Giants Wanted 49ers’ No. 2 Overall Pick For Odell Beckham Jr.

More consistently interested in acquiring Odell Beckham Jr. than the Browns, the 49ers again pursued the superstar wide receiver this offseason. But the Giants’ asking price was high.

The Giants wanted the 49ers’ No. 2 overall pick for Beckham, Jay Glazer of The Athletic reports (subscription required). The 49ers were not willing to deal that high-value selection away.

San Francisco had targeted Beckham during the 2018 offseason and then once the season started, per Glazer, but the Giants stood pat. They ended up acquiring the Browns’ Nos. 17 and 95 picks, along with Jabrill Peppers. Other teams with whom Glazer spoke categorized the Giants’ initial asking price as too high.

The 49ers’ lone receiver move this offseason has been Jordan Matthews, whom the Eagles picked up as a street free agent in September. Kyle Shanahan‘s team may be targeting a wideout with one of its non-first-round picks, or another via trade, but for now, its top targets remain Marquise Goodwin and Dante Pettis.

As for the Giants’ reasoning to deal one of the most talented players in franchise history, Glazer attributes the move to the team souring on its three-time Pro Bowl talent — at least, from an off-field perspective — and wanting to gear their offense more around Saquon Barkley. Pat Shurmur intervened last year to scuttle trade talks, and Beckham was on board with the new coach’s regime, Glazer adds. As the team started slowly, Beckham’s comments about Eli Manning had Shurmur “furious”, perhaps helping the Giants’ relationship with Beckham become, as Glazer describes, “fragmented” to the point the team was ready to move on.

With Beckham gone, the Giants now have Golden Tate and Sterling Shepard atop their wideout depth chart. The team will eat $16MM in dead money because of the Beckham deal. New York holds just more than $16MM in cap space currently.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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27 comments on “Giants Wanted 49ers’ No. 2 Overall Pick For Odell Beckham Jr.

  1. afsooner02

    I think the browns gave up a little too much for ODB, (should have kept the lower draft pick) but in the end, if he produces at his normal rate, it will be well worth it. Just need to get bake a better OL and the offense is set.

    • TheTruth12

      Are you kidding? It’s simple the Browns straight up robbed the Giants, Giants were not in a position where they had to trade OBJ I do not believe for a second this was the best offer they could’ve got. What makes it seem even worse is all we heard was “we didn’t sign him to trade him” which means you have to get an offer you can’t refuse. A mid first, third and an average safety isn’t close to enough.

      • JT19

        There’s the off chance that another team offered a slightly better offer, but it might have been from a rival team. I’m sure the Giants were trying to avoid keeping him in the NFC.

      • mattpatricia

        And a 90 mil contract for an overrated receiver but hey the browns robbed them

        • troll_smasher

          You mean the guy that’s SECOND in NFL history in yards per game is overrated? You can’t make this stuff up. People will make themselves look like fools, ignoring statistical evidence just to spew their personal opinion of players. The fools just keep getting exposed.

        • TheTruth12

          When healthy he’s averaged 91 catches, 1293 yards and 10 TDs with Eli noodle arm Manning throwing to him. Imagine the numbers with a better QB, but sure he’s overrated

        • rct

          Over the number of games he’s played, he’s off to one of the fastest WR starts in NFL history. That’s with a bad offense, an aging QB, a horrendous OL, and until Barkley an atrocious running game. But yeah, ‘overrated’. Get a clue.

    • kenleyfornia2

      A mid first, ok saftey and 3rd for a top 3 WR in football is too much? The Browns have hoarded enough picks its time to go for it

  2. mriescher

    For a receiver that has played 16 games in a season 1 time and has averaged les than 12 games per season giving him the extension was foolish. I agree I wish they got more for him but I am happy with the return.

    • kenleyfornia2

      And 4 of the 5 seasons he has played at least 12 games. Realistically he has had 1 injury riddled season. You can try and spin it any way you want. This is football your going to miss a game here and there

      • gmetwagner

        Nah. He played one full season. He played 16 games the last 2 seasons combined (1/2 season average). “Realistically?” What does that mean? Are you implying he wasn’t really injured last year? Either he quit 3/4 of the way through or he was injured. Either way, he didn’t play a full season. He indicated he was unhappy 3 games into an almost $100mil contract. His family was starting to talk for him. The pizza and cocaine video. The injury after kicking a net. Heading into the locker room early against a division rival in prime time. Justin Beiber Hot tub the night before his only playoff game. “Zoo Animals” comment. Eli is the reason the GMen drafted him. Eli lobbied for him because the 2 are Newman High alumnus AND Eli was tossing passes to OBJ when he was in high school. The GIANTS are stupid for trading him a season late. Other than that, good freekin riddance. Keep echoing The MSM talking points. You’re a good little NPC.

