AFC North Notes: Brown, Steelers, Ravens, Tyrod Taylor, Bengals, Dalton, Browns

As we await a resolution to the ongoing Antonio Brown saga with the Steelers, we have a new interesting piece today. Jeremy Fowler of conducted interviews with “nearly 20 former or current teammates of Brown”, to help figure out what went wrong between Brown and the team. While most that Fowler spoke with seem to acknowledge he’s unlikely to return to Pittsburgh, many spoke up in favor of Brown and said he’s being cast in an unfair light by the media.

Fowler writes that Brown “was — and in many ways still is — beloved in the Steelers’ locker room”, and that the situation is more complex and nuanced than it may appear. Many of Brown’s teammates have publicly lobbied for him to stay, and if the recent rumor is true that the Steelers aren’t getting the kind of trade offers they were hoping for, perhaps they do find a way to make it work after all. For what it’s worth, Steelers owner Art Rooney did adopt a slightly more conciliatory tone in his most recent statements to the press.

Here’s more from the AFC North:

  • Last week a reporter mentioned Tyrod Taylor as a possible target of the Ravens to be Lamar Jackson‘s backup next season, and Baltimore coach John Harbaugh added some fuel to that fire. Harbaugh said today that he’d like to add two quarterbacks behind Jackson this offseason, ideally with a similar playing style, and the recently extended coach brought up Robert Griffin III and Taylor on his own, according to Jeff Zrebiec of The Athletic (Twitter link). Griffin served as the number three this past year, and said recently he loved his time in Baltimore, so it seems likely he’ll be re-signed.
  • The Bengals are riding with Andy Dalton, for now. Cincinnati’s director of player personnel Duke Tobin spoke recently to reporters and while he expressed some confidence in Dalton, he also left the door open for the team to draft a future replacement, according to Fletcher Page of the Cincinnati Enquirer. Dalton has been in that gray area second tier of quarterbacks for a while now, and it’s been speculated that the Bengals could look to move on this offseason with Marvin Lewis finally out the door. Presumptive coach Zac Taylor can’t even join the team until his Rams play in the Super Bowl, and he’ll obviously have a large say in determining Dalton’s fate. Dalton seems safe for 2019, but as Page notes, the team can get out from his contract with no dead money at any time.
  • If you haven’t already read Seth Wickersham of‘s piece on the Browns, you need to now. Wickersham details a shocking level of dysfunction within the organization over the past handful of years since Jimmy Haslam bought the team, and it includes some bombshell details. Among other things, Haslam overruled the entire front office who wanted to hire current Bills coach Sean McDermott in favor of hiring Hue Jackson, and insisted the team take Johnny Manziel over Teddy Bridgewater in the 2014 draft because he didn’t like Bridgewater’s handshake. The article does leave off on a hopeful note, as new GM John Dorsey has been able to ward off most of Haslam’s meddling and cut him out of things, but it will be very interesting to see if Haslam again inserts himself into the process in the crucial coming months.
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28 comments on “AFC North Notes: Brown, Steelers, Ravens, Tyrod Taylor, Bengals, Dalton, Browns

  1. tsolid

    They wanted to hire the same Sean McDermott that, after seeing Nathan Peterman everyday in practice, decided to bench Tyrod Taylor in favor of?? Thanks for that

      • tsolid

        It still shows what type of evaluation ability he had/has. The fact that they started THIS year with Peterman. Calvin Benjamin trade. Host of terrible moves.

        • kenleyfornia2

          He is not a coach that has control over the roster. So the Benjamin trade was on their GM. He is a defensive guy anyway and done a pretty good job with it. He does not run the offense that holds them back. Tyrod Taylor is flat out garbage anyways. Buffalo has not had a competent QB any time recently

          • tsolid

            Tyrod Takes them to playoffs for the 1st time in this century, but he’s garbage? Tyrod Leaves and what happens to them?? They SUCK. Obviously you have NO idea what being a complimentary piece to a solid defense means. Were they gonna win a Super Bowl with Taylor? No. NEITHER was Alex Smith in KC, but they both kept their teams in games w/o making stupid mistakes. TT could move the chains with his feet, not turn the ball over and let the defense play up to its capabilities? Yes. Keep on talking about how bad TT was, But you have no idea what you’re talking about. If you guys think that McDermott didn’t have ANY say about Benjamin, after being in Carolina with him at the same time, you guys are FOS. Make all the excuses you want, but when a team makes the playoffs one year, then sucks the next, then they’ve taken a step backwards, and the coach deserves the blame.

            • kenleyfornia2

              You are calling us clueless but arguing how hiring Hue and avoiding Mcdermott because with the power of a crystal ball in 1 year he would bench Tyrod for a game for a player who has been released. What genius input by Tsolid

              • tsolid

                PLEASE copy & paste when I said I wanted them to hire Hue. Reading is fundamental, Big Guy. You could be hooked on phonics though. Mcdermott and his GM have made bad decision after bad decision. I for one, and happy they suck. Keep up your cheerleading for terrible coaches. Gase included.

