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The market for Le’Veon Bell may not actually be all that robust. Albert Breer of The MMQB tweets that the Bears, Colts, Ravens, Texans and Bills “haven’t really been in it” for the All-Pro running back.

This is particularly notable following reports from earlier today that six teams were in the running for Bell: the Jets, Colts, Ravens, Packers, Texans, and Bills. With four of those teams out of the running (along with the Bears), that would seemingly mean that New York and Green Bay are going head-to-head for the running back’s services. The Raiders have also been mentioned as a potential suitor for Bell.

Breer notes that the market’s been tough for the former Steelers offensive weapon, and he adds that more teams may enter the bidding if the asking price drops. As of right now, there’s a feeling that Bell could be secured for a deal that will pay him between $11MM and $12MM per season.

Regardless of who’s in and who’s out of the bidding, we may get a resolution sooner than later. We learned earlier today that the Jets have given Bell a deadline to make a decision. If the Jets don’t hear back by that unreported time, they’ll likely move on to other free agent targets.

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38 comments on “Latest On Le’Veon Bell

  1. Thronson5

    Hard to believe the guy can’t get 16 million when you have a LB coming off a ACL iniry getting about that and this is not just a great RB he’s a great all around player. Curious to see how this plays out

    • slapshot53

      Yea, real rest with a bucket of “I’m so great ” attitude crap, sit out , screw your teammates, the beat your chest! Sometimes karma bites one in the ass!

    • crosseyedlemon

      If the reports of Bell ballooning to 260 lbs are accurate then he only has himself to blame for the shrinking market.

      • Bryzzo2016

        Yeah, I think this is the real issue. Gaining weight, taking a year off. I think many GMs feel his best days are behind him. I’m happy to hear the Bears aren’t in on him. I think he’ll sign with a desperate, thirsty team trying to hype their fanbase. I don’t see a solid, contending team overpaying for him. Jets/Raiders make the most sense. I really don’t believe Baltimore is legitimately in on him.

  2. elscorcho the marlin
    elscorcho the marlin

    Not a Packers fan, but would be fun to see Rodgers get a weapon on offense.

    • byronious

      I am. And that would be really cool. Potential chances to get to the super bowl if not the nfc championship this year if we get him and draft well…bucha ifs though…

    • Priggs89

      Rodgers has plenty of weapons, he just chooses to stare down Davante every play. Luckily he’s got a good enough arm that he can get away with throwing to one guy all game.

  3. imgman09

    I think The Jets will give him the most guaranteed money and that’s where he goes,at least it won’t be my team,Whew!

  4. dray16

    he quickly corrected his tweet to say those are the teams that have been in it.


    Imagine that…and he sat out a year, lost big money to only get less than his value (in his head)

    • TheTruth12

      Lmao big money? Okay guy, Bell is the most talented, freshest running back he’s still gonna get a pretty substantial deal which he might not have got if he played under that “big money” deal this past season and got hurt.

  6. fathead

    eagles fans ..give it up .$$$ talks..u have no cap space left..u used it on the Jackson dipshits

  7. carlos15

    He wants $16m and if they’re offering $12m than that would make sense since he essentially wants $1m a game, because for his career on average he only 12 games a year anyway.

  8. shafe4141

    Turned down $14M a year with Pittsburgh and sat out his franchise tender only to get less per year than both of those numbers. Good for him.

    • dray16

      at least he doesn’t have to play in Pittsburgh anymore. that might be worth 14 mil to him

      • Yeah…who would want to play for a storied franchise that has already won 6 SB’s and is in contention just about every year for another. And who is your favorite team, Einstein? (btw, you sound about as smart as Bell).

    • troll_smasher

      He didn’t turn 14mil a year. ONLY guaranteed money was the FIRST year of the contract, just like ALL of Pittsburgh’s contracts, except for QB.

  9. Troubleshooter

    Who cares about a running back who leaves a million dollars a week on the table chances are hes going to be a disruptive pampered crybaby Hes actually going to sign 4 less a year than he was when he was franchised Steelers aren’t stupid

  10. sluman46953

    did you ever want to leave a job. well he did . i did. if you say u didnt ur either a liar or blessed.. bottom line

    • padam

      And sit out for a year, collect nothing and then come back for less on average with no guarantee on the amount guaranteed? Yeah… bottom line – idiot.

      • troll_smasher

        YOU couldn’t afford to sit out for a year. That’s the luxury of being a millionaire and not having to work. That’s the issue most you have, so you keep worrying about his wallet, when he’s not worried about it.

  11. Bill Jasper

    He just isn’t a generational player. Those types of players can get away with the stunt he pulled. Him? Teams see him as a risk. Older, fatter and a possible issue in the locker room. They aren’t going to break the bank for him.

    Bell is either completely dull, or relied on bad advice from his agent.

    • troll_smasher

      Name ONE issue Bell had “in the locker room”. Please…. just one issue he had with anyone

      • WedgeAnt27

        You’re right. The biggest locker room issue he caused was that he was NOT in the locker room.

  12. atuck_sfg

    Niners could release McKinnon, he has no more guarantees on his contract and go after Bell… and if they trade for OBJ without losing the number 2 pick? I’d trade next years first round pick for OBJ and maybe a second or third round pick. That offense would be dangerous

  13. This guy lost soon much money by messing with the Steelers. He won’t be able to find a better franchise to play with, and will end up with much less money.

    A fine mess you’ve gotten yourself into! You should have taken the Steelers offer when you had the chance, and taken the O line out to dinner every game night. That’s what made you! (as the entire league will soon find out).

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