Jets Unlikely To Fire Bowles During Season

Jets head coach Todd Bowles is on the hot seat, but he’s unlikely to lose his job before the end of the calendar year. If a change is made, it will likely come after the season, Ian Rapoport of (on Twitter) hears. 

Bowles and CEO Christopher Johnson met on Monday morning to discuss the future, which invited speculation of a coaching change during the team’s bye week. Even after the Jets made Bills quarterback Matt Barkley look like Jim Kelly, the Jets plan to keep their embattled head coach for at least the next couple of months.

Jets owner Woody Johnson generally does not believe in firing head coaches during the season. In 2014, Johnson ignored calls to fire Rex Ryan after a 1-8 start to the year and did not dismiss him until after the season when the Jets finished 4-12.

It’s also likely that the Johnsons do not see a logical replacement for Bowles on the coaching staff. The team has struggled on both sides of the ball, so neither offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates nor defensive coordinator Kacy Rodgers would make sense as a temporary solution. And, even if Rodgers was viewed as an interim candidate, his health situation would complicate matters.

The locker room is said to still hold Bowles in high regard, but he’s as good as gone if the team cannot rally over the final six games of the season. After the bye, the 3-7 Jets will face the Patriots on Nov. 25.

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5 comments on “Jets Unlikely To Fire Bowles During Season

  1. RockHauler

    HEre is my only problem with not making a change during this the bye week, what if, and I do mean if, the Jets go on a run. Winning say 3 of last 6 games. That then gives the ownership, who like Bowles a reason to bring him back. Their excuse would be, “see he made adjustments and the team is trending upward, let’s give him 2019 to see if the team competes. Remember this season is not about wins”.
    Then it’ll be another lost year in 2019 and another high draft pick to wif on.
    Just saying.

    • Begamin

      Yeah i think he shouldve been cut too. The offensive play calling is not very good. Defensive play calling is usually good but last week against the Bills they only showed up for the second half.

      There has to be a coaching change eventually. Maybe there just isnt very many alternatives at the moment.

  2. Kenleyfornia74

    If Bowles is coaching the Jets next season that would be a new low, even for this franchise

  3. crosseyedlemon

    Bowles has proven himself to be just as capable as Gruden so the Jets owners will probably give him a ten year extension.

  4. Bubba

    The Johnsons need to go next. How embarrassing for both NY Teams to be owned by complete IDIOTS. Money doesn’t buy happiness but it will give you a team to destroy in NY.

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