Antonio Brown’s Contract Demands Nixed Offer Of First-Round Pick?

Antonio Brown‘s offseason has produced numerous headlines, that spree continuing after his arrival in Oakland. But not a ton of clarity emerged on what other offers the Steelers received for their perennial All-Pro wide receiver.

The Raiders swooped in after the Bills’ brief talks regarding Brown ended without a deal, landing a player on course for the Hall of Fame for third- and fifth-round picks. Interested teams had issues with Brown’s demand for a new contract, one of which apparently was ready to submit a much better proposal to the Steelers.

Brown’s financial demands stopped at least one team from offering a first-round pick, Jeremy Fowler and Paul Gutierrez of report. Had the 30-year-old wideout been available without seeking another new contract, the ESPN duo notes Pittsburgh may well have acquired an extra first-round pick — presumably in 2019. However, teams knew a month prior to the trade that acquiring the mercurial wideout meant negotiating a new contract.

A slew of suitors emerged for Brown, in addition to the Bills, the Eagles, Saints, Titans and Redskins among them. The Bills were believed to be ready to swap first-rounders with the Steelers and part with two mid-round picks. That is the best known offer for Brown, and Fowler reports the Steelers felt strongly about the Bills’ proposal. The Patriots were indeed interested as well but the Steelers held firm on their stance not to do a deal with them.

After some convincing, the Raiders agreed to amend Brown’s contract. The Steelers dropped their asking price to those third- and fifth-rounders, with Kevin Colbert optimistic about the teams trying again — after some failed early talks on March 8 — to get a deal done. Brown ended up with $30MM in additional guarantees. The Steelers hold the Raiders’ No. 66 and No. 141 overall picks.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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44 comments on “Antonio Brown’s Contract Demands Nixed Offer Of First-Round Pick?

  1. jorge78

    Like Brown cares anything about what the Steelers get?
    Not surprised. Brown is about Brown. Now he gets to be schooled on what it’s like to be in a dumpster fire. He deserves no less!

    • keyser_soze

      EVERY player should be about themselves. Who’s gonna look out for them after they retire? Will the “dumpster fire” reduce his checks? Fans like you don’t like the fact that he played the system to HIS advantage, just like billionaires play the system to theirs. Never seen so many people with hurt feelings over business

      • madmanTX

        Don’t be this stupid: it goes beyond business with Brown. He wants to hurt the Steelers and continued to throw barbs even after he got his trade and new contract. Fans support players who play the game and don’t stir up drama. You support Brown then you clowning too.

        • keyser_soze

          Like players actually care what fans want. That fact that you wrote that shows shows how stupid you are. Now go crawl back in your cave and watch Dukes of Hazard

            • keyser_soze

              C’mon dude. You try insult someone’s intelligence, but you don’t know basic English. It’s usually the people like you.

                • keyser_soze

                  You do know that a period indicates an end to a sentence, right? Man, keep digging that hole.

                  • slpdajab55

                    Whatever JA .. I could care less what a bunch of people I’ll never meet or care to meet think about grammar on this site … your not worth the time to correct … you got my point … that’s all that matters period lol …………..

                      • keyser_soze

                        Yet, you insult other people’s intelligence, while showing how dumb you actually are. Like I said, it’s usually people like you.

                          • keyser_soze

                            I just hope you didn’t into debt for a degree that couldn’t teach you grammar and complete sentences. Actually, I do hope you’re in debt because of it. People like you deserve it.

                            • captainchaos55

                              You are a clown…you don’t know me or anyone else on here. Spouting off with clueless nonsense about anyone. Trust me, I am anything but in debt. It’s funny how people run at the mouth when they hide behind a message board. Do you really think I am worried about a typo talking sports smack on a message board? How misguided and lonesome are you that you’re compelled to correct people you don’t even know on a message board. I will keep you in my prayers.

                              • troll_smasher

                                Dude, ALL you do is run off at the mouth, but then you get sensitive when you get called on it. You’re the absolute definition of keyboard tough guy. Obviously, you can dish it out, but can’t take it.

