Details On Kareem Hunt’s Deal With Browns

Kareem Hunt‘s one-year deal with the Browns includes a base salary of $645K, a $25K per-game roster bonus for each game that he is active, and a $55K offseason workout bonus, Field Yates of tweets. It’s not exactly a top of the market deal for a running back, but it’s actually a better deal that the one Hunt had with the Chiefs prior to his release. 

Hunt will be able to earn $420K more from the Browns on a new contract than he would under his his old contract, had he been claimed, as Jason Fitzgerald of Over The Cap notes (on Twitter). There’s also upside for next year – Hunt will have the ability to earn more as a restricted free agent in 2020 than he would have as a fourth-year rookie.

The Browns’ decision to sign Hunt has stirred up some controversy and the details of his new deal won’t help ease the criticism. Recently, GM John Dorsey admitted the Browns’ investigation into Hunt’s past did not include speaking with the victim of his hotel assault, which didn’t help matters.

I talked to a lot of people (but) I didn’t get a chance to talk to that victim,” Dorsey said, via Mary Kay Cabot of “That’s probably part of her privacy stuff.”

Hunt won the 2017 rushing title with 1,327 yards on the ground. Prior to his Kansas City departure last year, he compiled 1,202 yards from scrimmage and scored 14 total touchdowns in eleven games.

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22 comments on “Details On Kareem Hunt’s Deal With Browns

  1. la verdad

    This will blow up in their face. The victim will end up being interviewed by some media outlet and will give all the details of what led up to that incident. Cleveland will look bad for not digging deeper and getting all the facts.

    • dmart93

      The only thing that will make this signing bag is if he gets more than 6 game suspension. Everyone already saw the video details will have no affect

      • bencole

        He won’t. It would have to be a domestic violence issue. This will fall under the regular personal conduct policy, which if I remember, limits suspensions under that policy to either 4 or 6 games.

    • kenleyfornia2

      Theres a reason there were no charges. The details of what lead up to that incident are her calling him a certain name and harassing Hunt. Shes no victim

        • kenleyfornia2

          Nah you are ridiculous for taking that to heart. There is a video and all the proof is there. I was replying to a guy who thinks a TMZ interview with the victim will make this blow up in the Browns face. If you hate NFL fans so much then why are you on NFL Rumors……

      • Polish Hammer

        There’s more to the details like the part where he tried to force her to have sex with his buddy and then threw her out of the room. The video then picks up with him pushing her first, regardless of what word may have been used a man should not put his hands on a woman.

        • kenleyfornia2

          In the words of Stephen a Smith “no man ever cares about something another man dont got”. His friend may have tried to sexually assault her, but not Kareem himself.

          • Polish Hammer

            We should all follow along with what Steven A Smith has to say, LOL!!!

        • redbeard87

          So much for equality. If a man called him the n-word, he would rightly get punched. Women should not receive special treatment.

          • Polish Hammer

            Right, and right after that man would get punched the puncher should get arrested. You can’t just physically attack people because of something said, and if you do then expect the consequences.

    • Phattey

      I highly doubt there’s any way that the female could make the situation any worse than what it’s already been played out as. If it wasn’t for the video no one would even believe her if she cane forward due to how many people were there that were friends with Kareem. Whatever she says will almost instantly be disputed by the friends involved

  2. playicy

    This will be one of great signing brown will do from here on out! I agree with players second chances only time I don’t is PEDs and criminal charges, but in this case let’s see what happens with this young man, but I say it will help the drastically, because duke johnson is a scat back and Chubb needs to prove he can be an elite back in back to back years, so what do the browns have to lose at this point

  3. ahale224

    Doesn’t he have like 3 more sets of charges pending including assault where he punched a guy at a resort in the face?

  4. NU Wildcats

    This signing makes no sense. I thought Joseph was pretty solid for a rookie.

  5. Guyrsanville

    Hunt is a child, a punk and a coward. The NFL should ban any such asshole for life. Had I been related to one of those women the point would be moot. He’d never play again.

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