Coaching Rumors: Rex Ryan, Gase, Dolphins, Harbaugh, Broncos

There will be a ton of coaching rumors in the coming days, and we’ve already seen our first post-season firing. We’ve got a whole new round of notes ready, including an interesting tidbit about a very high profile name. Former Jets and Bills coach Rex Ryan is reportedly telling potential assistant coach candidates that he expects to land an interview with the Dolphins, sources told Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald.

Ryan is an out of left field name who hasn’t been talked about much recently, but he’s apparently eager to get back into coaching. One important caveat here is that there’s no guarantee Adam Gase gets fired by the Dolphins, but Ryan is apparently expecting him to. Salguero notes that Ryan is also a candidate for the University of Miami’s open job, and that Ryan is telling associates he has a “solid chance” to land one of the two jobs, but that he’d prefer the Dolphins one. If Ryan somehow ends up coaching the Dolphins next year, it’ll be the third AFC East team he’s led.

Here’s more on the coaching carousel:

  • Speaking of Gase, there have been conflicting reports about his job security recently. For his part Gase denied thinking about it much after his team’s blowout loss to the Bills, saying “I mean I’m not even thinking about that right now because we just got drummed on the road”, according to Cameron Wolfe of (Twitter link). Wolfe also notes that Gase said he didn’t speak much with owner Stephen Ross, who was in the locker room after the game.
  • We heard earlier today that multiple teams were considering trying to trade for Ravens coach John Harbaugh, and now we have a better idea of which teams. The Dolphins and Broncos are two teams that have expressed interest in trading for Harbaugh, according to Roy Cummings of Florida Football Insiders (Twitter link). While he notes the Buccaneers haven’t yet been linked, he thinks they “could get into the mix” eventually. The Ravens won the AFC North today, but Harbaugh could still be available, especially if Baltimore goes one and done in the playoffs.
  • It’d already been reported that Ron Rivera was likely safe in Carolina, and now it’s official. New owner David Tepper has informed Rivera personally that he’ll be back coaching the team in 2019, a source told Albert Breer of (Twitter link). It was a disappointing season for the Panthers after they completely collapsed after jumping out to a 6-2 record, but the explanation of injuries and Rivera’s track record with the team saved his job for at least another year.
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18 comments on “Coaching Rumors: Rex Ryan, Gase, Dolphins, Harbaugh, Broncos

  1. kenleyfornia2

    Because why not have a 3rd AFC east team get the Rex Ryan treatment

      • DuffManCometh

        Please don’t insult clowns by comparing them to that foot licking freak. Clowns get a bad rap as it is, and I don’t think they’d appreciate it!

  2. puzzle

    I would like Rex Ryan as a Steelers DC, but if he can pounce on a HC position he should take the opportunity.

    • rkmarx

      As a Patriots fan, I also would like Rex Ryan to bee a Steelers coach. An out-if-control coach for an out-of-control team.

    • rkmarx

      As a Patriots fan, I also would like Rex Ryan to be a Steelers coach. An out-if-control coach for an out-of-control team.

  3. connfyoozed

    Notice that the first person to put out a rumor that Rex Ryan is getting an interview is… Rex Ryan. The guy is a walking press release. I know that some Steelers fans want him as DC, but I say no thanks, and I also think that neither Rooney nor Tomlin would want anything to do with Rex’s penchant for self-promotion and incessant need to talk to the media.

  4. TJECK109

    Maybe they should trade for Marvin Lewis. I mean honestly Rex Ryan? He road the coattails of his dad far enough. Stay in broadcasting

  5. bradthebluefish

    I’d be shocked if Rex Ryan gets another HC job. He had a second chance and still blew it.

  6. crosseyedlemon

    It would be great to have Rex Ryan back in the NFL coaching. His last season in Buffalo was a tough one because he lost his dad Buddy (who we Bear fans all miss) during summer training camp.

  7. whynot101

    Rex Ryan’s career was done when he was still coaching, no way he gets hired

  8. Gloria deMilly

    Everyone knows Rex Ryan isn’t a head coach. He traded for Tebow just so he could ruin his career after Tebow embarassed him when the Broncos beat the Jets.

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