                                • slpdajab55

                                  You’re right Smasher , I can’t take it. I’d love to have conversation about sports but all anyone wants to talk about is grammar and spelling that I could care less given the forum. Whatever ..Enough fussing already! Happy Easter to all! Have a great day!

                            • cuban1

                              “That fact that you wrote that shows shows…”

                              Pretty sure the word you were looking for was “the”, also, you only needed to say “shows” once.

                              “I just hope you didn’t into”. Did you mean to say didn’t get into?

                              “You try insult…”


        • bencole

          I think most non-Steeler fans side with Brown here. I certainly don’t think there’s an argument to be made that teams should only care about what’s in the best interest of the team when negotiating or dealing with the players, but players should be worried about what’s in the best interest of the team when negotiating or dealing with the team. Like, we all get that these are opposing parties in the negotiations, right?

      • slpdajab55

        Brown the clown … his best days are over. He is one of the most selfish team last players I’ve ever seen. Since he’s all about himself he should t be in team sports … maybe take up boxing. Oh and before the loud mouth “ troll smasher” comes on and starts defending his Brownie …by bashing Ben … my feelings about Ben aren’t much different. Bell is a different story .. he’s just flat out ignorant, he will never see that 15 mil again from sitting out. Whatever he makes in life he will always be less 15 mil. The past 5 months have been a laughable circus for the Sqeelers !

        • troll_smasher

          Instead of worrying about me, you should worry about going back and finishing school. Maybe you should keep it to one or two sentences with basic words. That way you can disguise your lack of intelligence.

          • captainchaos55

            Trust me everyone knows on here from your constant BS about your lack of intelligence.

            • keyser_soze

              It’s trust me, then insert comma I take back the one or two sentences comment. Try completing one.

              • graysondecker

                I wouldn’t be surprised if you and troll_smasher turned out to be the same person. Each of you think you’re smarter than everyone else on this site, yet you have the combined IQ of a doorknob.

                • troll_smasher

                  Nice paragraph, Big Guy. At least you can put together complete sentences, unlike the other idiot. You may need work on delivering a funnier punchline, though. Keep trying.

                  • cuban1

                    You didn’t need the comma between punchline and though. The use of it suggests you’re expanding on the sentence. Nice try though.

                • keyser_soze

                  Put two sentences together before calling someone dumb. This whole thread is peppered with your incoherent, grammatically incorrect diatribes.

                  • cuban1

                    As it is yours, under two seperate usernames might i add. Apparently displaying your own idiocy on one account wasnt enough.

                    • keyser_soze

                      I don’t need two usernames to rock n roll. I’m just choking in to respondto the guy that keeps calling people dumb. But, you decided to inject yourself Into this, so you can get that smoke also.

                      • cuban1

                        Except you outed yourself as trollsmasher by saying “i take back my one or two sentences comment” which was made by trollsmasher, only problem is you made that comment as keyser.

                        And while youre pointing out someones grammatical errors, you may want to make sure your own comments arent rife with their own.

                        • slpdajab55

                          For the record, I have 2 usernames because I originally had one on IPhone and forgot the log in. So I created a new one on my IPad ..CaptainChaos and slpdajab are both me by accident. Never tried to say anything different. None the less, best wishes all, nice chatting. I hope you all have a Happy Easter ! Cheers , till next time.

  2. forwhomjoshbelltolls

    Mr. Big Chest decided his best move was to hold himself hostage.

    Everyone in the NFL was ready to let him pull the trigger.

    Gruden saved him.

    That will make it more ironic when Big Chest turns on him.

  3. nelsonj6

    Brown can care less about playing for “Raider Nation”, he cares more about playing in Las Vegas when the team moves from Oakland.

  4. crosseyedlemon

    I don’t think it made any sense for the Bills to pursue Brown. Without an offensive line for the QB he would have been wasting away in Buffalo the same way Fitzgerald is out in the Arizona dessert.

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