Gordon was the Cowboys. But despite their dire need for a number one receiver, don’t expect Dallas to be a player for Gordon writes Calvin Watkins of The Athletic (Twitter link,) who says “I just don’t see the Cowboys investing in” the troubled young wideout.
  • It was initially reported that Gordon would go on waivers, and any team could claim his contract if Gordon was let go, but that’s not true. Gordon would become a free agent if the Browns aren’t able to work out a trade as former NFL agent and current CBS Sports analyst Joel Corry explains (Twitter link). Gordon spent at least three games on a roster for a total of four seasons, barely meeting the threshold to avoid waivers.
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28 comments on “Reactions, Notes On Josh Gordon Situation

  1. sportsfan101

    What is the real reason for this?!? After all he’s been through and the browns kept him what could lead to this?! It can’t just be the hammy injury it has to be more.

      • Freddy H

        Yep. Guarentee they see him as a bad influence.
        He skipped camp, and then they were hoping he’d come back ready to work, that obviously isnt the case.

        • Pablo

          He came back in the middle of camp… just wasn’t with the team. He was on hard knocks

    • justinept

      Beat case for Gordon, it’s a new front office and they suspect he relapsed. Most likely, they know he relapsed.

      • They may know he relapsed but will keep a lid on that so they can trade him for something.

  2. Thronson5

    What a shame. The guys so talented but wasted due to the demons he battles with addiction. It’s really sad. People talk crap and hate on and the situation but they have no idea what he’s dealing with. Some people just can’t kick it no matter how hard they try. Seems like he may be given another shot by another team but if he has relapsed and fails a test he is done in the NFL and might be done anyways

    • Freddy H

      Not sure if he popped on a test.. Could be that since he’s on a zero tolerance policy, something like showing up late to practice could end his tenure..
      Im thinking he didnt pop, why would anyone trade for him if hes going to get suspended? Thinking its more something to do with a short leash.

    • yoyo137

      I’m glad to see someone talk about how difficult addiction really is rather than the “he’s so talented, why would he be a junkie” argument. At the end of the day it’s a mental health issue and an addiction issue, and as good of a player Josh Gordon is I hope he gets everything in his mind and his life right before he plays another snap again. I’m just wishing the best for him personally, I really don’t care about how any NFL teams can benefit from this and trade for him or the speculation about what really caused the suspension.

      • Freddy H

        Wrong. Its weed. Weeds not addictive, just tempting. Can quit any time he wants with no side effects.

        Guys just immature. End of story.

        • brucewayne

          Exactly ! But you can’t tell these no-it-all sheep that. Calling someone a junkie

          • brucewayne

            over weed is so laughable! Better than pills or alcohol, but the govt. makes a ton of money in taxes on that stuff! That’s the only reason they are legalizing weed now is for the cash!

          • brucewayne

            over weed is so laughable! Better than pills or alcohol. But the govt. makes a ton on taxes with that stuff. The only reason they want to legalize weed now is for the tax cash.

  3. RockHauler

    What team is going to trade for Gordon now? Why would a team like the 49ers give up a 5th rounder as MarcG suggests, when he’s 1 failed drug test away from a lifetime ban. Considering he was out of the league for over a year and a half from his last ‘lifetime ban’.
    The latest reports coming from a league source said the last straw wasn’t so much the showing up late but that he wasn’t acting right. Translation = he relapsed, so the Browns patience finally wore out.
    To be honest can’t blame them.

  4. Clark K

    I wouldn’t act right if I knew it’d get me off the Browns. There’s nothing I want more than for him to sign with the pats

  5. diller79

    The Lions are one of the teams involved. Not sure I get why because they are deep at WR but I know they have contacted the Browns.

    • Freddy H

      Makes no sense. Lions have 3 good wideouts.. Must have contacted them about something else.

  6. crosseyedlemon

    The only way it gets worse for Gordon now is if he ends up with the Bills.

  7. dugdog83

    “I just don’t see the Cowboys investing in” the troubled young wideout.”

    You serious? Because the cowboys never add troubled players

  8. Rondon

    After the Cowboys washed their hands of Dez Bryant, why would they trade for a player with worse baggage than him?

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