Clinton-Dix Doesn’t Expect To Stay With Packers

Ha Ha Clinton-Dix is in his contract year, and he doesn’t expect to be back with Green Bay in 2019. In a candid conversation with reporters, the safety indicated that he’s in his final days as a member of the Packers. 

Right now, I’m playing each and every game like it’s my last. I don’t think I’m going to be here next year,” Clinton-Dix said (via Jason Wilde of the State Journal). “That’s how I look at it. I just (have to) be honest with myself. You’ve got to play it game-by-game. Whether we’re losing by 60 points, you’ve got to go out there and perform. This is my biggest interview of my career. So I’ve got to perform, regardless of what the record says.”

The Packers are now 2-2-1 after falling 31-23 to the rival Lions. It’s not the start that Clinton-Dix and the Packers had in mind, but they’ll have a chance to get over the .500 mark when they face the 49ers on Monday night.

The fifth-year safety was retained for this season via the fifth-year option, which is paying him $5.957MM. He stayed away from voluntary OTAs in hopes of getting a long-term deal, but that never came together, and Clinton-Dix doesn’t seem optimistic about that happening now. Clinton-Dix has come to terms with his future prospects in Green Bay, but he’s far from unhappy with the team.

I like [defensive coordinator] Mike Pettine a lot. He’s given me a chance to fly around and make plays,” Clinton-Dix said. “When guys are doing what they’re asked to do, we don’t look too bad out there. There are little mistakes we make, but other that, we’re all having fun out there and once we all get in a rhythm and start catching interceptions, it’s only going to bring us together. I’m actually having fun — regardless of what the record says — because of the defense and the way it is right now. We’re going to get better. Once we get rolling, we’re going to be hard to stop, if you ask me.”

Clinton-Dix, 26 in December, is tied for the league-lead in interceptions with three. He also ranks as Pro Football Focus’ No. 7 ranked safety through five weeks of the season, so he’s building a strong case for himself as he approaches free agency for the first time in his career. A big payday could be in the Alabama product’s future, though a repeat of this year’s depressed free agent safety market could limit his prospects.

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22 comments on “Clinton-Dix Doesn’t Expect To Stay With Packers

  1. sidewinder11

    I think re-signing Haha should be near the top of Green Bay’s priority list. He’s done nothing but produce since he entered the league. Considering how inexperienced their secondary is, they should think long and hard before letting someone like him walk away

    • twentyforty

      Have you ever watched a Packers game? No. 21 is their weakest DB and quite possibly the least competitive football player in the NFL. Just put on the tape. He’s completely delusional if he thinks he’s getting paid.

  2. leprechaun

    He will be moving 180 miles south to Chicago. He going to join his main man Kahil Mack as a Bear

  3. Bill Mac.

    Of course he’ll be gone… why would Green Bay actually want to keep a productive defensive player

    • twentyforty

      Productive? You’re not serious. In fact, I’d venture a guess that if you think he’s a good football player, that you know less about the game than 90% of the northern hemisphere.

  4. Julio Franco's Birth Certificate

    Le’Veon for HaHa, Steelers would do that in a heartbeat. No draft picks needed.

  5. travbot

    Watch the final game of last season against the Lions. You’ll see a player who gave up multiple times during the game. And don’t forget about his feeble tackling attempt on Sunday that ended with him shoved away face first by a WR. I will be happy to have another team sign him.

    • wellyou'rewrong

      The game where they were already eliminated and actually should have lost (and thankfully did)? That one? That’s the one game you point to? He helped them! Lol thankfully you’re not the GM

      • twentyforty

        You could pop in the tape to just about every game and see the same thing. Entirely unwilling tackler. Completely guess work in coverage. Makes next to no plays unless it’s a blatant overthrow or he’s standing in the vicinity of an errant throw. He’s a terrible, terrible football player who hasn’t been competitive in well more than two seasons. It amuses me that people see name recognition and believe that guy can play.

        • wellyou'rewrong

          Did you even read the last paragraph? It’s not name recognition it’s due to him having 28 ints, 28 pdf, and 5.5 sacks since he entered the league. Your eye test is extremely faulty. Welcome to safety play in 2018 where the rules aren’t made for them.

            • twentyforty

              Umm, 14 is half of 28 so I hope you adjust your views of him to half as good as you think he is, because then you’d still be about half-correct. And interceptions are about as flimsy a raw number as tackles since the majority of them are right-place, right-time occurrences as opposed to him swooping in athletically. Watch the film…he’s terrible. Next thing you’ll assert is that total tackles determines how good a MLB is. But the excuse that rules of the game aren’t in his favor is hilarious. Nice try, are you related to him?

              • wellyou'rewrong

                I know what I typed. But you ignored pd and sacks and focused just on interceptions (as if the elite dont have them). You apparently didnt read the last paragraph either. I’m sure of that.

                Your biased eye test is awful. Worst db? Do you even watch brice? Your “watch film” argument is a terrible back up and what’s really flimsy, especially when all the stats and my own eye test show hes better then Brice, etc.

                And yes the rules do make it harder for defenders. Are you dumb or something? What games are you watching? Oh yeah the ones where the outcome doesnt matter lol

                He must have taken your girl if you believe half the stuff you type lol

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