Eagles Will Attempt To Trade Nick Foles

The Eagles are expected to try and trade quarterback Nick Foles this offseason, per Ian Rapoport of NFL.com. And, given that Foles appears to be the best quarterback available on the trade and free agent markets, and considering the lack of high-end QB talent in this year’s draft, Rapoport says that Philadelphia will have takers.

Foles may not fetch the first-rounder and more that the Eagles were able to land for Sam Bradford when they shipped him to Minnesota, but Rapoport suggests that a first-round pick is not out of the question. Indeed, Foles has proven to be a clutch signal-caller with enough talent to be a regular starter, and there will be plenty of teams looking for such a player.

We heard last week that the Eagles are committing to Carson Wentz as their long-term QB, despite his recent injury woes. We also learned about the mechanisms the team could employ to deal Foles. Philadelphia could tag Foles and trade him, or the club could pick up his $20MM option, but since Foles would likely pay $2MM to buy his way out of that option, it appears as if the Eagles will be tagging Foles one way or another.

Foles will attempt to lead the Eagles on another improbable playoff run, a journey that begins in Chicago this afternoon

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40 comments on “Eagles Will Attempt To Trade Nick Foles

    • thomps07

      The redskins would have to overpay massively. Eagles don’t want to give a division opponent a competent qb.

    • Polish Hammer

      Philly had no problem sending McNabb to the Foreskins. If you believe in your own QB enough it doesn’t matter where #2 goes, and if you do end up playing him twice a season your defense knows him better than any other QB in the league.

  1. ziggy13

    As an eagles fan I love the guy and hope he gets some level of say in where he gets shipped off to, but at the same time hoping we can score if not a 1st then multiple Day 2 picks, maybe a 2nd and 3rd round

  2. mafiaso316

    howabout Tannehill from Miami for him, dolphins would finally get something for nothing

  3. duke1776

    Anyone that gives up anything more than a 3rd round pick. Is just stupid. Massively injury prone and remember he was gonna retire from football a year ago. He’s a pure system QB. Only a select few teams run the same system. Flacco will get a higher draft pick return. Just my opinion.

    • The Ghost of Bobby Bonilla

      You are 100% correct, but don’t ever underestimate desperation on the part of some lousy teams.

      I’d be willing to wager that Jacksonville, Miami, and even Washington would easily be willing to pony up at least a 2nd round pick.

    • Chris

      You’re not wrong about the system QB part but a smart coach will adjust their system to the talent on hand instead of expecting the player to adjust to the system. That was what the Eagles did with Foles last year which is what lead to his success. The system they run with Foles is not the exact same one they run with Wentz. They tweak it to each guys strengths.

    • Z-A

      He went 27-2, had a 7 TD game under a hurry up college system. And won a SB in an RPO West Coast Andy Ried style system.

      Jeff Fisher’s system is to destroy all value of a QB and make him want to retire. He did nothing to develop QBs, McNair was HOF bound with or without Fisher.

  4. OCTraveler

    Too bad that the Giants are in the same division as the Eagles and making this trade less likely because Foles to NY would make some sense and NY has the draft picks to make it happen. A backfield including Foles and Barkley would be good and they could relegate Manning to number 2 for his final year(s).

    • rocky7

      Don’t disagree with one exception…..the Giants couldn’t afford both Foles and Manning on that roster without massive and secondly, Manning would never agree to knowingly sit the bench as a 2

  5. coachsteve

    Jacksonville, Washington, New York Giants, Miami are all teams that should be checking Foles out (like you guys mentioned above). Other teams that might be involved too include: Cincinnati, Oakland, Tennessee, Arizona, and Tampa Bay.

    • Johhos

      Tennessee has Mariota…Arizona just drafted Rosen, and Tampa inexplicably going with Winston. Cincinnati interesting choice, but more likely Foles will be in Jax or Miami..depending on who ponies up the better draft pick deal).
      An older McNabb fetched a 2 and a 4 with a pick in the following draft. Think that should be the floor…

  6. of9376

    So the Eagles are going to trade their Super Bowl winning, MVP quarterback so they can start their injury prone, never won a playoff game QB?

    • Polish Hammer

      No they’re going with the kid they mortgaged a lot for and firmly believe will lead the franchise for quite a few years after Foley’s retired. Shame he’s considered “injury prone” after shredding a knee and still playing through it to come back and break his back and play through that for weeks…damn lightweight!

      PS: when he did play he was merely playing at the league MVP level, so why would any franchise build around that?

  7. ChiSoxCity

    What happens to Foles’ value when he gets destroyed today by that Bears defense?

  8. Armaday

    Best time to trade Foles…Wentz was not healthy this year at all. He will be a superstar in the coming years. Insane upside!

    • Vanilla Good

      Wasn’t healthy last year, wasn’t healthy this year. He’s sure to be healthy next year!

      • ziggy13

        They rushed him back because Foles wasn’t playing well to start the year

        • Polish Hammer

          Foles also struggled at times when he took over last season. His years with the Rams abs Chiefs were also subpar.

  9. goldenmisfit

    Anyone who thinks this is a good idea get drug tested. Philadelphia has two quarterbacks won all he does is win the other all he does is get hurt and they want to trade the guy that all he does is win. LOL! The objective in the NFL if you put together a team that can win a Super Bowl they have won a Super Bowl with Nick Foles but they are going to trade him. This is why before last year the Philadelphia eagles were a joke of a franchise for over 40 years.

    • kenleyfornia2

      The Eagles might not have made the 2017 playoffs with Foles at QB the whole year. Wentz built the foundation for that superbowl run. Its going to take more than a 6 game sample size to ditch your franchise QB

  10. rtr1redrockets

    imagine the riots in philly if he somehow wins another superbowl…then gets traded!!!

  11. Z-A

    If you can get better than a top-10 , you trade Foles and swap picks. Otherwise probably a team with a 2nd 1st round pick or a high 2.

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