Patriots Win Super Bowl LIII

For the sixth time in team history, the Patriots have won it all. On Sunday night, in one of the slower Super Bowl games in memory, the Patriots topped the Rams 13-3.

The first half was clumsy, awkward, and slow – unlike Super Bowls of recent years. What some expected to be a shootout turned into a punting exhibition with Johnny Hekker actually being edged by Patriots youngster Ryan Allen.

The Pats went into halftime with a 3-0 lead, despite a constant connection between Tom Brady and Julian Edelman in the first two quarters. The Rams, meanwhile, had little to offer on offense. Sean McVay tried to deny it, but it’s now clear clear that Todd Gurley‘s knee injury was of the severe variety, and it was enough to limit him to just ten carries for 35 yards.

The second half played out similarly, though both teams got into a better rhythm. For the Pats, the second half was dotted by big catches from Edelman and Rob Gronkowski. The Rams, too, had their moments thanks as Jared Goff found Brandin Cooks, Robert Woods, and Josh Reynolds. Ultimately, however, the Rams’ chances were spoiled by a bad Goff throw that landed in the hands of superstar corner Stephon Gilmore. Meanwhile, Sony Michel‘s touchdown proved to be the only one of the night and the defining score of the game.

Now, it’s time to see whether Rob Gronkowski and other Patriots will opt to leave the game on a high note.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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91 comments on “Patriots Win Super Bowl LIII

  1. afsooner02

    Ugh….retire already Brady…..this was the most boring super bowl in history.

    • crosseyedlemon

      But that Puppy Bowl was a classic people will be talking about for years.

    • wrigleyhawkeye

      They won despite Brady, not because of him. He, like Goff, was garbage.

      • TheTruth12

        A missed PI that got them in the Super Bowl and one that cost them it I love it. Goff should’ve never thrown that ball though

  2. nubbz18

    What a dynasty. Say what you want, this is the greatest dynasty in sports history.

    • bencole

      Yankees of the 50’s? Or UCLA basketball? I’d take the Yanks though.

        • 700Level

          The idea that somehow free agency makes their run more impressive is the popular view, but it’s actually wrong.

          • Flapjax55

            How so? Free agency, the salary cap, value of the draft. It is more competitive today than it has ever been. Best coaching job EVER.

            I’m not even a Patriots fan I have to give it up for this team this system, this coach and this QB.

              • JrodFunk5

                Time to stop with the excuses and give the Patriots credit. They have won six freaking Super Bowls and nine AFC championships in 18 seasons. The data is in, demonstrating they don’t get the benefit of calls. The conspiracy theories sound more and more like Alex Jones or Fox News.

                • brucewayne

                  They don’t get the benefit of calls? What? The Pats have the Refs in their pockets!

      • crosseyedlemon

        Greatest sports dynasty was provided by Fred Flintstone who led his Elk Lodge bowling team to 20 consecutive Bedrock Bowl championships.

  3. warwhatisitgoodfor

    That was legit the worst super bowl I have ever watched. Neither team deserved to be there and neither team really fought for that game. Congrats to the Pats for having one decent scoring drive all game.

    • TheTruth12

      I can see the Rams not deserving to be there but the Pats? Get over yourself, had to beat the highest scoring team in history to get to the Super Bowl then held the team that scored second most this year to 3 points. Not to mention absolutely murdered the Chargers

      • warwhatisitgoodfor

        Denver and Seattle both earned being there. At least Seattle had an offense. That was the most atrocious SB I have ever witnessed. Put the Pats team this year in a halfway decent division and I doubt they had home field or even a bye. Gifted division titles for years

        • nubbz18

          By your logic, they should have been out in the Divisional Round right? They’re supposed to be bad right? Then how do they keep winning? They just out-played every team they played

          • warwhatisitgoodfor

            I never said they are bad. I said that was the worst super bowl I have watched and neither team really stood out to win it. Call it what you want but I’m chalking this up as a super bowl less winner season.

            • warwhatisitgoodfor

              And I feel by the lack of responses to this entire thread to stand up for people just being blasé to the whole game. Poorest nfl product in years this playoff season

                • crosseyedlemon

                  This new formatting is confusing isn’t it? Maybe we need colored lines showing who is responding to who.

