Steelers Listening To Trade Offers For Le’Veon Bell

ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter reports that the Steelers are listening to trade offers for disgruntled running back Le’Veon Bell, who has yet to report to the team (Twitter link). While we might expect further clarification shortly, as of right now it is unclear whether Pittsburgh is actively shopping Bell or if the team is simply fielding calls. Likewise, we do not know which teams (if any) have approached the Steelers about a potential trade.

The Bell saga has been one of the most well-documented storylines of the past several offseasons. The last substantive report we heard on the matter came several weeks ago, which suggested that Bell could hold out until the Tuesday following Week 10 of the regular season (he would preserve his free agency status by returning by that point). However, as Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk explored today, Bell could decide to skip the entire 2018 season, which would be a risky, but potentially profitable, move.

We had previously heard that the Steelers were unwilling to either rescind Bell’s franchise tag or trade the star running back, so today’s report represents a rather dramatic change in thinking. Still, it is fair to wonder just how much a rival club would be willing to give up for the rights to Bell given his holdouts, the mileage he already has on his legs, and his contract status. Indeed, any team that trades for Bell would be precluded from negotiating a long-term deal with him before the end of the season, and the franchise tag value for him for 2019 would be unpalatable. Plus, such team would of course need to have a fair amount of cap space this year.

But if a club is able to acquire Bell, it would obviously land a playmaker that would dramatically increase that team’s chances of making a championship run. And the Steelers, who are 0-1-1 and dealing with a number of other concerns, may simply want to get what they can for Bell and move forward with James Conner as their lead back.

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28 comments on “Steelers Listening To Trade Offers For Le’Veon Bell

  1. Md2t23

    Come on Bills. Send McCoy back to Pennsylvania. Let him finish his career there and take Bell on a long term contract. All you’ll need next year is DL, OL, and WR

    • deal1122

      Lol we don’t want McCoy. He’ll be out of the league in a few months after these allegations surface

    • dirtydan

      That doesn’t make sense for the Steelers might as well keep bell if your best offer is McCoy

  2. sidewinder11

    Packers make a lot of sense here. The old front office wouldn’t give up draft picks, but maybe the new guys will? We’ll see

    • Hannibal8us

      I doubt the Packers would want to have that much of the cap tied up with two players.

    • dirtydan

      Why do people keep suggesting teams trading their old RBs for bell, the Steelers have Conner. Makes no sense

      • DarkGhost

        Plus bell is an every down back being him on doesn’t make sense with how similar him and kamar’s skill sets are

  3. The Ghost of Bobby Bonilla

    1) Seahawks for Earl Thomas;
    2) Colts for a 2nd rounder
    3) Packers for a 2nd
    4) Jets for a 2nd or an NFL capable LB or CB
    5) Lions for a 2nd

    • the others i can see with but if you are trading Bell for Thomas arent you basically just switching positions with the same issue?

      • louwhitakerisahofer

        Maybe the Packers would move a #2, but the other teams aren’t likely to contend this year. A a legit chance at a Super Bowl ring would be the only reason to make a deal with that high of a pick.

      • CubsRebsSaints

        He’s 4 weeks in and a pending free agent. You sir, put down the pipe.

  4. frankchitown

    No team is going to give up very much for him. You would be getting only 13 weeks of a RB that cost a lot of money and you can’t negotiate a long term deal with him.

  5. crosseyedlemon

    The Steelers would not deal Bell to another AFC team or an NFC team they would face this season or next. That would leave Detroit as their preferred trading partner and the Lions are on course to draft very early next May.

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