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Yesterday we heard that Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill was being investigated for an alleged battery of a minor. Details were and are still light on the situation, but we do have a few more notes on the case.

The incident occurred at Hill’s home, according to Nate Taylor of The Athletic (Twitter link). The initial report from Brooke Pryor and Steve Vockrodt of the Kansas City Star has been updated to report that the victim in the case is Hill’s son, and that his injuries included a broken arm. This apparently wasn’t the first instance of trouble at Hill’s home.

On March 5th, officers were called to Hill’s home to investigate a difference incident of “child abuse or neglect,” according to , and 

The fact that the cops had to be called to Hill’s home just ten days prior to this news breaking about the second incident does not bode well for the young wideout. Hill, of course, fell to the fifth round of the draft back in 2016 because of his arrest for domestic violence while he was at Oklahoma State. That arrest in college could come back into play here, and make a potential suspension from the league even lengthier, according to Mike Florio of

Florio writes that the previous arrest, which Hill was not punished by the league for since it took place before he was drafted, could be an “aggravating factor” that would allow the league to impose a tougher than usual suspension. Florio floats the possibility that the league could ban him altogether.

Less than two weeks ago we heard that the Chiefs were negotiating an extension with Hill, but this incident has surely killed those talks. Hill is heading into the final year of his rookie deal in 2019, and it seems to be very much an open question now as to whether or not he’ll ever play another game for the Chiefs. We should know a lot more soon.

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50 comments on “Latest On Tyreek Hill

    • DarkSide830

      that’s not an excuse. just bacause its a contact sport doesnt mean every crime commuted is due to CTE. Sadly, that excuse will probably be used by irresponsible players in the future looking to avoid punishment.

      • bencole

        No, but the percentage of violent offenses is way higher in football players than other sports or the rest of society. There’s no way to prove it either way, but there’s a good chance it’s a factor here.

    • gimo147

      the dude has no reported history of any head injuries, using this as an excuse for a guy that hasn’t had one let alone multiple concussions is just ignorant on your part

  1. Bryzzo2016

    Terrible. A kid w/ a broken arm?!? Yeah, he can just go away now. I doubt the Chiefs will keep him around. Some desperate thirsty team with no morals, like the Browns, will scoop him up. I’d be fine if I never see him play again.

    • KCRoyalty

      It wasn’t even Hill listed as a suspect. His fiancé was. It just happened at his address.

      • earmbrister

        Gee, I wonder why the fiancé was supposedly listed as a suspect and not Hill. It just “happened” at his address. Right.

  2. leprechaun

    Real tough guy isn’t he beating up a child? He needs to get some jail time and get his ass best big time

  3. JJB0811

    “Florio writes that the previous arrest, which Hill was not punished by the league for since it took place before he was drafted…” Funny the league punished the Ohio State QB for problems in college a few years back.

    • braveshomer

      Terrell Pryor?…wasn’t it for something really dumb like exchanging autographs for a tattoos something like that? Ass backwards isn’t it?

    • JT19

      I just looked it up to get more background on that. The NFL upheld a 5 game suspension for Pryor (which was the same amount of time the NCAA suspended Pryor) because they came to the conclusion that Pryor knowingly committed acts to make himself inelgible to play in the upcoming NCAA season in order to make himself eligible for the Supplemental Draft. While obviously it kind of sucks for Pryor, the NFL probably made this decision to set a precedent to avoid situations where players who are facing NCAA suspensions try to submit their names for the Supplemental Draft to try and bypass any suspension. However, it is the NFL we are talking about…and they can’t ever seem to get it right with investigating these potential cases and handing down appropriate punishments.

    • GeauxRangers

      Zeke also got suspended for an alleged incident that happened while he was in college.

  4. Breezy

    Now we add a child abuser to the annual long list of off-season boneheads. This kid can’t be more than 6 or 7 years old. Sickening.

  5. TheTruth12

    When did things change from innocent until proven guilty to guilty until proven innocent? By no means am I a fan of his or the Chiefs but Hill has not been charged, named, or arrested look at the report his name is not on it! I understand thinking he’s a pos or whatever for what he’s done in the past but that doesn’t mean he’s guilty of abuse in this case. I’m not saying he didn’t abuse the kid but I’m not saying he did either.

    • highplainsdriftr

      may say nothing then. Because you may just be defending a child abuser. And sorry, dude has a history, people are going to talk. And he brought that on himself.

      • Pat

        How is that innocent until proven guilty? Y’all are all about “Guilty until proven innocent”

        • highplainsdriftr

          No. I understand he isn’t guilty yet. But you seem to think that you can’t suspect somebody of committing a crime that they have committed before. I’m not saying put him in jail, but this isn’t shocking to hear

    • slpdajab55

      In most cases … where there is smoke there’s fire. The kid has a broken arm. The NFL can have their rules and ways of doing things. It’s their league. Don’t like it then don’t play in it. I like the strong stance on anything violent or abusive. It’s not their right to play in this league it’s a privilege.

  6. hope15171

    This guy is obviously violent and has no problem hitting women or children.

    He should be in prison. Not an NFL Locker room

  7. jonesadoug

    You’re not being told the whole story. It happened at Hills house while he was in California. Hills 3 year old son was with Hills girlfriend at Hills house when the child broke his arm. I live near KC and that’s what is being reported here. You people need to quit judging him and remember hes innocent until proven guilty.

    • highplainsdriftr

      What difference does it make what state he was abusing his child in? You’re really thirsty for those touchdowns

      • jonesadoug

        Hill was in California at the time of the incident. His son and girlfriend were at ho.e in KC

      • jonesadoug

        Hill was in California at the time of the incident. His son and girlfriend were at ho.e in KCYou need to read something besides the KC Star

    • HubcapDiamondStarHalo

      Where is that being reported? I read all the articles I could find in the Kansas City Star; none of them said anything of the sort.

  8. phenomenalajs

    Bad for Chiefs and fantasy football teams. First Hunt, now Hill.

  9. Yep it is

    Can we wait until the official report is out before we throw him away.

  10. Brad

    Somethings going on. I’ve heard it both ways. He’s being sabotaged because he’s just about to get a new deal. Or he’s paying to get rid of it because his name was off the second report. I’ll wait and see what comes out of this before I jump the gun.

  11. tylerknowsbaseball

    Perhaps his kid will listen next time his dad tells him to pick up his crap

  12. Yancey Berry

    There is an investigation on Hills residence. I have read both police reports, the first one is “information”, the 2nd police report doesn’t even list Tyreek on it. Also, under the section for injuries..”apparent minor injuries”.. Nowhere does it mention ‘broken arm’.

    The KC Star that shot this story out .. said, they where told by sources close to the situation that the incident involved their son and a broken arm.. It’s not even clear when the incident happened, it mentions dates in Feb..

    But the police haven’t released any info and the DCF is no comment.. Everyone is curious who this source is that gave information that doesn’t match the reports..

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