Josh McDaniels Turns Down Bengals Interview

Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels declined an opportunity to meet with the Bengals regarding their head coaching job, Mike Garafolo of (on Twitter) hears. McDaniels, who famously flip-flopped on the Colts last year, is still in the running for jobs elsewhere. 

Teams will undoubtedly be wary about getting in bed with McDaniels, but the Patriots continually boast one of the NFL’s best offenses and it’s hard to overlook McDaniels’ resume. The Packers are next up to interview McDaniels and the OC figures to have a loaded calendar in between film room sessions.

The Patriots finished fourth in scoring and fifth in total yardage in 2018, despite an uncharacteristically weak year from Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski. McDaniels has undoubtedly benefitted from the tools given to him in New England, but teams may be impressed by his ability to keep things afloat when things got tough last year.

The Bengals won’t get to meet with McDaniels, but they will try to speak with Buccaneers offensive coordinator Todd Monken, according to Jeremy Fowler of (on Twitter). Given the Bucs’ upheaval and the team’s unwillingness to consider internal candidates for the head coaching vacancy, it’s likely that Monken will be heading elsewhere no matter what. The Bengals may see Monken as the coach to get the most out of the speedy John Ross given the success he has had with DeSean Jackson in Tampa.

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23 comments on “Josh McDaniels Turns Down Bengals Interview

  1. BostonFan

    Interesting decision by Josh here by not securing his next job for 15 years

    • Steven Juris

      He’s waiting for Belicheck to retire next year. Smart move to not go to one of the worst run teams in the league.

      • tsolid

        How could they be one of the worst run teams? Granted, they didn’t win any playoff games, BUT they made it to playoffs 7/15 years under Lewis. Pretty good, considering playing in same division with Steelers/Ravens

          • tsolid

            Yet, still more successful than Jags, bills, dolphins, Rams, browns over the last 15yrs

          • JrMint

            They have done relatively well during the last 15 years. Mike Brown has held the team back in the past but he seems to be letting his football people make the decisions. They have assembled a good core. Either Mike Brown has an eye for talent and deserves credit, or he is finally staying out of football matters

            • joeshmoe11

              He’s just a chairman of the board type; a figurehead. His daughter and her husband have been the ones handling day to day for a while now and Duke Tobin has been the GM without the title for nearly as long. Say what you want about the Bengals but things aren’t run how they were 20 years ago

  2. Dev0

    My Bengals seem to be trying to interview the worst of the worst as HC. All these guys are just coordinators including Josh McDaniels, can’t wait til he sinks someone.

    • Clark K

      Lmao wait your Bengals? You don’t own the team, what do you purpose they hire coaches that have failed as head coach cause you don’t like coordinators? News flash dude Bill Belichick was a coordinator/assistant for around 20 years

    • itslonelyatthetrop

      Leave it to the Bengals to downgrade after canning Lewis 2 years too late.

  3. PeterDipersio

    I think McDaniels turning down the Bengals was a smart move! Mike Brown doesn’t seem to want to pay good players to play there! If McDaniels didn’t have any say personnel wise, why take the job? Green Bay would be a better fit with a QB like Rogers! Mc Daniels could help Rogers and make the team better at the same time

    • joeshmoe11

      Hooray! Dumb take of the day award!!! Bengals carry insanely small amounts of dead cap money so their actual payroll is as close to the actual salary cap than almost every team.

      • Steezy

        That has nothing to do with anything. Just because they don’t have dead cap just means they are not paying players not on the roster. And just because they have cap space, doesn’t necessarily mean they use it, as teams only have to spend 80% of the cap.

      • jkurk_22

        So what you’re implying is that they overspent on too many mediocre players then. Cause they aren’t good…

      • dave13

        Love when someone tries to put someone down with dumbest comment or worst take of the day and have no clue what they are talking about. Look in the mirror joeshmoe your comment shows how little you actually know.

        • joeshmoe11

          Dude there’s this AWESOME resource known as the internet. You can find things like facts if you know what you’re doing. And facts are the Bengals are consistently spending more on real salary than most teams, they carry very little dead money. 2015 they spent 2nd most actual dollars on salary. 2016 1st. 2017 8th. 2018 4th. They extend their own Pro Bowlers (Green, Dalton, Atkins, Dunlop, Burfict for better or worse). Bengals are an easy target to ridicule for various reasons. They were historically awful in the 90s, they had a bunch of players get into trouble over a 5 year period, Marvin crapped the bed when the lights were brightest. But don’t ignore reality when it doesn’t align with your preconceptions.

    • itslonelyatthetrop

      Can’t get the pretty girl to go to the dance with you if you don’t ask…

  4. deal1122

    Are we just going to ignore the “getting into bed with McDaniels” wording??? Lol

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