Redskins Were Interested In Joe Flacco

The Redskins may have a chance to contend for a playoff spot in 2019, but they will need a legitimate QB to get them there. Alex Smith is expected to miss the entire season (and may never play again), and while the club could re-sign Colt McCoy, it seems unlikely that McCoy can lead a playoff push.

To that end, Washington did speak with the Ravens about a potential trade for Joe Flacco before Baltimore agreed to trade Flacco to the Broncos, per Troy Renck of Denver 7 (via Twitter). Renck says that the trade with the Broncos came together quickly because of Washington’s involvement.

John Keim of, though, is skeptical. He concedes that the Redskins did their due diligence on Flacco, and will continue to do their due diligence on QBs on the free agent and trade markets, but the team simply could not afford to absorb Flacco’s contract since they already have so much money committed to Smith. And it’s not at though other clubs aren’t aware of Washington’s difficult cap situation, so Keim thinks it unlikely that the Broncos were worried about the Redskins’ involvement in the Flacco sweepstakes (Twitter link).

Indeed, Keim tweets that he would be surprised if the Redskins could swing a deal for any high-priced QB like Flacco or Nick Foles. Speculatively, the team could make a play for Teddy Bridgewater or Tyrod Taylor, or try to pry away restricted free agent Nate Sudfeld from the rival Eagles, but those moves would not engender a ton of excitement. Depending on how they feel about the 2019 crop of college passers, the Redskins could draft a rookie signal-caller, though they may have to trade up in the first round to get one of the top prospects.

Potential cap casualties like Case Keenum and A.J. McCarron may also be in play for Washington.

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10 comments on “Redskins Were Interested In Joe Flacco

  1. Johhos

    McCarron has some familiarity with Gruden, no? But I still would rather see Fitzpatrick on a shorter deal, him knowing he could be the guy depending on his play and Alex’s situation… then upgrade the line and draft a WR to help him out..the upgrades are a must no matter who is playing QB.

    • cka2nd

      Potentially, yes, given what we’ve seen of Flacco the last four years. Bridgewater was looking very good going into 2016, only his third year in the league, and seemed to have cleaned up the biggest problem he had in 2015, overthrowing (yes, over, NOT under) wide receivers on long routes (it drove Mike Wallace up the wall).

      Now, of course, he’s a huge risk. If I could get him with an incentive-laden deal, I’d sign him, though. Frankly, I think the Giants would be a nice landing place for him.

  2. RockHauler

    That would it have been a bad idea. Given the fact that Smith isn’t going to play next season, or again. With no backup ready to step in for a team to win now, Flacco for one year would be a great idea. By putting Smith on season ending IR, his salary will come off the books and Flacco’s would replace it.

    • Is that true? A club puts a player on season ending IR and they get the cap space back?

      If so, the Alex Smith contract is no big deal for Washington. The Redskins have every medical reason to do so. The Redskins are a rich enough club all they care about is cap space, not actual salary costs.

  3. crosseyedlemon

    Chucky drafts Murray and then brother Jay gets a family discount on Carr….problem solved.

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