David Irving Says He’s Quitting Football

Cowboys defensive tackle David Irving said on Instagram that he’s quitting football after being suspended indefinitely by the NFL last week (Twitter link via Jon Machota of the Dallas Morning News).

Irving was smoking marijuana while making the statement, so take it with a grain of salt. Only 26 years old, Irving has dealt with myriad off-field issues during his time in the NFL, and it’s clear he’ll need to go through a lengthy reinstatement process — one that likely involves some form of rehab and counseling sessions — before he gets back on the field.

Still a talented player, Irving posted seven sacks in eight games as recently as 2017, but he’s only been available for 10 total contests over the past two seasons. Scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent next week, Irving could have been poised to cash in on the open market. Instead, he’s unlikely to garner any interest until his status with the NFL is resolved.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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40 comments on “David Irving Says He’s Quitting Football

  1. itslonelyatthetrop

    I hope he gets his head on straight and gets a second chance.

    • saluelthpops

      Agreed. Just sad that he’s taking no personal responsibility. It’s somehow the NFL’s fault that he chose not to follow the rules.

    • pacfan189

      Yeah, walking away from a game that’s been proven to mangle your brain while your employer then tells you what you can and can’t put in your body to manage that. Fuck that man, it’s 2018. People think that choosing weed over football is an a dumb choice when in reality it’s the ultimatum that’s stupid.

    • fantasyman99

      Itslonelyatthetop … this would be a second chance to the second chance to the second chance … on a brighter side whoever rolled that doobie for him did a nice job

    • wrigleyhawkeye

      Considering this is his 3rd time, he’d be looking for a 4th chance.

  2. Hannibal8us

    Still sad you can be a pill popping addict and celebrated as one of the greatest but we villianize guys for smoking weed. I know it’s against the rules and these guys know it’s against the rules but it’s still stupid that this country is still so backwards on this subject.

  3. left

    Yea, ok dude. He’ll be or in prison for selling drugs or domestic violence in short order.

      • Ironman_4life

        So because hes been in trouble and will probably be in trouble with the law, what left said is racist? Explain please.

      • tigersfan1320

        Your comment is the only one that’s racist Kyle. You were the only one that brought race into this

      • Wade Herbers

        Left made no mention of race. None what so ever. so stop the racist crap. Seems his point may have been that he’s a idiot pothead who’d rather smoke dope than do his job. He knows he can’t keep his job in the NFL smoking dope yet continues to do it. So now he can go work and live in a state where pot is legal. He is pissing away a chance to earn millions in the NFL so I wonder what his back up plan is?? Is he a CPA or lawyer or doctor?? What job is he gonna do now to make millions and live comfortably to provide for himself and any family he has ( I don’t know if he’s married or has kids) Seems like a true waste of talent. I’m pretty sure I could stay off pot for 8/10 years so as to make the money he could have. I n fact I KNOW I can since if I get ONE pot charge against me I lose my job. I don’t make 100k yet I’m supposed to be a clean productive member of society and adhere to a standard to keep my job. Domestic abuse / drugs are automatic firings in my work. Only the NFL can this clown fail what 10/12 tests to FINALLY lose his job.

      • left

        Not sure how race has anything to do with what I said. Try saying with a straight face that Irving won’t be the subject of a head shaking news story within a couple years. His chronic behavioral problems, not race, makes his future look grim.

  4. crosseyedlemon

    Time to call Dez and set up the Irving & Bryant career counselling services.

  5. uvmfiji

    Wear a t-shirt and jeans to your office job. Tell your boss his rules are stupid.

  6. bencole

    Dear NFL, please stop harassing players about weed. It’s not good for anyone when the best players aren’t on the field, and I think we’re past the point where anyone considers weed a significant problem.

    • crosseyedlemon

      Well it wouldn’t be a significant problem if people could do without…but obviously there are many who can’t.

      • bencole

        It’s only a problem because of the rule. If you made cars illegal, those who still drive would get in trouble, and then cars would be a problem. It’s the rule that’s the problem, not the substance.

    • jjd002

      Issue is it is still illegal. If it was legal I’d 100% agree (and I’m for legalization)

    • of9376

      Dear Bencole,

      Pleas stop blaming the NFL for decisions that players make. The fact is that marijuana is a banned substance . End of discussion. The players agreed to this in their last CBA.

      Additionally, you don’t know if it’s a significant problem yet. No one has studied the effect of marijuana on high level athletes over a prolonged length of time.

      • bencole

        I’m not blaming anyone for the decisions the players made. I like their decision. Don’t like the NFL’s decision to have a weed policy, or to suspend players for it (which is the NFL’s decision that I don’t like) even if the players agreed to it. It’s bad for the fans, the teams, the league, and the players. I like the players decision. If he wants to smoke weed I think he should.

      • bencole

        And honestly, I don’t care if it is bad for him. The effects of the drug have nothing to do with this. They should be able to do it even if it’s bad for them. And I’m not just bitching on behalf of the players. As a fan I don’t want good players not playing for something as dumb as weed.

      • Cubswin1

        “We don’t know the long term health issues that may be associated with marijuana use, so we shouldn’t criticize the NFL for its archaic policies” is not an argument I expected to hear in defense of the league that hid and obstructed the long term health issues associated with concussions.

    • left

      This 28 year federal probation officer (substance abuse specialist) who has worked with hundreds of addicts considers weed a significant problem. The NFL is handling the issue wisely.

  7. Z-A

    Okay so, these athletes are the clear cut case for proving weed is addictive and detrimental. If you cant lay off the weed to make millions for playing a game that only involves weight and conditioning training, film session, studying madden formations, and playing the actual game… like c’mon literally throwing away his future to end up bagging groceries and smoking some weed. Cuz we all know hes going to spend his remaining NFL money on weed.

  8. bearsfan49055

    Hey dumbass try quitting weed instead of quitting a job that pays u millions of dollars!!

  9. bpflyers1

    Maybe guys are smoking weed to deal with the pain they experience from playing the game. Just trying out rationalize why someone would piss away their career to smoke some shit!

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