        • TheTruth12

          Jesus I’m so tired of this Dolphins made the playoffs 2 years ago and Bills last year. But let’s not talk about how they have to play 10 other games against teams not in their division, how they were undefeated against teams that made the playoffs, beat the 1 seed in the AFC twice. Fun fact the other 3 teams in the AFC East had a combined 17 wins and the 3 teams in the NFC West had 17 wins too. But the Rams aren’t the Pats so

          • warwhatisitgoodfor

            Yes let’s hang our hat on the Pats division opponents having as many wins as the Seahawks plus 2 the top two picks overall in the draft nfc west lolol. Gimme wins count a lot and first round byes and home field matter people.

          • gronk

            I’m so immune to the Patriot haters. It’s clearly envy. I bask in it. If you choose to be sour rather than acknowledge the fact that you have witnessed something special over the last 20 years then be sour. I lived through years of terrible Patriots teams. They’re hated cuz they win?

        • Mack83

          Except they have a fantastic record against teams from outside their division. That excuse is tired and beat down already.

          • warwhatisitgoodfor

            Yes, having 3 division rivals drafting in the top 13 picks is a definite hardship

        • PeterDipersio

          Denver deserves being there? Lol I’m falling on the floor laughing

          • warwhatisitgoodfor

            Lmfaooo. I had to go back and look to confirm. Broncos were up by 17 on Chargers with 8 minutes to go and won by 7…up 16 on Pats with 7 to go and won by 10. How is that not deserving again of being in Super Bowl after being top seed?

        • jkurk_22

          LOL you’re dumb.. those teams absolutely didn’t deserve to be there or the playoffs for that matter. I’m sorry you don’t like the Pats and I agree it wasn’t a fun offensive game, but the Pats deserved that. I hate plenty of teams and I’d hate to see one of those teams win it even once, but if they did, you wouldn’t see me on here whining, as a matter of fact, I wouldn’t be saying anything at all

    • acarneglia

      That Denver-Seattle SB was pretty bad. I’d consider that the worst

      • warwhatisitgoodfor

        And I concur that game was an ass whooping but at least Seattle showed up and wanted that game. This super bowl felt like a week 3 of preseason match up. Garbage product

        • slpdajab55

          Bottom line is Rams we’re over matched. This time , not by Brady. They were over matched by the defense. The Patriots are my 2nd least favorite team. ( Steelers 1st) However , I admire what they have done over the years, and the Steelers for that matter. Goff and the Rams will have their day. That coach and QB will have a legacy of their own in due time. Having experience in a game like that was clearly the difference.

        • dave13

          War you clearly aren’t an actual football fan. Was the game the most exciting game ever played.. no but it was an impressive defense performance. To say it was a preseason game or worst production ever is flat out pathetic. You are exactly what is wrong with new age fans who want every game to be 63-60. Go watch the NBA if you don’t want to see defense.

          The defense on both teams was so impressive it was great to watch two teams punch for punch on D until the Pats were able to break through.

    • kenleyfornia2

      Denver Carolina was worse. A little more uncertainty at the end of this one

      • KingSall77

        Good point kenleyfornia2. Seeing Cam Newton run for his life. I think Denver had 7 sacks on him.

  4. bencole

    Amazing Super Bowl game. Not a Pats fan but I’ll take defense over offense any day.

  5. kenleyfornia2

    Rams defense was fantastic while the offense was a joke. Not a soul saw that coming

    • troll_smasher

      If you watched Rams closely all year it showed that Goff struggles vs solid pass rush. Bears/Eagles game in regular season were the blueprint on how to rattle him.

  6. Pablo

    Worst most boring super bowl ever. No one should get a trophy for that ugliness. I would want my money back if I went.

  7. tbone0816

    This was hideous!! I wish it could’ve been the Saints and Chiefs!!

      • Saints legitimately won Confernce championship game but the refs took it away from them. If Brees & co had gotten through I don’t think New England would have won another championship. Sean Peyton and Brees would not have been put off by multiple blitz looks in what is a patchwork defense.

  8. Bubba

    Loved the holding call on the Rams driving and killed the rally. No holding funny how those come when Chady and Cheatacheck are playing. Welcome to the $50 billion dollar a year league who can’t get a thing correct.

