Dolphins Hire Jim Caldwell

The Dolphins have officially announced Jim Caldwell as their assistant head coach/QBs coach. Interestingly, their press release did not mention the hiring of Dom Capers as defensive coordinator, a move that has been expected over the last week. 

Caldwell, the former Colts and Lions head coach, interviewed with the Browns, Cardinals, and Jets this offseason for their head coaching vacancies. The Lions made the postseason twice during Caldwell’s tenure in Detroit. And, with the Colts, his teams went 26-22 with one AFC title and two divisional championships.

New Dolphins head coach Brian Flores does not have previous head coaching experience, but Caldwell can provide valuable counsel for him in his first year at the helm.

Capers, 68, recently turned down the Bengals’ DC job, leading many to believe that he would be sign on for the same role in Miami. As of this moment, that has not happened.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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12 comments on “Dolphins Hire Jim Caldwell

  1. TheTruth12

    Like the move, I mean he coached the Lions to the playoffs twice with Stafford at QB that’s arguably more impressive than the AFC title.

  2. kevin

    ur reported incorrectly about capers . if he comes it will not be as DC but a senior advisory role I believe . u must have ment the gb coach . I forget his name

    • kevin

      Patrick graham is to be the DC and capers would be senior def assistant if he came to miami

    • crosseyedlemon

      But what coach wouldn’t want to rush to a team that has declared it’s plan is to tank?

      • TheTruth12

        I see you post something like this on every article about Dolphins coaching, we’re being honest here Jets are gonna spend money in FA, Bills are a young group that should improve next year leaving the Dolphins as the clear worst team in the AFC East. Rebuilding a team is a lot easier if you draft near the top, it’s gonna be a rough 2-3 even 4 years. If you’re a coach it doesn’t get more attractive than building a team how you want to. The Astros, Cubs, 76ers, and even to some extent Browns decided to tank how’d that work out?

        • crosseyedlemon

          I’m not sure what position your taking with regards to the Dolphins. I think we can both agree that there is a big difference between rebuilding and tanking though. I like Flores (Caldwell not so much) but the reality is that none of the staff can build anything if ownership is determined to tank and deny them resources. This is not fair to these guys who will quite possibly be looking for career opportunities with other organizations in the future and it is a disservice to fans who pay out hard earned money to see their team at least make an effort no matter how improbable the chance of success.

        • troll_smasher

          It’s only attractive if management gives you a chance to complete process of tearing down and building back up the franchise. Only time will tell of that’s the case.

      • kevin

        dolphins have not said they are tanking that is other people saying they will tank . to be honest if you are rebuilding you trade your value players for picks and youth .and you keep some vets like gore and wake and Jones then use the draft . you build a o line while starting a veteran qb like flaco and then draft you a qb and sit him for atleast 1 year while u build a o line up so he doesn’t get.killed . you have to have a o line for you qb of the future. you keep you def building as we have some decent players there that are young .

        • crosseyedlemon

          Ross did not specifically use the word “tank” as that would have resulted in fines from Goodell for impeaching the integrity of the sport. He did imply as much though by stating that resources would not be used to win now but saved for building in the future. This basically means that Flores and his staff will have to make due with what they inherited which really puts them behind the 8-ball.

  3. jirogers72

    Looks like the Dolphins are preparing for another Belichick disciple to fail as a HC.

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