Chiefs Fire DC Bob Sutton

The Chiefs fired defensive coordinator Bob Sutton, according to a team announcement. Sutton was rumored to be on the hot seat after the Chiefs’ heartbreaking exit in the AFC Championship Game. 

One can’t help but wonder whether Sutton would still be in charge if Dee Ford hadn’t accidentally lined up in the neutral zone prior to the Patriots’ snap. In any event, Sutton is out, and the team’s overall inconsistent defense this past season is the main reason for his ouster.

Bob is a good football coach and a great person,” head coach Andy Reid said in a statement. “He played an integral role in the success of our team over the last six seasons. I’ve said before that change can be a good thing, for both parties, and I believe that is the case here for the Chiefs and Bob. This was not an easy decision, but one I feel is in the best interest of the Kansas City Chiefs moving forward.”

Despite the Chiefs’ defensive struggles in 2018, the gig is viewed as one of the most valued defensive jobs in the game. With a world-class offense, the Chiefs should be right back in the Super Bowl mix in 2019, and the continued health of star safety Eric Berry should go a long way towards helping the cause.

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27 comments on “Chiefs Fire DC Bob Sutton

  1. TheTruth12

    Great now fire Reid too, realistically probably not gonna happen but the guy just sucks when it comes to the playoffs this year was suppose to be different cause he had Mahomes but it wasn’t. I would take Jim Harbaugh over Reid without question constant winner when he was with Stanford, 49ers, and now Michigan if he could take Kap to the Super Bowl imagine what he could do with Mahomes.

      • tsolid

        Dude, You might wanna worry about people hating you, especially if you keep posting this nonsense about Harbaugh. Meanwhile, go get tested for drugs.

        • TheTruth12

          I don’t care if people hate me, Harbaugh went 44-19-1 in Sf 5-3 in the playoffs, top 11 in scoring 3 out of his 4 years, top 5 defense every year, top 10 in points allowed every year. Coached 16 less years than Reid and still has been to the same amount of Super Bowls. Reid in KC is 2-5 in the playoffs in 6 years that’s unacceptable.

      • TheTruth12

        If there weren’t 2 flags on the fumble Hightower recovered they aren’t.

        • TJECK109

          If there wasn’t the fictitious roughing the passer call they could be

    • spenc044

      How has Harbaugh won at Michigan? The one year he had a shot at a championship they lost to Ohio State. Has he even been in a Big 10 championship game?

      • tsolid

        How many QB’s has he developed in at Michigan? ZE-RO! BTW… I’m a fan of what he did in SF, how he got those guys to play for him, BUT to think that he’s a better offensive mind than Reid is ridiculous.

        • TheTruth12

          Where did I ever say he was a better offensive mind? Going back to the changes in KC article yesterday I said Harbaugh is basically the complete opposite of Reid but I believe he’s a better coach.

    • TJECK109

      If Harbaugh wanted to be in the NFL again don’t you think he would be by now?

    • JDC

      TheTruth12 is just an idiot. You want them to fire Andy Reid…….. STUPID!!!!

  2. crosseyedlemon

    “With a world-class offense, the Chiefs should be right back in the Super Bowl mix in 2019”

    The same thing was said about those Marino led Dolphin teams of the 80s which were all sizzle but no steak. Chiefs may continue to be a high scoring team but until they improve their time of possession rank of 26th they won’t be getting even a sniff of any championship.

    • Rondon

      And a defense that doesn’t lay an egg with everything on the line.

  3. dugdog83

    Sutton didn’t see this coming.

    The Press Conference was in 3rd and long.

  4. bigun

    As soon as the game went to over time, Chiefs fans knew it was “Sutton Death.”

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