Steelers Not Bringing Back RB Coach James Saxon

More changes are coming to the Steelers’ coaching staff. After they announced a few days ago they wouldn’t be bringing back linebackers coach Joey Porter, the team announced in a tweet they weren’t retaining running backs coach James Saxon. 

Steelers coach Mike Tomlin is shaking up his staff after a disappointing season where Pittsburgh missed the playoffs and the team became embroiled in internal drama. While Tomlin’s job is safe, he’s clearly starting to feel a little bit of heat as things seem to be falling apart in Pittsburgh.

After going one and done in the playoffs last season, the team didn’t bring back offensive coordinator Todd Haley. Now the team is letting go multiple assistant coaches, and it’s definitely possible they aren’t done. After the announcement about Porter, Mike Florio of, wrote that it felt “like a warning shot” to Tomlin from ownership, and that the decision on his assistant coaches might not be his.

Steelers offensive line coach Mike Munchak is reportedly the early favorite for the Broncos’ head coaching job, so next year’s Steelers coaching staff could look radically different. The team is reportedly set to trade Antonio Brown, so it looks like an offseason of change for Pittsburgh.

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21 comments on “Steelers Not Bringing Back RB Coach James Saxon

  1. Alex Graboyes

    James Connor. Le’veon bell. Um he made both of those backs good. Dumb Dumb Dumb

  2. steelerbravenation

    Munchack will be a HUGE loss. The RB coach is not the problem. The biggest problem it seems will keep his job in Keith Butler. Gonna be a crazy offseason.

  3. Pitches Love Velocity

    Texans need to jump on acquiring brown to pair with Hopkins. Should of jumped on Jarvis Landry.

    • TheTruth12

      Stick to baseball my guy, even if/when the Steelers trade Brown they won’t be rebuilding you don’t have extension talks with your QB that’s getting up their in age if you’re gonna start over. So why would they trade Brown to a team that could eliminate them in the playoffs? Brown is either gonna get traded to a bad team in the AFC or an NFC team.

      • steelerbravenation

        Now who I see GB has hired as coach the more I think it’s gonna be them. They have 2 1st round picks and the GM is gonna wanna give his new HC a toy for Rodgers to play & be happy with. I just hope GB’s pick & not the Saints.

        • tsolid

          Ummm… Devante Adams 1386 yds and 11td’s is a pretty good toy. Jimmy Graham, plus a couple young guys with potential.

  4. TJECK109

    We can all say that he helped Bell, Connor and even Samuels look good but let’s be honest it’s Munchak and his OL that made the holes for these guys to run through.

    The only thing Saxon should be upset about is that the ST coach wasn’t fired first

  5. steelerbravenation

    Perfect world scenerio is trade the #20 w/AB to San Fran for the #2 & a 3
    Then trade down with the Giants so they can snatch up Haskins as their QB of the future.

  6. The Ghost of Bobby Bonilla

    As long as Keith Butler stays, then Mike Tomlin is the incapable, idiotic coach that all of his detractors says he is.

    Can’t wait for that clown to get the Mike McCarthy treatment and tossed on his !!!

    • steelerbravenation

      Won’t happen until Ben retires & the rebuild begins. Not a Tomlin fan this team is his & they are gonna ride or die with him while this window is open. This team has to many veterans to replace Tomlin’s system and start over. I say the window is 2 years by then Tomlin could change minds.

  7. madmanTX

    Steelers led with sacks, so fire Joey Porter. RBs did well, so goodbye to their coach….but don’t address the overall bad job by the secondary and the awful special teams play? Makes no sense.

  8. crosseyedlemon

    Tomlin will throw a few guys under the bus but it’s not going to help because it’s just a matter of time until he is made the fall guy. The Steelers are hands down the most toxic organization in the league and everyone has to watch their back.

    • tsolid

      Yet, they haven’t had losing season under Tomlin. 10/11/13/9 wins the last 4 years. Such a Terrible organization like the Giants/Bucs/browns. Only person in that organization that throws people under the bus is the DARLING #7

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