‘Belief In Some Circles’ Raiders Could Draft Kyler Murray?

The conventional wisdom the past couple of months has been that the Cardinals will take Kyler Murray with the first overall pick. But nobody knows their true intentions, and they could just as easily take Nick Bosa or Quinnen Williams with the top pick. If they do pass on Murray, it’ll set off an interesting chain reaction.

This past week, we heard that some teams were beginning to prepare for some of the top quarterbacks to start slipping in the draft if the Cardinals do pass on Murray. If Arizona drafts Murray, it could create a frenzy for teams to move up and get one of the next top available passers like Dwayne Haskins or Drew Lock. But if they don’t take Murray, teams could be more content to wait and everybody could end up sliding.

That being said, don’t expect Murray to fall too far. “There’s a belief in some circles” that the Raiders will be “tempted” to take Murray if he’s still available when they pick fourth overall, according to Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk.com. Coach Jon Gruden and new GM Mike Mayock haven’t exactly been committal when asked about Derek Carr this offseason, so this isn’t too shocking.

Gruden and Mayock have both insisted they view Carr as a franchise quarterback, but have also said they’re willing to upgrade the position if the opportunity comes along. Thanks to the Khalil Mack and Amari Cooper trades, the Raiders have plenty of draft ammo. They have three picks in the first round, and could easily execute a trade up for Murray if that’s what it ended up requiring.

At this point it would still be a surprise if it happens, but it’s worth noting. The team has already worked out Murray, as well as Haskins. Gruden has been playing coy with the Carr situation, and it’s unclear how he truly feels about the Raiders’ quarterback of the past five seasons. Fortunately, with the draft just days away, we should know more soon.

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29 comments on “‘Belief In Some Circles’ Raiders Could Draft Kyler Murray?

    • oren shiri

      Totally agree this has gone to far Carr threw for over 4000 yards last season and lost Cooper via trade. In addition to 2 injuries to starters on the OL. It’s really poor judgment that people think the Raiders want a QB when they have an established one already in place. Just maybe a mid to late round QB but really a 1st round. Come on enough.

    • jkoms57

      Well for the Cards I agree. Would be insane to take a small baseball player then have to face Bosa 2x per year for the next decade.

      For the Raiders, Carr is trash. If they can get Kyler do it.

      • captainsalty

        You’re trash, Carr is a solid QB they just need to build around him

  1. Steezy

    Talk about a click bait article. You quoted one sentence from an article titled “Look for Raiders to focus on defensive side of ball at No. 4” and is all about who they’ll draft defensively and how they’ll not take Murray at 4 lmaoooo

  2. ThePriceWasRight

    Murray getting passed by cardinals would be amazing for the jets. they have been open to trading down and could get a nice haul (potentially from their building brothers).

  3. Guest617

    raiders got a stock pile of first rd ammo they could do anything – crazy chuckie is that guy

  4. captainsalty

    The whole point behind trading Mack and Cooper was to get as much draft capital as possible to add multiple pieces to a team that has multiple needs, and not tie up a lot of money in just a couple players…this defeats that whole purpose and in my opinion sets us back further than we would’ve been just locking up Mack and then signing AB…let’s get those 3 players in the first round and focus on Vegas please

      • captainsalty

        Carr is just fine, they need to beef up the entire roster it would be crazy for them to go QB

  5. jjabrony

    Click bait. They will not draft QB. Worse case scenario for the Raiders is the first three picks stay put and take Bosa, Williams, and Allen. Then the decision comes to picking best avail defensive player…Devin white? That’s early for an ILB…Rashan Gary? Early for an athlete with little production….Sweat? Heart issue…that would be a tough situation I hope they draft trade from…can’t wait to see what happens…so tired of Mock Drafts!!!

  6. sportsguy1

    Carr is not the answer but Murray is even less than Carr is. Don’t do it.

    • oren shiri

      Correct that would devastating to the Raider franchise to select a rookie QB in 1st round from a Quarterback that threw for over 4000 yards with an ok line and no star receiver last season

  7. Max Jackson

    New GM? Seriously doubt it. If I’m Mayock I’m going with a defender for my first #1 pick on record. No way do I gamble on the latest 5’10” phenom QB.

    He’ll trade down before he picks a QB in what’s not considered a class like last year or Luck/RGIII.

  8. Yep it is

    Didn’t this same article appear 3 days ago? The Raidas” aren’t getting Murray

  9. crosseyedlemon

    If your not pursuing a franchise QB then it really makes no sense to stay among the top 3 on the draft board. It would also make little sense for the Raiders to use their top pick on a defensive player after paying the big bucks to land Antonio Brown. Of course all bets are off when your trying to understand the mind of Chucky who is liable to do anything.

    • captainsalty

      I don’t see how landing AB would make it so they shouldn’t draft a defensive player with the 4th pick…it seems like that will be best player available at that spot and their pass rush could use all the help it can get

  10. DarkSide830

    Itd be really funny if he ended up in Oakland after all after being drafted by the A’s.

  11. oren shiri

    Correct that would devastating to the Raider franchise to select a rookie QB in 1st round from a Quarterback that threw for over 4000 yards with an ok line and no star receiver last season

    • crosseyedlemon

      Devastation is what is awaiting the Raiders if they ever have to rely on the QB depth behind Carr. Might as well forfeit any game Glennon, Peterman or Jones has to start. If Murray is the real deal then they need to take him otherwise they will be in the same place they were when they passed on Gurley to acquire Cooper.

  12. Paul1989

    Florio also said Russell Wilson wanted out of Seattle and the next day he signs a monster contract. That moron just throws everything at the wall to claim he knew it when one of the 20 things he claims actually happens. Take every side of every position so you can say you’re right is his motto.

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