Giants Could Keep Eli Manning In 2019

There is still a chance that Eli Manning could return to the Giants as their starting quarterback in 2019, Ralph Vacchiano of SNY hears. While the offense has sputtered under Manning’s command, the Giants do not have a clear replacement for him, so the possibility of another season together cannot be ruled out. 

Obviously, the Giants will be keeping close tabs on Manning’s performance over the final five games of the season. They also have to weigh the fiscal consequences of keeping him. Manning is signed through next year at a salary cap number of $23.2MM, which is a lot for a soon-to-be 38-year-old quarterback in decline.

The Giants may want to use these final five games as an opportunity to see what fourth-round pick Kyle Lauletta has to offer. If Lauletta sees the field and plays well, the Giants may gain enough confidence to move on from Manning.

The stats indicate that Manning is having a solid season on the whole, but the Giants’ offense has struggled to put points on the board. The veteran has completed 69% of his passes with just seven interceptions and he’s on pace for one of his best career totals in passing yards. Manning has also played better over the last three weeks thanks to improved protection from the offensive line. Still, he’s thrown only 14 touchdown passes through eleven games and the Giants’ offense is averaging only 21.5 points per contest.

Manning will look to keep it up against the Bears on Sunday. If the game gets out of hand, we could be one step closer to seeing what Lauletta has to offer.

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11 comments on “Giants Could Keep Eli Manning In 2019

    • Sick of Losing

      We’ve seen enough. Thanks for the memories. It’s time for us to move on, WITHOUT Eli Manning.

      • crosseyedlemon

        Yep. If you decide to rebuild you can’t take half measures. Offer Eli an executive position and some other perks to get him to retire. His contract counts for 11.85% of next years cap. If the Giants had pursued someone like Goff or Mahomes their investment would be less than 5% of the cap total.

  1. sportsfan101

    Considering he demanded playing for the giants after the chargers selected him they have the upper hand here. Let him go try to sign him for less or watch him walk neither would be devastating to the franchise.

  2. OCTraveler

    With this year’s quarterback class, you might want to keep him – maybe then bendy year you can get Tua from Alabama

    • Sick of Losing

      I honestly would rather put Lalulleta out there for a year or whomever I could scrounge off the FA market including J. Winston as opposed to Eli. I like the idea of Tua. Will Grier is a bust waiting to happen. Herbert I don’t see as a franchise QB either.

  3. bradthebluefish

    Gotta keep Eli until the Giants have somebody worth throwing into the fire.

  4. geeson

    Gettlemen like cashman is self proclaimed and a media hyped genius. Eli deserves all the respect in the world and beat retirement party around not to quarterback the g-men.

    Of course with gettlemen’s personnel acumen their May be no other choice

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