Extra Points: Bears, NFLPA, XFL, Browns

The Bears are likely to release tight end Dion Sims, NBC Sports’ J.J. Stankevitz writes.

By releasing the veteran pass catcher, the Bears will save $6MM in cap space. The move shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, as Sims was ineffective when he played, which wasn’t much, as he only saw action in four games and recorded two receptions.

With Sims’ release, the Bears will rely more on Adam Shaheen to produce in 2019 behind Trey Burton. A second-round selection in 2017, Shaheen was injured to start the 2018 campaign and only managed to see action in six games. As high a pick as Chicago invested in the tight end, Shaheen is sure to see more action in his third season with the team.

  • The NFLPA appears to be preparing for a work stoppage in 2021, Pro Football Talk’s Josh Alper writes. The PA’s executive director DeMaurice Smith said the union’s job is to prepare for “wars we hope we don’t have to fight.” Smith noted the contracts coaches are signing are indications of a future work stoppage.
  • The XFL will not have a developmental deal with the NFL and wants to be seen as its own entity, Pro Football Talk’s Michael David Smith writes. The announcement doesn’t come as a shock, as the XFL has done as much as it can to distinguish itself from the NFL, which already has a development agreement in place with the AAF.
  • The Cleveland Browns will enter the 2019 season with the most carryover cap space from the 2018 season, boasting a whopping $56.5MM in space, the NFLPA reports [Twitter link]. The Colts (49.1), 49ers (35) and Titans (25.6) are the other teams with figures above $20MM.
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7 comments on “Extra Points: Bears, NFLPA, XFL, Browns

  1. acarneglia

    I think Shaheen will have a huge breakout in 2019 if he can stay on the field and will steal the starting TE job from Trey Burton

  2. Z-A

    Never knew this guy existed. Need to get back into fantasy football so I can get the scoop on potential irrelevant players.

  3. crosseyedlemon

    “the XFL has done as much as it can to distinguish itself from the NFL”

    when did they sign Kaepernick?

  4. Nick Garren

    The XFL…EXTREMELY FIXED LEAGUE. Wait til they revisit Jerry Lawler promising to go into the Cheerleader locker room at halftime like a perv at a porn theater and running into the door knocking himself out while screaming “PUPPIES!!!” and parents having to answer their kids what was he talking about. Ot how about a pretty good game getting the broadcast to cut so NBC can air SNL uninterrupted? How about watching bad football in a stadium that is 90% empty? Or having to listen to announcers trying to be heels? but saying ‘he’s making 25k and he can’t tackle”? “here”s the coaches home number! tell him how you appreciated that last play!!”…And wanted players to cut promos on the sidelines. And showing cheerleaders saying they are having sex with (insert name)player…and after that fumble, she gonna break up with him!! That is all truths from the 1st version of the XFL. They even wanted players to chair shot their own guys for bad plays..Vince is doing this because Trump has an axe to grind with the NFL and with his wife as a member of the cabinet he might be able to win an anti-trust case.

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