Kyler Murray To Pursue Major League Baseball

Newly-anointed Heisman winner Kyler Murray will not be playing football for a living, as Ian Rapoport of writes. Major League Baseball’s Oakland Athletics selected Murray with the No. 9 overall pick of the 2018 MLB draft and handed him a contract that allowed him to play football for Oklahoma this year. However, Murray’s agent, the one and only Scott Boras, told Rapoport that, once Oklahoma’s season is over — the Sooners will take on Alabama in the College Football Playoff in a few weeks — Murray’s contract commits him to the A’s.

Of course, Boras has plenty of personal incentive to make sure that his prized youngster continues to pursue his baseball destiny. And, as a general rule, it makes more sense — from a health and financial perspective — for athletes like Murray to play baseball rather than football at the professional level. That may be especially true in Murray’s case, as the scouts that Rapoport has spoken with suggest that Murray would be at best a second-round choice if he were to enter the NFL draft, and is more likely to be a third-round selection.

However, ESPN’s Adam Schefter hears differently, and a GM that he has spoken with believes that Murray could be a first-round choice, especially in light of the success that Murray’s predecessor at OU, Baker Mayfield, is having in his rookie campaign (Twitter link). Murray has expressed a desire to play baseball and football, though he concedes that such an aspiration is probably not feasible. Nonetheless, he seemed very much on the fence when asked about his future several days ago.

As Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk writes, Murray needs to firmly commit to football if he wants to be an NFL quarterback. But given his recent comments and his existing baseball contract, even if an NFL club was inclined to overlook his height (5-10) and make him a first-round choice, it would be hard-pressed to do so. The ever-increasing market rate for viable NFL signal-callers could make it tempting for Murray to eschew his baseball aspirations, but the smart money right now appears to be on his fulfilling his commitment to the Athletics.

If baseball does not work out, he could give the NFL a shot in a couple of years, though he would be facing a steep uphill climb at that point.

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15 comments on “Kyler Murray To Pursue Major League Baseball

  1. stug14

    Honest question for debate: could he pull a Bo Jackson in this day and age and play both?

    • Itrainsontuesday

      With the MLB season overlapping the first 4 weeks of NFL season and playoffs going through week 8 it would be tough. Then on the other end there’s only a short gap between the Super Bowl and Spring training. It worked for Bo because an RB can get away with less prep than a QB for games.

    • GeauxRangers

      Not at QB. Being the commander of the offense and learning all the nuances and intricacies of playing QB at the NFL level is a full time job.

    • strosguy

      I believe it was Bo but it might have been Dion who said the games are so different now they don’t think they would be able to play both in this day and age. The games were both just so different even 20 years ago.

  2. jordlindz

    The chances of making the Major Leagues is so small, even for first rounders. I wish he would commit to football instead. especially in today’s day and age with QB safety

    • strosguy

      With how the Athletics operate he has a much much much higher chance than the normal first rounder. He also throws 96 so he has the opportunity to try both if Oakland will let him and that further could let him fly up the minors.

  3. Bob Knob

    If he’s the ‘real-deal’ in both sports …
    Baseball is easily the clear and smart choice !

  4. manos

    Smart decision. Potential to earn more money, have a longer career and less concussions.

  5. taylorcm

    Being a 2 way player was a very large issue for Deion Sanders and the Braves. It was a major factors in their World Series loss to the Twins in 1991. Because he was forced to play only Football and left the races without their starting CF after Otis Nixon failed a drug test and missed the remainder of the season.

  6. goldenmisfit

    It is impossible for him to do both. With many camps starting in May going through June and training camp starting in July there is no way quarterback it can be done.

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