Redskins To Sign QB Josh Johnson

The Redskins reached agreement on a deal with quarterback Josh Johnson, according to John Keim of (on Twitter). Johnson auditioned alongside several other QBs on Tuesday and emerged as the best option of the bunch. 

Johsnon now becomes the Redskins’ second healthy quarterback, joining Mark Sanchez. After losing both Alex Smith and Colt McCoy to injury, the Redskins are hoping to get by, somehow, with a duo of journeymen.

Johnson, 29, was quickly chosen over E.J. ManuelT.J. Yates, Landry Jones, and Ryan Mallett, but the Redskins had some hurdles to clear first. Johnson was the first pick of the AAF’s San Diego franchise just last week, but AAF co-founder Bill Polian confirmed that Johnson will be released from his deal so that he can sign with Washington.

Sanchez struggled against the Eagles last week, but he’ll start this week against the Giants as the Redskins fight to keep their playoff hopes alive. Johnson, who has history with coach Jay Gruden thanks to their time in Tampa and Cincinnati, might have an opportunity to get in the game if Sanchez falters again.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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18 comments on “Redskins To Sign QB Josh Johnson

  1. nentwigs

    For all you football fans that also enjoy the movie “Airplane!”.

    Get me Rex Grossman (Kramer)!

    When you have to explain it, it’s not as satisfying.

    • RoXGB

      Most typical employers don’t hire people that have lawsuits pending against them, valid or not. Just a solid FYI

      • graysondecker

        The lawsuit isn’t against Kaepernick. It was filed by Kaepernick and against the NFL for collusion. And they literally just claimed Reuben Foster, who is actively being investigated for domestic assault. So your point is mute no matter how you look at it

    • Kenleyfornia74

      He also decided to divide fan bases, wear a Fidel Castro shirt and had his gf call the ravens owner a slave owner. That’ll get you a 1 way ticket out of the league

      • tsolid

        Yea… he should’ve just done something like beat his girlfriend, or kill someone while driving drunk and he probably would still be around.

        • Kenleyfornia74

          They are on the expempt list so as of now they are not allowed to play..

          • tsolid

            Greg Hardy Played again, Donte Stallworth/Leonard Little played again. Tyreke hill is playing now. I’m sure I can find more I searched. My point is… you can break the law and still be allowed to continue playing.

    • Doesn’t look like the Redskins want to win, given the long list of deadbeat QB’s they’ve considered (and hired) before Kap.

      I’ve rarely seen something so shameful as Mark Sanchez laughing and joking after a three and out on the Redskin sidelines in Philadelphia. This early Christmas turkey presided over 37 yards total offense in the second half!

      • crosseyedlemon

        Sanchez was obviously celebrating his epic achievement of going a complete game without a butt fumble.

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