Rob Gronkowski Open To Patriots Return?

TUESDAY, 6:53pm: The Patriots placed Gronkowski on the reserve/retired list. They will hold the future Hall of Famer’s rights if he decides to backtrack on this decision.

MONDAY, 1:01pm: Gronkowski’s agent, Drew Rosenhaus, appeared on NFL Network and said the retirement caught him by surprise (Twitter link via Ian Rapoport of NFL Network). “I was shocked. I thought Rob was going to come back and play,” he said. Rapoport writes that “his speculation, gut feeling, is that Gronk comes back at some point. But Rob told Rosenhaus he is ‘done, done, done.'”

MONDAY, 11:00am: Rob Gronkowski has retired from the NFL, but he might be willing to come back under the right circumstances. In an interview on ESPN, agent Drew Rosenhaus seemingly left the door open to Gronk suiting up for the Pats once again. 

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If the team was struggling or they needed him at some point next year, and let’s just say hypothetically Tom Brady gave him a call and said ‘Rob, I need you.’ I wouldn’t be shocked if he came back to play a few games,” Rosenhaus said (Twitter link via’s Adam Schefter).

Gronkowski has flirted with retirement in the past before changing course and suiting up for the NFL’s greatest dynasty. In the past, it appeared that Gronk had reservations about his health, motivation, and contract. Perhaps with some extra time to rest up – and a more lucrative offer from the Patriots – the tight end could consider a mid-season return.

For the Patriots, a mid-season addition of Gronkowski could be a game changer. After losing both Gronkowski and Dwayne Allen in free agency, the Patriots are short on answers at tight end with little in the way of remaining free agent options to fill the void.

Gronk didn’t look like his old self in 2018, but he’s one of the best to ever play the tight end position and is a force to be reckoned with when healthy. To date, Gronkowski has registered 521 receptions, 7,861 yards, and 79 touchdowns over the course of his legendary career.

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28 comments on “Rob Gronkowski Open To Patriots Return?

  1. Wade Herbers

    Hasn’t been retired 24 hours and theres articles about a comeback? Jesus H Christ. Is he retired or not???

  2. TheTruth12

    Honestly would make sense for both parties if he came back for the second half of the season/playoff push

  3. InvalidUserID

    So he’s not retired and just needs some games off. JFC, how long has he been “retired”?

  4. crosseyedlemon

    “and let’s just say hypothetically Tom Brady gave him a call and said ‘Rob, I need you.”

    So Robert Kraft isn’t the only one with a craving for tight ends.

  5. Polish Hammer

    Really? Not even 24 hours into retirement and this clown is already flip flopping…SMH

  6. whitesoxfan24

    Just an FYI to all the people saying Gronk is flip flopping, his agent is the one saying he thinks Gronk comes back. Gronk has never said anything about returning to football. Read the articles before you let your over the top reactions fly. Why do you all care so much if he is back and forth anyway? It’s his decision and not an easy one to make.

    Will he return at some point? Yeah, probably. Does he have to? No, absolutely not. The guy will have endless opportunities after football.

  7. Yep it is

    Kraft said if he came back he has a nice place to take him to in Florida.

  8. Dkaner

    Its obvious that he needs 8 games off to go have fun then come back to the savior, then retire. His body can’t go 16 games and the playoffs but maybe 8 games and the playoffs is doable.

  9. Z-A

    As soon as he retired he put on a short-sleeve aloha button down, khaki shorts, white calf-high tube socks, boat shoes, and a straw hat. 3:32 PM He then proceeded onto a Denny’s to partake in the the 55+ menu. 3:56 PM he was spotted spiking grand slam all over the restaurant. 3:59 he texted Drew and said “might be time to hang up my tube socks”.

  10. madmc44

    If Gronk is looking to the movie industry perhaps BB could look at trading his rights to the Rams, Chargers or even the 49’ers or Arizona for a pick or player. Maybe the NFL doesn’t allow that if someone has technically retired.

  11. omahaomaha

    He will be like Arnold and HE’LL B BAHCK! Skip training camp and join during season

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