Extra Points: QB’s, Tannehill, Jets, Maccagnan, San Antonio

Every year there’s a so-called “quarterback carousel” in the NFL offseason where a group of second-tier signal callers end up changing teams. This upcoming offseason could be the busiest yet, with a large crop of quarterbacks that have front offices that aren’t committed to them longterm. This year’s draft class is currently seen as being relatively weak, so many teams will likely be seeking to address the position through trades or free agent signings.

Former NFL agent and current CBS Sports Analyst Joel Corry took a look at the quarterbacks most likely to change teams this offseason, and it was a long list. He included 11 names, with some high profile ones like Derek Carr, Eli Manning, and Jameis Winston making the list. The whole article is worth reading for Corry’s analysis as someone who’s been involved in these negotiations before.

Here’s more from around the league:

  • Speaking of quarterbacks, Ryan Tannehill will miss his fourth straight game this weekend when the Dolphins play the Jets, and it looks like he’ll be out beyond this week. Tannehill is not expected back for the team’s Week 10 game against the Packers, according to Ian Rapoport (Twitter link). It sounds like the earliest Tannehill could return would be after Miami’s bye week, in Week 12. Coach Adam Gase revealed the nature of Tannehill’s injury for the first time today, describing it as a “shoulder capsule” injury.
  • If Jets GM Mike Maccagnan fails to lead the team to the playoffs in 2019 he should be fired, opines Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News. Maccagnan has said he will be “very active” in free agency this offseason, and the pressure will be on for him to finally end the years-long rebuild and deliver tangible success. If the Jets don’t start winning more games in Sam Darnold‘s second season, it’s likely it’ll be a new regime in New York in 2020.
  • There’s been a lot of noise about the prospect of an NFL team relocating to London, or even one going back to San Diego, but there’s apparently a new market in the mix. San Antonio mayor Ron Nirenberg said recently that the city would have an NFL team “in the next 10 years”, according to Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk. San Antonio was in the running to get the Raiders before they settled on Las Vegas, and they have a team in the upstart AAF league, so they’re clearly serious about professional football.
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10 comments on “Extra Points: QB’s, Tannehill, Jets, Maccagnan, San Antonio

  1. crosseyedlemon

    I doubt you will ever see Texas with 3 NFL teams and it certainly won’t happen as long as Jerry Jones is alive.

    • Kwflanne

      It’s possible… New York has three… California has four (three once the raiders leave)… I could see Texas getting three. But very good point about Jerry Jones. Agreed, if it does happen or is discussed, Jerry will be a huge road block in those attempts

  2. Kwflanne

    A lot of noise about a team going back to San Diego?? Fan noise…. maybe. Actual legitimate noise? Nope. There is no talk of a football team going back to San Diego currently. Zero. Not from anyone other than these rumor mill sites, fan theories, etc. The commissioner has discussed London, owners have discussed London, and San Antonio was an option for the raider pre-Vegas, so sure, they can be considered an option. San Diego just kicked a team out (not the fault of the town, but in general, the NFL just left) and a team is NOT coming back. Certainly not being discussed anytime in the next decade

    • SanDiegoTom

      You are completely misinformed. I lived there, the Hotel tax propywasnt even advertised and was limited to certain counties that could actually vote for it. Dean spanos is a moron as much as California politics are a joke. Move the chargers to San Antonio! Screw dean, sell the team!

  3. JJB0811

    Sounds like 2-3 teams will be moving if their cities won’t fund a new stadium. NFL mafia ‘build or we leave!’. Worse thing is 80% of the league is already done for the season and talking offseason plans.

  4. victorg

    has a Houstonian I am 100 percent ready for SA to get their own team and hopefully convert more Texans from cowboys fans.
    I would love to see TB move to SA or if the NFL could just add 2 more teams once in the AFC and one in the NFC.. ad they should re align for sure .. NO,DAL,HOU and SA in the same division please.

    • JJB0811

      More teams? The game is as lopsided as ever now and diluting more talent won’t help. We’re at week 8 & there are already 13 teams w/ 3 wins or less. That’s not good football.

      As usual, the AFC east is already done. Miami sits at 4-4, but got smoked once by the Pats. That’s just not exciting.

      • crosseyedlemon

        The NFL is reasonably competitive (when teams do not get decimated with injuries). There are 130 FBS teams so a diluting of talent should not be a problem. Watching a 3 win team isn’t great but it beats the heck out of watching a baseball team like the Orioles who finished 61 games back in their division.

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