Josh Allen Has UCL Damage

Josh Allen will miss time for the Bills, and after the rookie quarterback visited Dr. James Andrews, more clarity’s emerged on what the rookie quarterback’s battling.

The damage to Allen’s elbow involves his UCL, Tom Pelissero of reports (on Twitter). This problem often leads to pitchers undergoing Tommy John surgery, but Mike Garafolo of notes that doesn’t appear to be necessary for Allen. This isn’t a full tear, per Pelissero.

This said, the expectation for now is Allen will miss at least two games, perhaps three, Pelissero tweets. The Bills turned to embattled second-year passer Nathan Peterman after Allen went down on Sunday. They also have the recently signed Derek Anderson on their roster.

Buffalo’s offense has submitted a historically woeful stretch, with Football Outsiders’ Aaron Schatz tweeting the Bills’ offensive DVOA through six games is second only to the 2004 Dolphins’ among the worst the website has graded since 1986. The Bills have won two games, though, with Allen starting.

The team ditched its offseason plan of A.J. McCarron and moved on from Peterman after another disastrous start, beginning the Allen era. But the Bills appear certain to have to play without Allen for the time being.

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14 comments on “Josh Allen Has UCL Damage

  1. sportsfan101

    Look at what this surgery does for pitchers, if in 2-3 weeks bills are out of it be dumb to rush him back and risk further damage sit him and let it heal. They can’t beat NE regardless and even the jets and a wild card birth might even be out of the question.

    • billykent

      Amen…Pretty sad that we had to have him get hurt to finally give him the time to see and adjust to the process of being an NFL QB…Let him ride the pine now that he got his feet wet and LEARN…and, hopefully Mahomes it up next year…

  2. Kenleyfornia74

    If its a partially torn UCL he will need TJS surgey at some point. Its inevitable. Might as well get it now. Bills arent going anywhere now or next year

      • Kenleyfornia74

        Every baseball player you hear that has a partially torn UCL and tries to hold off surgey eventually needs it. Maybe football is not as harmful on the elbow but damage in that area is not good.

        • wreckage

          Yu Darvish had a partially torn UCL 2 years ago. Hasnt undergone TJS. Masahiro Tanaka also says hi. As does Ervin Santana. While it is often a killer, it is not always the death knell.

        • ThePriceWasRight

          I agree with wreckage not to mention the optics are different. a baseball pitcher is often throwing 90+ mph, and a drop of 3/4 mph can make a difference as would the continuous strain of breaking pitches. football the motion essentially stays the same as does the release except when adjusting angle to make a play.

  3. sports is life

    What sucks is the inconsistency of officiating. The truth is if one of the great QBs gets touched there is a penalty to protect them and rightly so. The young unproven QB is not afforded that same protection which is ridiculous. I understand they are nowhere near the caliber of the greats but they the future for 6 other teams and they should be protected bc it is difficult as hell to find QBs who have an impact in this league.

    Officials control the game with their bias and will allow blatant penalties go while calling touch or nonexistent penalties even after the play is over. As any owner of a billion dollar team I would be going crazy

  4. jorge78

    Way to go Bill’s get rid of A.J. to save a few rubles. Better hope Derek can bring some of that Browns magic! In today’s game never understood why teams undervalue the back up. DUH!

  5. Phattey

    I’m so hyped to watch Nathan peterman whenever he starts it’s a must watch game you never know what Nathan will do next

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