Dolphins Likely To Hire Brian Flores

The Dolphins have narrowed the focus of their head coaching search to Patriots defensive assistant Brian Flores, Ian Rapoport of tweets. There’s no deal yet and nothing official, but Flores is “their target,” according to Rapoport. 

Because the Patriots are still in the playoffs, they cannot formally hire Flores until the Pats are finished. In theory, that could be dicey for the Dolphins, especially after the Colts got gypped by another Patriots assistant in last year’s cycle. However, given McDaniels’ inability to gain real traction for head coaching jobs this year, it seems unlikely that Flores would risk his reputation with a flip-flop.

Flores has become a far more attractive candidate than he was a year ago, when the Cardinals met with him about their HC opening. The 37-year-old de facto defensive coordinator has been considered a leading candidate in Miami ever since the New Year began, and he’s now primed to take over Adam Gase‘s old post.

The Patriots turned to Flores as their top defensive assistant following Matt Patricia‘s defection to Detroit, but he was not awarded the DC title right away. Presumably, he’d get that title by staying put for 2019, but the allure of a head coaching job will probably pull him away from the nest.

In 2018, the Patriots ranked 21st in yards allowed but seventh in scoring. The Pats have only had one non-top-10 scoring defense in the past 13 seasons and Flores has been a part of their past eight defensive coaching staffs.

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18 comments on “Dolphins Likely To Hire Brian Flores

  1. jjghost

    I’m pretty sure gypped is considered an offensive term in today’s day and age.

        • stug14

          From “Gyp in the meanings “to swindle” or “a person who swindles” is sometimes perceived as insulting to or by Gypsies, since it stereotypes them as swindlers. However, gyp has apparently never been used as a deliberate ethnic slur, and many people are unaware that it is derived from Gypsy.”

          • elscorcho the marlin
            elscorcho the marlin

            Dig deeper. It was short for Egyptian, which British people called many races that were “exotic”. It was shortened to gypsy, primary with the Romani people. When someone was robbed or swindled they would say they were gyp’d. So, yes, it is offensive in many ways. You’re only telling part of the story

  2. mafiaso316

    has there been any successful former Patriot coaches in the NFL after they leave Belichek and the Patriots?

    • kenleyfornia2

      Bill O’Brien but he cant get past the wild card round unless a team loses its starting QB

    • jb19

      Nope. Bill O Brien has been the biggest “success” and I would argue he’s a product of a historically terrible division.

      • Michael Chaney

        He coached the Browns for a few years and 2007 was good but the rest was generally terrible

  3. TheTruth12

    I don’t get it, Flores is a good coach but this is a Dolphins team that’s gonna have to acquire a QB for their future either this offseason or next so bringing in a defensive minded coach doesn’t make much sense.

  4. RockHard

    This is great news for us cowboys fans! We get to keep Kris Richard!

    • kahnkobra

      I doubt anyone wants to hire a coach from Garretts dry coaching tree

        • captainsalty

          Well although the branch isn’t very thick it still places him in Garrett’s tree…idiot

  5. Guest617

    poaching any current coach should require a compensation pick – patriots would own the draft

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