  9. wicked pissah

    Love all of the salty AF people on here. In the new NFL where defense is an afterthought, we get a great defensive Super Bowl. Go watch Arena League.

  10. DuffManCometh

    The NFL is just as legit as WWE. I have lost all hope for it, due to the fact the league bends to the bookmakers for their interests.

    • crosseyedlemon

      Moronic statement. The league earns millions in ad revenue for every 30 second commercial so it’s ludicrous that they would have to depend on point shaving. The sportsbooks are also going to make out like bandits regardless of how close or one sided the game so they have no reason to try to coerce the NFL into “putting in the fix”.

  11. Thronson5

    This just in…NOBODY CARES! Worse super bowl I’ve ever watched..just about as bad as that lopsided Seahawks win over the Broncos. And that halftime show..awful! I’m a fan of pop and hip hop music but let’s get a rock band or country singer or country band one of these years, mix it up instead of the same thing every year! Besides it being the same thing as always, the performancesjist weren’t very good. Even the commercials weren’t very impressive. All the way around the super bowl was a disappointment in my opinion. I’m sure pats fans don’t agree and hey, can’t say I blame them and I congratulate the pats and their fans but I just think that game sucked.

    • crosseyedlemon

      The media week the league uses to hype the SB is a real momentum killer in my opinion. It’s just a turkey gabble of meaningless interviews where coaches and players provide the same stock answers every year.

  12. ThePriceWasRight

    The Pats won the superbowl… and here come the conspiracy theorists.

    the Pat’s played outstanding defence. is it Boring for TV? of course it is when you’re accustomed to 50+ point games but this was simply one coaching staff taking a young qb out to the woodshed.

    • 700Level

      Thanks for the false choice. Yeah, I hate games where there’s no defense too, but that doesn’t make games that are mostly punting duels fun to watch.

  13. pasha2k

    I am so happy for the Pats. They deserve everything they’ve done. The are a force in the 4th quarter, always!!!

    • 700Level

      “They deserve everything they’ve done.”
      ^That sentence doesn’t even make sense. Do you mean they deserve all they’ve achieved? Do you deserve a championship for cheating? Or for winning b/c of others’ unbelievably stupid mistakes (e.g. Pete Carroll and the worst call in NFL history)?

  14. KingSall77

    All I have to say is after this Super Bowl…

    1. Eagles Beat Patriots last year
    2. Philly Special
    3. Folesedelphia

  15. JT19

    Lol people out here complaining about how bad the game was. Both defenses played outstanding for basically the entire game. Its not like this game was a turnover fest and there were only a few throws that Brady and Goff would probably want back (just like any other game).

    If the game was a shootout the same people would be complaining about the lack of defense and how the NFL ruined the game by making it too much in favor of offenses.

  16. OCTraveler

    I have been alive for all the Super Bowls and have tuned into all of them – this was actually the first game where I watched 100% of the snaps, I found the one-on-one match-ups very entertaining and the strategic moves very intriguing. Both teams took care of the ball (only 2 turnovers) and I also thought the officials let the teams play. At the end, as in most cases, experience won over inexperience.

    • 700Level

      Wait…you didn’t watch all of the classic Steelers/Cowboys match up in SB XIII that was actually a great game, but you watched all of this snooze fest? LOL!

    • brucewayne

      They let them play alright! Didn’t call all the roughing the QB on Goff like 5 times

      • brucewayne

        and they “missed” all the PI calls on the Rams receivers the whole game!

  17. Nobby

    There sure is a lot of butthurt Patriot haters here. Six rings says it all. Greatest franchise in NFL history with the greatest QB and greatest coach. See you at our 12th Parade in 18 years on Tuesday.

  18. scottstots21

    If Cody Parkey could kick I honestly think the Bears win this Super Bowl. Would have crushed either of those teams last night.

    • Polish Hammer

      Ifs and buts…if the referees in the Eagles-Cowgirls game couldn’t tell which of a handful of Eagles players recovered a fumbled with no Cowgirls within 5 years, then the Eagles would won the division and things could’ve changed. Bad calls, bad bounces and other things happen to everyone.

      BTW if the Bears line blocks the Eagles don’t deflect that Parkey kick enough to make it miss, but it’s easier to blame the kicker…

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