Deadline Notes: DT, Fowler, Collins, Bell

There were five trades made on deadline day, but none of them involved Giants safety Landon Collins. Appearing on ESPN’s The Michael Kay Show, the 24-year-old said New York was “asking a little bit too much,” leading to suitors shying away from a deal.

Ralph Vacchiano of SNY writes that the Giants were ultimately seeking a 2019 second-rounder and a late-round pick in 2020, but no team offered more than a third. The Chiefs and Buccaneers were among the teams to have made bids for the defensive back.

Considering all of the rumors surrounding the Giants, Collins admitted that he was a bit on edge up until the deadline.

“Yeah I was very anxious honestly,” Collins said (via Vacchiano). “I heard multiple teams offered a lot. It’s crazy. My agent called me and I looked at my phone and thought ‘Oh God.’”

Below are some more deadline notes from around the NFL…

  • Before the Broncos traded wideout Demaryius Thomas to the Texans, both the Patriots and Eagles made competitive offers for the veteran, reports Mike Klis 9News in Denver (via Twitter). The Titans also made a late bid for the receiver. Denver ultimately sent Thomas and a seventh-round pick to Houston for a fourth-round pick and a seventh-round pick. New England had previously been connected to the 30-year-old. Philly ended up making a trade with the Lions for wideout Golden Tate, another wideout the Patriots were eyeing.
  • The 2019 third-round pick sent to the Jaguars in the Dante Fowler trade is conditional, tweets Howard Balzer.’s Tom Pelissero tweets that the conditional draft pick will be based on how many compensatory picks the Rams receive. If Los Angeles does receive a compensatory pick, that will be sent to Jacksonville. If the Rams receive more than one compensatory pick, the Jaguars will receive the higher selection. If the Rams don’t get any compensatory picks, then they’ll simply send their own pick to complete the trade. Albert Breer of tweets that Los Angeles is expecting compensatory picks for the offseason losses of Trumaine Johnson and Sammy Watkins. Jacksonville also received a 2020 fifth-rounder in the Fowler deal.
  • As ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler points out (via Twitter), the Steelers unwillingness to trade Le’Veon Bell means the running back will now have two weeks to report to the team. If the Pro Bowler fails to show up by November 13th, he won’t be allowed to play this season. Fowler notes that Bell is still intending on playing this season, but he still hasn’t informed the Steelers of his plans.
  • The Ravens traditionally don’t trade draft picks for players, especially during the season. As Jeff Zrebiec of The Athletic writes, prior to today, the team had only made one significant pre-deadline deal (for left tackle Eugene Monroe in 2013). However, today’s trade for Ty Montgomery followed general manager Ozzie Newsome‘s “right player, right price” attitude. Baltimore ended up sending the Packers a seventh-rounder for a versatile offensive weapon who had more than 800 all-purpose yards only two seasons ago. While the 25-year-old may not be as flashy of a name as LeSean McCoy or Jordan Howard, Zrebiec believes the Ravens gave up minor draft capital for a player who could end up helping them down the stretch.
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24 comments on “Deadline Notes: DT, Fowler, Collins, Bell

    • crosseyedlemon

      Gruden was the big seller this season and all he has is a bunch of additional lottery tickets. The Rams were big buyers 2 seasons ago and they are 8-0.

  1. JJB0811

    I think Bell has been very clear about his plans. He’s not going year to year. Pit lost on that bet. Bell lost out on $17m. Really no one wins.

    • Polish Hammer

      Pitt didn’t pay him the money and Connor has filled in ok, I wouldn’t say they lost.

    • Considering James Conner has been a beast in his place, the Steelers really haven’t lost anything. They alluded to RBs being replaceable, and that’s exactly what they’ve shown Bell to be.

      • JJB0811

        I agree Conner has been great, but then why didn’t Pit kick Bell and his $17m on the books away? They need D players and that cap space would have helped this season. They were too stubborn with Bell to help their team. That’s a loss in my opinion.

        • madmanTX

          I don’t think the Steelers would get that cap money back in 2018 or they might have rescinded the tag. Either way, it may not benefit either side, true, but I agree that Conner’s performance is a win and perhaps proof that Bell’s numbers are mainly a product of the O-like in Pittsburgh Was

    • crosseyedlemon

      The underlying issue is the current tag system. Cousins, Donald, Mack and Bell all wanted no part of it and you will see more of these type holdouts until the CBA makes some kind of modification that prevents owners from holding top performers hostage for 2 consecutive years when they are at the peak of their earning potential.

      • JJB0811

        Cousins will earn over $100m in 5 years. The tag was the best thing that ever happened to him. 2 years of fully guaranteed top5 money, then signed for 3 years fully guaranteed. He’s not mad about the tag.

        I would rather be tagged 3 times on a fully guaranteed money than sign for 4 years w/ half guaranteed. ECO 101.

        Being paid top 5 of your position every year is a GREAT deal. it really is.

        • noraj9

          until you get hurt, end your career early, and get dropped like a bad first date.

          • JJB0811

            Would you like fully guaranteed money or not? Players get hurt all the time on lengthy contracts.

            • victorg

              honestly I have yet to see were the franchise tag didn’t work out great for the player.

            • SuperSinker

              Why do NFL players not have guaranteed contracts? The sport where everyone gets maimed doesn’t give money to the athletes being maimed? Never understood it.

              • crosseyedlemon

                Many players do have a large part of their contract guaranteed and not everyone is being maimed. If your in business would you gladly provide guaranteed payment when there is no return guarantee of performance?

        • Cousins wasn’t a top-five QB but got paid like one, so yeah, he came out ahead.

          The others are arguably the best at their positions and are better off on the open market. (And RBs have shorter careers.)

          • SuperSinker

            Was gonna say, QB’s are protected to be in the league as long as their production allows it. Same can’t be said for the 400lb nose tackle joining a mass of humanity at the line of scrimmage every play.

            • crosseyedlemon

              Teams can tag anyone they choose, even a kicker, as the Ravens once did. As pt57 pointed out, players want the freedom to test the open market when they reach their peak earning potential.
              This is why we saw Julio Jules want a redo with Atlanta after just 2 years into his contract. He knows he will get shafted by the tag system so he wanted an longer term extension before they could hold him hostage for 2 years and keep him away from other bidders.

  2. RockHard

    I love that the trade deadline actually has some intrigue nowadays. Until recently the deadline would come and go with absolutely nothing happening league wide.

    • crosseyedlemon

      Deadline deals are rarely going to have an impact but they allow owners the chance to push the PR line to fans that “this deal proves that we are really committed to getting better”.

  3. steelman

    James Conner has played better than ok! He is on pace to have better stats than Bell.

    • victorg

      is that true ? that sounds surprising. I knew connor was playing well but I assumed he was not the same threat catching the ball as bell?

      • Polish Hammer

        He’s had only 16 less yards from scrimmage than the franchise record.

    • crosseyedlemon

      No point in keeping Von if the Broncos are going for a full on rebuild. He would provide the best return of anyone while also providing a good amount of cap relief. Great player but it’s probably best for both he and Denver if the relationship ends.

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