Bengals Officially Hire Zac Taylor

The Bengals officially have their new coach. On Monday, the Bengals announced the hiring of Zac Taylor, the former quarterbacks coach of the Rams. 

I am happy and fortunate to join the Cincinnati Bengals as head coach,” Taylor said in a press release. “This is a great organization with good people and a rich history, and I am excited to get started. I am looking to add to that history by setting high standards, and holding everyone here accountable to those standards. There is a lot of work to do, and this is day one. We’re going to attack every day with enthusiasm to get this team ready to go.”

Taylor’s Rams fell flat in the Super Bowl, but he had a major role in overseeing one of the league’s most potent offenses in 2018. The Rams won the NFC West with a 13-3 regular-season record and reached new heights, despite their overall youth.

Zac is a bright coach with an offensive mind and background, which is important to have in today’s NFL,” said Bengals president Mike Brown. “And he’s young. He embraces new ideas and new ways to do things, which will be a good thing for us. I believe our team will be exciting and fun to watch with him at the helm.”

Taylor is now the tenth coach in Bengals history, replacing the long-tenured Marvin Lewis.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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22 comments on “Bengals Officially Hire Zac Taylor

  1. Dev0

    I have the feeling we may of hired the worst coach, other then what the Dolphins did. However things needed to change and I hope I am wrong.

    • TheTruth12

      If you think Flo was the worst hired coach you obviously didn’t watch any football. Kliff Kingsbury failed at college, Matt LaFleur didn’t know what to do in Tennessee until late in the season, Adam Gase is awful, Zac Taylor hasn’t even been a coordinator. I’ll admit I don’t like the fit in Miami they should’ve gone offensive minded but Flo is a great coach

      • CoachWes2000

        You nailed everything except for 1 thing. Taylor was briefly the interm Dolphins OC for part of a season during Tannehill’s best season.

          • TheTruth12

            Got down voted for the truth some people on here are complete morons. During the five games Taylor served as OC, the Dolphins went 2-3.

            • Tankittothelimit

              Probably has to do with the fact that Dev0 stated a feeling, you spew your opinion as fact and then insult anyone who doesn’t agree with it…
              The truth(12) is that none of us know how any of these guys will do, yourself included, so your opinion means no more or less than anyone else here.
              Pull your head in before having a whinge…

            • Dev0

              Being a good coordinator does not mean you will be a good head coach, and anyone who thinks that team is not 100% Bellichick is kidding themselves. You can’t lose coordinators every single year with no regression, and just because you worked with a great coach does not mean you will be one yourself.

              Being a great Offensive coordinator won’t even mean your teams offense will be good, those duties fall more on the shoulders of whomever you then hire to be your offensive coordinator. This happens all the time.

      • Dev0

        Also 1 other thing I’d like to address, Adam Gase I think is a pretty solid coach, in every way except Fantasy football. That Dolphins team was/is hot garbage and he kept them competitive, I was secretly hoping he would be the Bengals hire, because the Bengals have much more talent.

    • fieldsj2

      Did you not watch the Super Bowl last night? He was calling the D. I would take him over quite a few of the new hires.

      • Dev0

        Being a good Coordinator does not mean you are a good head coach. Also Calling plays for Defense also does not mean your next team will have a great defense because more then likely he will not be calling the plays for the defense.

    • fieldsj2

      I guessed you missed the game last night! One of the best Defensive performances in SB history. Guess who was calling the plays?

        • troll_smasher

          I Never said Lewis was Head Coach in a Super Bowl, or did your Dyslexia kick it and you read it wrong? While I’m still here, I will say it looks like he took Cincy to playoffs 7x, even though they had Zero victories. Maybe Taylor can lead them to playoffs once, before anointing him KING

    • grizzled sports vet

      Didn’t say as head coaches. Lewis was the DC for Baltimore in 2000.

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