Falcons To Release Matt Bryant

The Falcons are parting ways with kicker Matt Bryant. The club informed him of his impending release, according to an announcement from Bryant on social media. 

“I was informed last night that the team was moving on from my services and that I would be released,” Bryant wrote. “I want to say thank you to all the fans that have stood with me and my family during our time here. I take great pride in my body of work on and off the field. I hope I have represented you well while I was here. It was an honor to be a part of some big moments in this franchise’s history. This chapter is now closed. I look forward to bringing the success and consistency that I’ve produced to my next team.”

Bryant has repeatedly said that he plans to play into his age-44 season. His age could work against him in free agency, but his 2018 season proved that he still has something left in the tank. Bryant connected on 20 of 21 field goals, including a 57-yarder, giving him a 95.2% completion percentage. He also sank 33 of 35 extra point tries.

Bryant signed a three-year, $10.5MM extension with Atlanta last offseason that would have carried him through the 2020 season. Under the old deal, he would have made $2.45MM base salary in ’19.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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43 comments on “Falcons To Release Matt Bryant

    • braveshomer

      I agree, he’s money. Teams never value the kicker until they have a bad one

          • Matthew Heywood

            Exactly as a bears fan and seeing how a bad kicker can cost you the season the way teams treat kickers is astonishing

      • myaccount

        The issue is, even though he’s money, Atlanta had none of that said money to sign other football players. A terrible but necessary move.

        • crosseyedlemon

          He has never been money against the Falcons though (15 of 20 FGs) so that figures into the decision too.

  1. Breezy

    Bad move. It’s obvious nowadays that you don’t move on from a consistently accurate kicker, no matter the age.

    • myaccount

      They have no cap room to keep him. They’re going to be releasing lots of players.

  2. Thronson5

    Haven’t teams seen how it’ll bite them in the butt not having a reliable kicker? I think the Falcons are making a mistake.

  3. braveshomer

    Georgio Tavechio or however you spell his name signs with Falcons in 3,2,1…

  4. kenleyfornia2

    Remeber the freakout when Dallas cut Dan Bailey. See how Bryant actually does before you say its a bad move

  5. TheTruth12

    horrible move, it’s safe to say that the next Falcons kicker will have a worse percentage.

  6. bravesfan

    This is a joke. We don’t have a good enough team to let go of what has worked. This years playoffs proved the value of a good kicker

  7. jjabrony

    Is Tavecchio still on their roster? He makes about $600k/yr vs Bryant’s $3.5 mil/yr.

    • braveshomer

      yeah Rotoworld is already reporting Tavecchio will be the kicker…hate seeing Bryant go but Tavecchio is good

  8. ahale224

    If they’re worried about him getting injured more as he gets older, I’d rather know who my guy is for a season than be sorting through the scraps to pick a guy up halfway through a season.

  9. TJECK109

    Is he strictly a quality dome kicker? Wouldn’t mind the Steelers bringing him in as competition with Boswell

  10. leprechaun

    As a Bear fan I can only say,they better know who they are replacing him with.

    • braveshomer

      Chargers have their kicker locked down now in Bagdley, he single handedly beat the Ravens in the playoffs

  11. Bubba

    Kicker who needs them? Just ask the Chiefs when Carl Petersen cut Nick Lowery and brought in “ I missed 3 in a playoff game” Lynn Elliott and wasted my teams 13-3 year. But hey cool dude Carl saved $400,000 and proved “ No kicker is going tot tell him what to do”.

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