Current 2019 NFL Draft Order

With nearly 11 full weeks of NFL action in the books, the 2019 draft order is beginning to take shape. Here’s the rundown of where things would stand if the 2018 season ended today:

1. San Francisco 49ers (2-8)

2. Arizona Cardinals (2-8)

3. Oakland Raiders (2-8)

4. New York Jets (3-7)

5. New York Giants (3-7)

6. Buffalo Bills (3-7)

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-7)

8. Jacksonville Jaguars (3-7)

9. Cleveland Browns (3-6-1)

10. Detroit Lions (4-6)

11. Atlanta Falcons (4-6)

12. Philadelphia Eagles (4-6)

13. Denver Broncos (4-6)

14. Green Bay Packers (4-5-1)

15. Indianapolis Colts (5-5)

16. Miami Dolphins (5-5)

17. Dallas Cowboys (5-5)

18. Tennessee Titans (5-5)

19. Seattle Seahawks (5-5)

20. Cincinnati Bengals (5-5)

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11 comments on “Current 2019 NFL Draft Order

  1. playicy

    Browns are in the hunt of the playoffs this year, but mathematically have a shoot but logically no they don’t got a shoot, so time will tell

  2. antsmith7

    This is the least exciting draft i can remember. 2020 should be much better!

      • jkoms57

        Well that’s why he says boring. A class lead by D-linemen, and not qb’s, cb’s and wr’s ..

        • dave13

          Not everyone needs QBs and WRs every year. The draft in and of itself is very exciting and D line especially pass rushers can be more exciting and impactful than a WR

    • crosseyedlemon

      I think the draft could be interesting in that maybe half the teams currently in the top 10 might consider trading back down a bit. Jags, Broncos and Dolphins would definitely be receptive to moving up more.

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