        • gammaraze

          Considering he was better in his first 2 seasons, 12 and 15 games, than he was in his “one full season”, the notion that he’s only played “one full season” is ridiculously disingenuous. Going with this logic, Antonio Brown hasn’t played a full season since 2015…

          • gmetwagner

            Not “disingenuous” at all. Last 2 seasons he averaged a 1/2 season. The season prior he capped it by soaking in the hot tub with another obnoxious clown, Justin Bieber. Oh and nice strawman, this has nothing to do with AB lol. I wouldn’t want him either. However, he didn’t average a half season in the last 2 seasons so you aren’t proving anything. Let’s play the “your logic” game though, I’ll humor you. “By your logic,” Markus Golden is the premier edge rusher, since ya know, he had 12.5 sacks, 16 TFL and 4 forced fumbles 3 years ago (since the last 2 years do not count). Thank you for exclusively focusing on the 2016 and previous seasons. You subconsciously conceded my other points were accurate. You may proceed with the all important last word. Go:

            • kenleyfornia2

              LOL another flaw in your argument. You think he said the last 2 years dont count. Ok count them. You realize has 1000 yards in 2018 and supposedly “gave up on the team”. So congrats he was injury riddled in 2017. Your tin foil hat wearing self cant use that and “giving up” to diminish a good 2018 season

            • gammaraze

              gmetwagner, YES, it is disingenuous to state that Odell Beckham Jr has “only played one full season”. I said nothing about the average of his last 2 seasons, that’s YOUR strawman. It is NOT a strawman to apply YOUR logic of what constitutes a full season on other players. Either playing all 16 games constitutes playing a full season or it doesn’t. We don’t knock NBA players for ONLY playing 75 games, or MLB players for playing 150 games. And we don’t knock NFL players for missing ONE out of 16 far more grueling games.

              When we talk about Antonio Brown missing games, it might be fair to talk about 2012. When we talk about Julio Jones missing time, it’s fair to talk about 2013. It’s not fair to talk about a guy’s rookie season, in which OBJ played every game they allowed him to. In 2015, OBJ was suspended for game 15, and not allowed to play.

              If you’re going to play the “by your logic” game, you should start without fallacies. I never said the last 2 years don’t count, that’s again YOUR strawman. Wow, you used two strawmen after falsely accusing me of using one. SMH. Also, it is not my opinion, what could be considered another strawman by you, that a single season makes one “elite” at anything. It’s amazing at what you gleaned from nothing.

        • kenleyfornia2

          15/16 games is realistically a full season in the NFL and if you dont think so you are living in fantasy land. The fact your think this is some MSM conspiracy is comical. Im not a Giants fan or OBJ fan so i could really care less what the opinion on him is. Your clearly the one who has some sort of personal agenda against him. If the guy plays more than 6 games he is a lock for 1000+ yards. But keep acting like stupid things like kicking the net and zoo animals out weigh his production. You know you have no argument when you cant use any stats against the guy for 4/5 seasons

          • gmetwagner

            “The fact that you* think…” You’re welcome. I did not say it was an MSM conspiracy. I simply implied people like you are sheep. I doubt you ever played or coached football. AB is definitely a top 3 player, right? Right. He definitely should have commanded more in a trade, right? Right. HOWEVER, he devalued himself by becoming a cancer. OBJ, or ODB (Old Dirty Beckham) would have almost certainly followed the AB blueprint. It was a very easy and correct move for the GMen to make before Dirty Beckham became a bigger scumbag than he already is. The New York Football GIANTS have 4 super bowl wins under their belt with good line play, edge rushers, solid wideouts, and good QBs. Can’t use any stats? Pretty glaring one already used (sorry you can’t read): 1/2 season 2 seasons in a row. Almost $100,000,000 contract and still ungrateful. Thank you for allowing me to dominate you. Here is your present, the last word. GO:

            • kenleyfornia2

              Take off your tin foil hat. Liking good football players is not being a sheep. It just shows you have no arguement. Thats not a stat, its an average.. And how about you look at the actual production when he is in there. Give me a PRODUCTION stat that helps your arguemnt. Oh wait you cant. According to you OBJ cant play a full year but has somehow racked up 1000+ yard 4/5 seasons so right there tells you he is elite. The Giants really decided to please their 39 year old noodle arm QB than build around an elite RB/WR. AB is a top 5 WR but the problem was his age. No one was willing to give up a big return for a guy over 30 and thats understandable. I guess i get the last word because you cant back up your points. So go ahead and dont repsond. It only proves you have no talking point.

            • gammaraze

              Yep, everyone knows you have to have either played or coached football in order to have entirely valid points regarding football.

              QUOTE: “1/2 season 2 seasons in a row”

              I’m sorry, but averaging that a player only played a full season worth of games over the last two years is entirely different than saying that a player only played 8 games in both of the previous years, which is EXACTLY what you just said. It’s hilarious that you’re thanking us for allowing you to quote unquote dominate us, considering how pathetic your arguments are.

  3. metnoxious

    Doggone it. If only the Giants had had one of these fans as there GM instead of Gettlemen they would have gotten a lot more for OBJ.

    • rct

      No, they would have KEPT Beckham and been better off for it. They also probably would have franchised Collins and dumped Eli. I’m a Giants fan and generally trust professionals more than fans, but Gettleman’s moves have been head-scratching to say the least.

  4. Bryzzo2016

    Jimmy G has no weapons. I would bet anything that whoever they draft w/ the 2nd pick (Probably Bosa) will not be as productive/valuable as Odell. Once again, Lynch wet himself.

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