                • kenleyfornia2

                  You have absolutely no clue what you are talking about. The man has been a head coach for 2 seasons. In his first the team broke the longest playoff drought in American sports, not just football. In his 2nd season with a crappy roster they miss the playoffs and all of a sudden he is a crappy coach..really. And what bad decision after bad decision? Benjamin was a bust but they won the Sammy Watkins trade. They got a pretty decent draft pick for Tyrod Taylor. Im not the biggest fan of Josh Allen but at least its an attempt at trying to find a franchise QB. You are actually convinced Tyrod is good. He is a worse older version of Lamar Jackson. You are so impatient with your evaluation of talent its insane.

                  • tsolid

                    53TD’s 20INT’s. Led team to the playoffs, despite a coach/GM having no confidence in him. Oh yea, he sucks.

                    • kenleyfornia2

                      Pro football focus has him graded overall at well below average. Also grades as mediocre for everything but running. But let me guess pro football focus is wrong too. Bills 2017 offense was ranked #29 in the whole league but in your fantasy land he lead them to the playoffs. Just when i think you cant say something dumber you just go deeper down the well. Tyrod is a very nice backup insurance policy. You seriously think he is a better option than drafting a first round QB. Even Bills fans are calling you out on this. There is a reason they had no confidence in him

            • jyosuckas

              If you think the Bills made the playoffs because of Tyrod Taylor, you’re not even worth having a discussion with. He was terrible in 2017, games where he didn’t even pass for over 100 yards. I’m a Bills fan

              • tsolid

                How did they do this year? He was Terrible, but yet he didn’t turn the ball over and guess what, they were one of the 6 teams to make the playoffs in 2107.

                • jyosuckas

                  They’re clearly rebuilding, and Josh Allen showed a lot of promise by the end of the year, much more than the 6 year vet TT

            • tbrays3

              that same team that was the trendy pick to finish 1st overall in the draft? they never took a step back; it was well understood the bills were entering a rebuild. The playoff drought was snapped in his first year. I think Browns fans would rather have that than 0-16 in a weak draft.

        • dave13

          First of all it’s Kelvin Benjamin (this right alone shows you know nothing about what your talking about) and that trade was completed by the General Manager not Sean McDermott. Peterman started because again the GM traded away Taylor and left them with nothing. The goal was not to start Allen right away to give him some time to adjust.

          I’m not even a Bills fan it’s just common knowledge if you know anything about football..

          • tsolid

            You thinking that McDermott has NO control or say Of his roster, alone shows you have no idea what you’re talking about. McDermott is at Practice EVERYDAY, Yet he benches TT for Peterman. Was that the GM’s call also? His first 1/2 play vs Chargers alone should’ve guaranteed that Peterman never play another down in the NFL. Yet, McDermott has no say on who’s gonna be the BRIDGE to Allen?? He has to pick Peterman? Is that what you’re saying? He had no say in Trading McCarron? You guys are funny!

            • nflsucks

              Tsolid is clueless. Everyone should stop feeding the ducks in that he thinks he is smart or knows anything. If Tyrod was such a great QB what did he do this year??? Tyrod sucked under that great coach named Hue Jackson that the owner wanted. Atleast McDermott made the playoffs with Taylor Hue Jackson was fired but you keep thinking your smart because we are ALL laughing at YOU. Dave13 your right in your comment. McCarron was great after trading him wasn’t he??? Take it with a grain of salt Dave13 some trolls really like to look smart but as you said it know nothing about football.

    • TheTruth12

      Why talk about something that hadn’t even happened when they were considering him? Should be saying thanks for him finally getting the Bills back to the playoffs last year. Why would anyone choose Hue Jackson over someone else?

  2. crosseyedlemon

    So the next football trend will be the hiring of “handshake” coaches. How many years of experience would you need to get an interview for that?

  3. TheTruth12

    Imagine your rational for not wanting to hire a coach is because he’s gonna bench his starter for a game in the future that’s so idiotic. I’m 100% certain that a commenter on here not named tsolid could get the browns more than 1 win in 2 seasons

    • tsolid

      Imagine you writing a paragraph that makes sense next time. I’m 100 % sure one of those fans that thinks he can be a better Player/Coach/GM than the ones that actually get paid to do it. I imagine that’s it’s b/c your name is “TheTruth” that makes you so smart and well knowing.

      • TheTruth12

        Lmao my name is “the truth” cause I like Paul Pierce sue me I’m a Boston sports fan. I’m pretty sure you’re Jackson’s burner account or a family member, I don’t know anyone that would defend him like you have.

        • tsolid

          Like I said to the OTHER idiot above… please copy and paste ANY words of support that I’ve shown towards Hue Jackson. Just b/c I railed against McDermott, doesn’t mean I was supporting Jackson. BOTH are terrible head coaches.

          I’m sure you hate Lebron then. He pretty much ended Paul Pierce’s relevance in the NBA.

          • kenleyfornia2

            The only idiot is the one who think Tyrod Taylor is a legit starting QB in the NFL

  4. jorge78

    Brown is supposed to be a grown ass man. Instead he is behaving like a child. There is NO excuse for quitting on your team before ANY game, much less a big game. They should pay him while he sells hot dogs during games. Put him in the rumble seat.

  5. Brad

    You’ll know when Brown is gone when the rest of the team raids his locker.

    • crosseyedlemon

      I’m sure they are all excited about the vast riches they might find…like used deodorant. If they can add that to the Dairy Queen coupon found in Bell’s locker they have it made.

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