Chargers Plan To Extend Philip Rivers

The Chargers plan to extend the contract of quarterback Philip Rivers, who is entering the final year of his deal, according to Eric D. Williams of

“I can tell you he’s not going anywhere, so he’s going to be here,” Los Angeles general manager Tom Telesco said. “We’ll talk at the right point, as far as the moves we need to make in the offseason, the resources we have and how it all fits in. But yeah, he’s not going anywhere.”

Rivers, 37, sounded amenable to an extension, as well. Coming off one of the best seasons of his career, Rivers is due an $11MM base salary and $5MM roster bonus in 2019, and has a cap charge of $23MM. His current pact, which he inked in 2015, contains an average annual vale of $20.812MM. That figure ranked fourth among quarterbacks at the time of signing, but now sits at just 14th among signal-callers.

Last year, Rivers started all 16 games for the 13th consecutive season, and posted 4,308 passing yards, 32 touchdowns, and 12 interceptions. His adjusted net yards per attempt (7.79) was the third-highest average in the league and Rivers’ best mark since 2009, while he finished seventh in Total QBR.

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16 comments on “Chargers Plan To Extend Philip Rivers

  1. 3Tavgreg

    If Brady can play effectively into his 40’s, I’m sure Rivers can also if he wants to.

  2. tsolid

    Man…Those 2 games vs Ravens and the game vs Patriots made Rivers look like a Check-down Charlie All-Pro. Couldn’t handle the rush very well. Still a good QB though

    • Pitches Love Velocity

      No QB can handle the pressure rivers faced against the Ravens and Patriots.

      Chargers offense had 1 flaw. No true slot receiver. As such the oline didn’t give rivers enough time for receivers to run routes. He had maybe 3 seconds or less most plays it seems.

      But chalk that up to coaching to. Lynn never tried chip blocks to fortify the interior and help the tackles.

    • boltz82

      This is a dumb comment my friend. Rivers was under constant duress during those games. Despite that he held in and took numerous hits against the Ravens while completing passes down field. Against the Patriots he aired it out numerous times completing long and accurate passes. He is definitely not a “check down Charlie”.

    • nutznboltz

      Can’t win big games with a qb like Rivers in today’s game unless you have a a great line or great coaching. The chargers have neither. Their playbook is cut in half with Rivers. If they had Mahomes they woul be much much better.

      • kenleyfornia2

        Lynn is a good coach, but he is a leader not a play caller. Whisenhunt is too conservative with his play calls

        • nutznboltz

          Ya, I was referring to Whisenhunt. Not a big fan, but like I said he is working with about half the playbook other offensive coordinators have.

      • boltz82

        Another dumb comment. Of course they could win with Rivers. They scored 28 against the Patriots despite a overwhelming disadvantage in Time of possession. They lost because they could stop the opposing teams offense. Inparticular the run. Probably because they were missing three White, Perryman, Brown and Luiget. Missing four starters on defense.

        • nutznboltz

          True their defense was crippled. However, the chargers scored all but 7 of their pts when the game was over.

  3. nutznboltz

    No way the Patriots have more talent on offense than the Chargers do, but look how they looked like a well oiled machine vs the Chargers offense. That was mostly because of coaching.

    • crosseyedlemon

      “Age is overrated”

      Remember this when every nerve and muscle in your body aches and you have to wear Depends because you no longer have control over your bodily functions.

  4. alxdhm32

    He will play as long as he can just to be able to have some time away from his 34 children.

  5. Guest617

    rivers whines so much he looked like an ass against the patriots and his throwing mechanics is similar to a shot put.. no thank you!

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