Redskins Expect Alex Smith To Miss The Entire 2019 Season

The Redskins are expecting Alex Smith to miss the entire 2019 season with his leg injury, sources told Ian Rapoport of NFL Network (Twitter link). Washington’s team president Bruce Allen recently gave an update on Smith’s status to the media, and he didn’t sound overly positive, so this isn’t shocking news.

Allen said the team is going to explore all options with respect to potential new quarterbacks, and also added that the team still likes Colt McCoy. McCoy was initially inserted as the starter when Smith got hurt, but soon went down with a season-ending leg injury of his own. Smith recently made his first public appearance since the gruesome injury, and had a bulky apparatus on his leg.

Soon after Smith got hurt in a Week 11 game against the Texans, news came out that he was battling an infection in his leg. The updates only got worse from there, and we heard last month that he was unlikely to be ready for Week 1 of 2019. With the news that the team is expecting him to miss the entire season, it’s fair to wonder if Smith will ever be able to return, as there has been consistent concern since the injury that it could be career-threatening.

Thanks to the four-year contract extension he signed in 2018 shortly after he was acquired from the Chiefs, Smith is under contract with the Redskins through the 2022 season. The 34-year-old is set to carry a $20.4MM cap number in 2019. The Redskins pick 15th in this Aprils’ draft, and could be a candidate to draft a signal caller. Ohio State’s Dwayne Haskins is currently projected to be off the board by then, but Oklahoma’s Kyler Murray and Missouri’s Drew Lock could be potential targets at 15.


Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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16 comments on “Redskins Expect Alex Smith To Miss The Entire 2019 Season

    • Dkaner

      Nick Foles? Trade for Matthew STAFFORD? Bet they wish they drafted a QB last year…

  1. dust44

    If there’s any inclination that Alex will b able to continue his career then they will go the stop gap Vet route. If there’s doubt they draft a guy in the first. That will b very telling in April

    • pt57

      That‘s a good point, but Smith will turn 35 before the season, and 36 before he plays again. So they could justify taking a QB high anyhow.

  2. Johhos

    Think a stopgap while they wait on see on Alex. FWIW, 2020 draft may be a better QB class .

  3. nickolai

    Detroit will trade you Stafford for a first and third rounder this year and a first next year.

    • JJB0811

      I wouldn’t trade a 7th for Stafford. How many division titles has he won, zero may be 1?

    • Ironman_4life

      I just snot myself with laughter. Any trade involving Matt Stafford would not even have the word first rounder in the same sentence. Stafford may fetch 1 second round pick.

      • sportznut1000

        i dont know, do you really think so? i could easily see a qb hungry team giving up their 1st for stafford. i mean the biggest issue is his salary, but how many 1st round picks has elway burned through trying to find a qb? i could see the broncos trading their 1st if stafford became available. maybe the dolphins or jags as well. the guy asking for a 1st, 3rd and 1st next year is obviously just staffords agent trying to create a bidding war

  4. crosseyedlemon

    Faster than a speeding bullet
    More powerful than a locomotive
    Able to leap tall buildings at a single bound
    Look…up in the sky
    It’s a bird
    It’s a plane
    It’s…Jay Schroeder?

    • KingTiger

      LOL! The only (possibly) better name you could have used would have been Heath Shuler. Good one!

      • crosseyedlemon

        Jay has to be the guy since he has the prior experience from when Theismann got clobbered.

  5. Edmund Dantes

    I hated to see that happening to the Redskins, they certainly didn’t deserve the way that all went down. Being in quarterback purgatory isn’t fun or easy in the NFL…

    • crosseyedlemon

      Well the owners all went along with the plan to change the dynamics of the sport and have it be a QB driven enterprise so they can hardly complain now. Fans would not have abandoned the NFL had they left the model alone and salaries would not now be in the stratosphere. Teams seasons would not come crashing down as a result of one injury.

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