Packers Fire Mike McCarthy

The Packers have made a shocking mid-season change, firing head coach Mike McCarthy, the team announced in a statement posted to Twitter.

The team also announced that offensive coordinator Joe Philbin would take over as interim coach. While McCarthy was widely known to be on the hot seat, an in-season change is still a surprise because of his history with the team. The change comes immediately after the Packers’ embarrassing home loss to the Cardinals, where they lost as massive favorites.

A source told Adam Schefter of ESPN that the team brought McCarthy in immediately after the game and let him go, and that McCarthy was “not expecting it” (Twitter link). The “writing was on the wall” already, but today’s loss was the “final straw” for McCarthy, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network (Twitter link), who notes that McCarthy will be “very desirable” as a free agent.

McCarthy has been linked to the Browns’ opening in recent weeks, and he should be considered a strong candidate for that job. This was the 13th season in Green Bay for McCarthy, who won a Super Bowl with the team back in 2010. There have been rumors for a couple years now that McCarthy and Aaron Rodgers haven’t seen eye-to-eye, and things appeared to reach a boiling point in recent weeks with multiple tough losses. First-year Packers GM Brian Gutekunst has already made a ton of changes, and was never as loyal to McCarthy as longtime GM Ted Thompson was. Philbin is in his first year back in Green Bay after coordinating the offense from 2007 to 2011. While he’ll be a stable presence for the time being, he probably isn’t a serious candidate for the full-time job.

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53 comments on “Packers Fire Mike McCarthy

    • sidewinder11

      The timing is somewhat shocking. The writing was on the wall that he was on the way out, but it wasn’t expected this soon

  1. TJECK109

    I don’t think his firing is a shock but I am surprised that it’s in season. Maybe they want to give Philbin an audition

    • Rondon

      He’s a winner who’s done all the Packers asked. Teams will be lining up to hire that guy.

  2. The Ghost of Bobby Bonilla

    Maybe McCarthy and Hue Jackson can team up tongorm a Super Team of Suck.

  3. julyn82001

    Disappointing results, discourage firing! That is the way business goes! Winning is everything and when you don’t well things happen…

  4. zdubs

    I’m not one bit surprised they fired McCarthy; I’m just surprised they did it during the season. Today’s loss obviously crystallized that this is a lost season and it’s advantageous for the team to be able to start their search now and make a move quickly during the off season instead of having to wait to start their process.

  5. oebrr00

    Nothing shocking at all. He lost his team including its best player because he couldn’t evolve.

    • TrollHunter

      Yea it doesn’t help when you have Jones so clearly better than any other RB on team, yet you keep going to Williams and other crappy options

  6. tammelinb

    Best wishes MM. But it’s been time for you to go awhile ago. No team discipline, horrible play calling, and failure to adapt lost the team and fans/owners. Coaching is more than relying on Rodgers to pull out a miracle.

  7. denny816

    It’s too bad they have to probably wait until after the Super Bowl to hire McDaniels and bring the offense into this century. MM did some great things but should’ve been gone after Seattle playoff collapse.

  8. joefriday14

    A sad day for Boyd Dollar and James Taylor. We are all worried the team will move back to Milwaukee! What can we do?

  9. Thronson5

    I find it shocking that they didn’t wait u til the end of the season honestly. You take away a couple bad calls on Clay Matthews and that moron bit kneeling in the end zone when he was told to and the Packers could possibly have 2-3 more wins. I think everyone did see this coming but just not now. I think McCarthy deserved to finish the season out. Especially since he’s not the one putting these talentless teams together.

    • Thronson5

      With that being said I hope he goes to the Browns and has success with Mayfeild, Landry, Chubb and that pretty solid defense they have. Just to rub in their faces. The fact that they never really surrounded Rodgers with talent on offense like other QBs have and their defense has sucked for years really should be noted and all the blame shouldn’t fall on McCarthy. Also if Rodgers was the “GOAT” like people day then he’d find ways to win like Brady and other QB’s do with limited talent around him.

      • dave13

        What? They never surrounded him with talent on offense? That’s laughable. He’s had great receivers every year, decent to solid TE play and great o line most years and RB position in that offense was plug and play but that’s the scheme McCarthy had. Compare that to some of Brady’s (only because you mentioned him) #2 weapons some years (reche Caldwell, bethel Johnson, Aaron Dobson) to name a few awful WR groups he’s had. Don’t make excuses Rodgers worse tandems was beginning of Cobb and end of James Jones which was better than half of Brady’s. Not to mention several other top QBs

        • “He’s had great receivers every year”. Great??? WHAT? Thanks for proving you have absolutely zero knowledge on anything related to pro football.

          Rodgers has had average to slightly above average(on few occasions) receivers throughout his career. Saying “great” is just ignorant. Brady had Moss a HALL OF FAMER for 4 years. Please tell us all which receiver ARod has had that will be in the hall of fame?

  10. nentwigs

    Zimmer up in MN should be on the hot seat. Lots of $$ spent and disappointing, under performing results.

    • dave13

      Yeah 1 win away from super bowl last year he’s gotta go lol that is just awful

      • WazBazbo

        Last year doesn’t matter in pro sports. Jax is likely going to blow up the whole team.

    • Picking up Kirk Cousins for crazy money is going to close a lot of options to Minnesota. Cousins has decent technical skills but is not a leader of men and seems to lose his composure under heavy pressure. Certainly not $90 million guaranteed worth of quarterback.

      Zimmer’s made his bed and now he has to lie in it.

  11. leprechaun

    Zimmer isn’t going anywhere but if he loses out or misses playoffs then his ass will be on the hot seat starting next year

  12. hill

    Very good coach for all those years, developing some of the youngest rosters on the league.

    Losing that game in Seattle in 2014 was the beginning .of the end. The team was special that year and in spite of the miracles on SEA and some insane penalties, that loss is on McCarthy.

    Recent years — culminating in getting lapped by the pathetic Bears — have been worthy of firing.

    He’ll be in the Packers HOF and remembered for a spectacular SB Win.

    But there’s no question in my mind — he left wins on the field.

    Tip my hat. But it’s time.

    • leprechaun

      Pathetic Bears are going to the playoffs while your Packers aren’t. Also don’t Blame McCarthy for the roster that falls on the GM’s. Also Rogers is so busy trying to pretend that Dana Patrick is really his significant other that his mind isn’t in the right place.

  13. crosseyedlemon

    If we exclude this year’s Raiders, we see that 12 teams in the past have hired SB winning coaches hoping they could duplicate the magic. None were successful. Here is a breakdown of the coaches records after they left their SB winning team.

    Lombardi Redskins 7-5-2 .583
    Stram Saints 7-21-0 .250
    McCafferty Lions 6-7-1 .462
    Flores Seahawks 14-34-0 .292
    Ditka Saints 15-33-0 .313
    Parcells Jets/Pats 95-91-0 .511
    Seifert Panthers 16-32-0 .333
    Johnson Dolphins 36-28-0 .563
    Holmgren Seahwawks 86-74-0 .538
    Shanahan Redskins 24-40-0 .375
    Vermeil Chiefs 44-36-0 .550

    350-401-3 .466

    • victorg

      you didn’t add Parcells cowboys record not that it changes anything this is very interesting indeed so you are almost better off NOT hiring a coach who has won a SB before.

      • crosseyedlemon

        Good catch. Parcells total should be 95-81 which includes the Cowboys in addition to the Jets and Pats. Maybe McCarthy will join Gruden in the quest to win a ring with a different team but history shows the odds are firmly stacked against them.

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