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The Antonio Brown saga was the defining story of the NFL season. It dominated news coverage in the aftermath of the Super Bowl, all the way up until he was finally traded to the Raiders. But the drama apparently didn’t end there. Brown’s trade has implications for every team in the league, and for every player who may want to force his way out in the future. The league has taken note, and teams are apparently quite concerned. “Multiple high-ranking sources” told Jeremy Fowler of ESPN.com that they’re fearful “Brown forcing his way out of a contract with three years left” will set a “dangerous” precedent.

Executives were outraged by the move according to Fowler, and one source derided the fact that Brown essentially acted like a free agent in picking his new team. “Other star players see this and might want to do the same,” another source said. Another source was surprised that Pittsburgh decided to cave and meet Brown’s demands instead of playing hardball, saying it was “un-Steeler-like” of the organization. It remains to be seen whether Brown’s actions will actually inspire other players to follow suit, but the league is clearly getting ready to fight back in case they do.

Here’s more from around the league:

  • Draft talk is starting to heat up, and the latest rumblings we’re hearing are from a report out of Ole Miss’ pro day from Tony Pauline of Draftanalyst.com. Pauline reports that the Jaguars and Broncos are both “very interested” in tight end Dawson Knox. Pauline also writes that the Cowboys have been “throwing a lot of love” Knox’s way. All three teams have unsettled futures at tight end, so the interest makes a lot of sense. Knox is in the second tier of tight ends behind the top group, and could be a nice pickup sometime in the middle rounds.
  • Legendary receiver Andre Johnson has joined the Texans’ front office as an adviser, and he doesn’t plan on stopping there. Johnson wants to work his way up through the organization and eventually be a front office head one day, he told John McClain of The Houston Chronicle (Twitter link). “I’m learning the business of the game. I thought I might want to be a GM or run a team. I want to do everything I can to help the Texans win their first Super Bowl,” the future Hall of Fame member said. Johnson was one of the best receivers in the game for a long time, and holds nearly every Texans receiving record that there is. Johnson was hired last month to work with the team’s coaching and scouting staffs, according to a separate post from McClain.
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27 comments on “Extra Points: Brown, Draft, Johnson, Texans

  1. TJECK109

    What were the Steelers to do? Every day that Baby Brown didn’t get his way he would find another way to further drive down his value.

    • TheTruth12

      What were they to do? We’ve been over this over and over if they put a muzzle on that “leader” of theirs this would’ve never ever got as bad as it did. But they let him do, say, rape whoever he wants so they have no one to blame.

    • polevaultking

      Not trade him. AB had no real leverage with 3 seasons left on his deal.

      What was AB going to do, sit out 3 seasons?

  2. troll_smasher

    RICH Baby Brown. Put some respect on his name. “It ain’t no fun when the rabbit got the gun”. Loved how things played out.

    • deal1122

      Nice to see you out of your cave. Someone must have notifications on for each time something regarding the Steelers is posted

      • troll_smasher

        What up deal!! You must be on community college spring break, huh? Hope you enjoy your vacation at trailer park city

        • deal1122

          Good one! Better start getting ready for your midnight shift at the McDonalds

          • troll_smasher

            Respond? You’ve already got your mind made up, so what’s the point in engaging? I’m just here to comment, not change people’s minds. You have your opinion and I have mine.

            • TJECK109

              You don’t have an opinion you just spew garbage in hopes of stirring them pot. Typical uneducated comment.

              • troll_smasher

                You and the rest of the Steeler fan boys come to every post with your #7 Pom Poms on trying to discredit everyone who has something negative to say about the Steelers. Fact is, you guys are the softest bunch of dudes on here. I’ll keep posting as much as I want, when I want.

    • TJECK109

      Respect? Please explain how. I’d like a detailed analysis of how. Provide some facts for your claim.

  3. Birdman1182

    Pretty Sure Princess Owens did the same thing to San Francisco several years back

      • Regi Green

        Owens forced his way out of Philly,but he was technically supposed to be a free agent when he refused Baltimore for Philly.Somebody didn’t do the paperwork,so San Fran held his rights,but he wasn’t under contract.

        Even forcing his way out of Philly,that was really on the Eagles.Because of his situation,and him wanting to come to Philly,Joe Banner low balled him.Brown is actually getting market value….. I think Browns problem with Roethlisberger is more legit though.

  4. TheTruth12

    I swear some of you were dropped on your head repeatedly as kids, fans in other sports aren’t like this at all. Honestly holding onto stuff like this for this long isn’t healthy for you.

  5. supertrucker247

    Steelers should’ve kept him, then sued him for breach of contract. What were the Steelers supposed to do with him? Don’t be mad at the Steelers for what they did the other teams would have done the same thing.

    • troll_smasher

      What contract did he breach? Missed practices don’t count. Good luck with that, buddy.

  6. 2012orioles

    Trollsmasher and truth12 come on EVERY Steelers post and argue with people. That’s all they do. You’d think they were teammates with Ben for how much they claim to know about him. You guys just come on here to make people mad. You should be embarrassed for how much time you waste trying to stir stuff up. I should be embarrassed for how much one I waste replying to you two. You seriously have something wrong if you find joy in pissing people off

    • troll_smasher

      Yet, you show up EVERY post as well, so what does that say about what you do with YOUR time? You seriously have something wrong if you let people that you’ve Never met or will ever meet get under your skin. Sounds like you need thicker skin, or maybe you need to build yourself a bubble to live.

    • TheTruth12

      Why the f do you care so much about what I have to say about the Steelers? You don’t need to be teammates with Ben to know he’s a crybaby, rapist and horrible leader. Tell me I said wrong how am I wrong? If Ben doesn’t call out AB on the radio we aren’t here right now PERIOD. Lmao you don’t have a problem with that idiot TJECK commenting the same stupid crap to try to stir up stuff with AB fans(I’m not even a fan) but I’m always gonna pick the players over billionaires.

    • forwhomjoshbelltolls

      He likes being a sycophant to a man child.

      Lots of people seem to enjoy that these days.

  7. crosseyedlemon

    “It remains to be seen whether Brown’s actions will actually inspire other players to follow suit, but the league is clearly getting ready to fight back in case they do.”

    So the owners want to set themselves up for another collusion case? A rather foolish course of action considering they created the rules which Brown’s agent simply used to his clients advantage.

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