NFL Rescinds Jaylon Ferguson’s Combine Invite

Louisiana Tech edge rusher Jaylon Ferguson broke the NCAA’s all-time sack record last December and is draft-eligible, but he won’t be attending the NFL’s scouting combine later this month. The league rescinded Ferguson’s combine invitation after a background check revealed he was convicted of simple battery during his freshman year, according to Ian Rapoport and Tom Pelissero of

Ferguson becomes the third 2019 prospect to be barred from the combine, joining Mississippi State defensive tackle Jeffery Simmons and Colorado State wide receiver Preston Williams. The NFL previously announced that any player found to have been convicted of a felony, or of a misdemeanor that involved violence, wouldn’t be admitted to the combine. Unlike Simmons and Williams, Ferguson’s case had not been made public.

While NFL teams won’t be able to observe Ferguson at the combine, they’ll still line up pre-draft visits with the pass rusher. In fact, Rapoport and Pelissero report Ferguson will likely take more club meetings now that he’s been banned from the combine, as teams surely want to have a face-to-face sit-down with Ferguson prior to the draft. Teams had been aware of the incident involving Ferguson and don’t seem to view it as “disqualifying,” tweets Rapoport.

Ferguson, a potential first-round pick, put up 45 sacks and 67.5 tackles for loss during his four-year run with Louisiana Tech. 17.5 of those sacks came in 2018, when Ferguson was named the Conference USA Defensive Player of the Year.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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17 comments on “NFL Rescinds Jaylon Ferguson’s Combine Invite

  1. ahale224

    I know Hunt wasn’t convicted of anything but this just feels like groundwork for a long suspension.

        • Pitches Love Velocity

          And his draft stock fell from.1st round to 5tg round. He was never suspended for it.

          Joe Mixon fell from 1st round to 2nd round after his incident never suspended.

  2. HubcapDiamondStarHalo

    With the way the NFL owners seem to be leaning lately, this probably means Jaylon Ferguson, Jeffery Simmons and Preston Williams will be the numbers one, two and three draft picks.

    • JJB0811

      As if the owners of other pro teams are playing hardball towards eligible signees.

  3. roddy1018

    I almost had my shot at the combine, but the NFL unnecessarily stretched out their reach and found out I copied off my friends test when I was in 5th grade.

    • Pitches Love Velocity

      Domestic violence is a law and court issue.

      Not an NFL issue.

      They can’t play in the NFL if the law put them behind bars for a year or 2 or more.

      But let’s be mad at the NFL instead of mad at the criminal justice system for not doing its job.

      • frustratedpittsburghpiratesfan

        Is all about the cash and winning at any cost!! Morals and values and how you conduct yourself professionally should have higher value. But, Sports and Entertainment has/will be about the cash and looking to get talented individuals who can make $$ out of trouble at any cost. There should be a higher deterrent for bad decision making. Ask yourself this question, would you cheer someone that hurt a member of your family and would you employ them at your place of employment based on their actions. Accountability!!

      • ShieldF123

        Let’s not blame the criminal justice system for a liberal bias that tells us these are “good boys who ain’t done nuffin wrong” and deserve 7000 second chances. Trust me when I say violent criminals would be locked in a dark room to which the keys have been lost if it was up to the men and women involved in the CJ system.

  4. j27roenick

    Looks like the NFL doesn’t want to invite anyone associated with the Trump administration to the NFL Combine. Sad!

  5. Bad background check keeps you from renting a home and getting a job in the real world unless you run a 4.4 40. Merica.

  6. mbgutt

    Let the legal
    System punish criminality. This isn’t a concern of the league. People should have right to employment.

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