Major Rift Between Jets’ Bowles, Maccagnan

It has not been a happy marriage for Jets head coach Todd Bowles and GM Mike Maccagnan, as Manish Mehta of the Daily News details. While the two have been professional in their interactions with each other, Mehta hears that there has been a serious division between the two and a whole lot of mistrust. 

There have been numerous disagreements between the two men, including a dispute over Alvin Kamara in the 2017 draft. Jets coaches begged the GM to trade up for the University of Tennessee running back, but Maccagnan refused to pay a premium for him. Maccagnan attempted to satisfy then-offensive coordinator John Morton by selecting Alabama wide receiver ArDarius Stewart that year, but he quickly washed out and so did Morton.

Morton was the second of three OCs to serve under Bowles, and the lack of continuity has undoubtedly hurt the Jets and their efforts to build a potent offense. That’s probably part of the rationale in the team’s reported plans to keep the GM and fire Bowles this offseason.

If Maccagnan hopes to stay with the Jets beyond 2019, he’ll have to display the scouting acumen that got him hired in the first place. Only 64% of players drafted by the Jets from 2015-2018 are still on an active NFL roster, versus the league average of 76%. While he’s hit on his first round picks and found some keepers in the late rounds of the draft, Maccagnan’s track record in rounds 2-5 leave much to be desired.

Maccagnan must also use the Jets $100MM+ in cap room wisely. The Jets had tons of cash to spent last spring, but they whiffed on quarterback Kirk Cousins and settled for a monster deal with cornerback Trumaine Johnson. The former Rams standout has struggled all season and his five-year, $72.5MM deal may prove to be a costly error.

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14 comments on “Major Rift Between Jets’ Bowles, Maccagnan

  1. JJB0811

    When has any GM of any sports team been wise having hundreds of millions to spend?

  2. Bill Jasper

    Why would you keep the GM if he’s ignoring the personnel input of the Head Coach?

    Seems to me that keeping Mc-Whoever around is bound to do more harm than help to Darnold and the Jets.

  3. goldenmisfit

    Todd is a good coach but he is better as a defensive coordinator. He will be gone at the end of the season no doubt because this team is an absolute mess. If I was making the decisions I would fire the head coach as well as the general manager and try and get a big-name head coach offense of minded who would have a big say in putting the roster together. If I was making the decisions but top to names on my list would be John Difilippo and Mike McCarthy.

  4. Rocket32

    Jets are the biggest joke in the sports, Browns passed them off now. Maccagnan will set the Jets back a few years when he messes up this important offseason.

    • Begamin

      Uh yeah no as long as the Bengals are around the Jets are not the biggest jokes. No one even cares enough to make fun of the Bengals its sad

      • tsolid

        Probably b/c under Lewis the Bengals still made playoffs 7x. Might not have any playoff wins, but they have made plenty of post seasons.

  5. baseballnerd20

    Agreed, they should both go. Had high hopes for Bowles, but the GM has been worse at getting him players than he’s been at coaching.

  6. RockHauler

    This sounds like the Hue Jackson defense to future employers. “I told them to draft Carson Wentz, Jared Goff, pretty much any player who turned out to be All-Pro. But they drafted crappy players instead, that’s why I couldn’t win, so see guys it’s not my fault, give me another chance, please”
    Now Bowles is putting out the same comments so future GM’s and Owners will say, hey it wasn’t his fault, he wanted Alvin Kammara he must be a good judge of talent, let’s bring him in! Sorry Todd, al, they have to do is watch the game tapes of the last 3 years.

    • crosseyedlemon

      Those GMs and owners play the same game. It’s always someone else’s fault. In places like San Diego the owner will say something moronic like “The taxpayers wouldn’t provide a new stadium so of course we had no chance to win”.

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