Giants Want Eli Manning Back In 2019

It has been a rough couple of years for Eli Manning, but it sounds like the Giants will continue with him as their starting quarterback in 2019. When asked if he wants Manning back next season, head coach Pat Shurmur responded in the affirmative.

Yeah. I want all our players to be back. I believe experience matters,” said Shurmur, who went on to confirm that he believes Manning still has “years” left in the tank.

Manning will turn 38 in January and there are obvious signs of decline. Yesterday’s 17-0 loss to the Titans was the latest rough outing for the veteran as he completed just 47.7% of his throws and coughed up a costly third quarter fumble.

On the other hand, there are some good reasons for the Giants to keep Manning. For starters, he’s fared a whole lot better this year than he did in 2017. His 65.9% completion percentage would represent a career high and his 18/9 TD/INT rate is an improvement over last year’s 19/13 mark.

There’s also his contract to consider. Manning is scheduled to count for a $23.2MM cap number in 2019 and the Giants would be stuck with $6.2MM in dead money if they released him. The savings of $17MM is not insignificant, but the Giants might not be able to get a veteran quarterback for less.

If the season ended today, the Giants would be on track for the No. 8 overall pick in the draft. That could put them in range for one of this year’s top QBs, which would enable them to use Manning as a bridge in ’19. Right now, that seems like the most likely scenario for the G-Men.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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21 comments on “Giants Want Eli Manning Back In 2019

    • Steezy

      Because they took Barkley last year and not a qb. So now you get one more year of Eli. Hooray!

        • Polish Hammer

          And in 3 years will be banged up and they’ll be looking for the next great RB while that heir apparent to Eli would’ve just been coming along nicely. Barkley is a beast, but RBs fade quickly, teams build around franchise QBs for many years.

      • The Giants were already paying for Eli. Ideal situation, pic up an almost ready QB this year, let Eli play most of next season, about game 10 switch over to the new guy, Eli retires after next season, get his number retired, name up in lights. Beats doing the Brett Favre journeyman number.

        • crosseyedlemon

          An “almost” ready QB tends to be as useful as an almost loaded gun.

        • Perksy

          If they end up with the 8th pick it may not be worth reaching for a QB that will not be good or franchise type. It’s going to be hard to be the class of 2018. I’d rather see them invest in the Oline and defense. Plus who knows maybe a QB like Foles, Brissett, or Flacco become available via trade or free agency. If they want to go that route.

  1. glenn smith

    Yes Barkley is great, but they would be much better in the future if they drafted Darnold and Chubb , instead of Barkley and Will Hernandez . Now they better hope they can draft Herbert or they are stuck with no future, and Eli who stinks right now. This is what happens when you hire an old out of touch GM, and get too sentimental . Simms was cut without emotion .

    • OCTraveler

      Was thinking the same thing – not only would he be a good fit there, but he would also get to possibly stick it to the Eagles twice a year.

      • Polish Hammer

        Stick it them? Why? They’ve treated him very well. They gave him a huge pay boost and turned down numerous trade offers.

        • OCTraveler

          Oh, I don’t know … maybe recruiting him to join the Eagles, telling him “you’re the future” and then pushing to the wayside with Wentz and expecting him to save their butts when Wentz gets (re)injured.

          • Polish Hammer

            You obviously have no clue and sound foolish commenting on it. They brought him in to be the backup, not promise him to start. He willingly chose to sign to be the backup to QB of the future. Any backup would certainly be expected to produce when given the opportunity.

          • Polish Hammer

            And they signed him to be he backup QB a year after they traded many assets to move up in the draft and draft their franchise QB (Wentz). To provide your commentary is utterly ridiculous.

  2. crosseyedlemon

    Everyone knows that Manning would have been dumped before now if he hadn’t got the best of the Patriots twice in the title game. Giants need to stop living in the past.

  3. Guest617

    late round draft picks is meant to grab and develop a player – esp at quartback

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