Bill Belichick Could Become Patriots DC

Thursday began with the news that Patriots defensive coordinator Greg Schiano would be stepping down from the post. Later in the day, news trickled out that head coach Bill Belichick could assume a larger role with the defense or even take over the role of defensive coordinator, ESPN’s Mike Reiss writes

Following their victory in Super Bowl LIII, the Patriots saw a mass exodus from their defensive coaching staff, which included former defensive coordinator Brian Flores take the head-coaching gig in Miami and a number of assistants leaving. Schiano, highly trusted by Belichick, was expected to help the transition, but his abrupt departure puts the Pats in a tough situation.

Reiss notes Belichick assuming defensive coordinator duties is the most likely of scenarios but is not the only one. Another possibility is a “Hail Mary” call to former defensive line coach Brendan Daly, who left to become the Chiefs run-game coordinator. Considering his family’s roots in K.C. area, however, it could be a tough sell.

Another potential candidate would be Bret Bielema, the Boston Globe’s Ben Volin tweets. Volin mentions that Bielema, the former University of Wisconsin and Arkansas head coach and current defensive consultant with the Pats, thought he was getting the job earlier this year.

Belichick, of course, is no slouch as a defensive coordinator. With the Giants, he won a pair of Super Bowls under head coach Bill Parcells while running the defense. As the head coach of the Patriots, Belichick has always played a large role on the defensive side of the ball, except in 2009 when he contributed largely to the offense following Josh McDaniels‘ departure to Denver.


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22 comments on “Bill Belichick Could Become Patriots DC

      • seth3120

        I am kind of curious the influence the head coach has and how he implements it through a coordinator. Coaches are most often hired for their offensive or defensive minds. They can try to hire somewhat like minds but one would have to think there would be a drop off from their ability and those they hired. Guys like McVay are just too good to give that up in my opinion

    • kenleyfornia2

      Mike Zimmer does that for Minnesota. McVay, Payton, Pederson, Shanahan are all HC/Offensive coordinator

      • jb19

        Yea, I agree. I was just annoyed for the last 5 months w the media calling flores the “de facto defensive coordinator.” Basically assigned him a title that didn’t exist. He wasn’t the defensive coordinator, so they called him the “de facto defensive cordinator.” Every outlet called him that. I found it incredibly annoying.

  1. crosseyedlemon

    Bill Belichick the HC interviewing Bill Belichick the candidate for DC would be an instant comedy classic for SNL.

  2. Brad

    Nick Saban. Takes over next year when BB leaves. That would be ideal years ago, but now the teams future depends on who’s qb after Brady. Urban Meyer?

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