Chiefs, Colts Interested In Frank Clark

The Frank Clark sweepstakes is heating up. The Chiefs and Colts have shown interest in the Seahawks’ edge rusher and a deal could come together early this week, according to Ian Rapoport of (video link). Rapoport also heard rumblings of the Jets being interested in Clark, but Manish Mehta of the Daily News hears that’s not the case.

A pre-draft deal would make sense for all parties involved and the Seahawks would probably prefer to have their ducks in a row well in advance of Thursday. It’s also still possible that the Seahawks will move forward with Clark, though the franchise-tagged player has indicated that he will not report to training camp without a new deal. The two sides made progress on that front in early March, but it’s not clear if things have advanced since then.

Recently, Cowboys star DeMarcus Lawrence agreed to a new $21MM/year deal, which could embolden Clark’s camp to ask for even more. The Seahawks, ideally, would like to bring Clark back after he registered 13 sacks in 2018, but the opportunity to free up cap space and net a first-round pick for his services could be too good to pass up.

After moving on from Dee Ford and Justin Houston, Clark would make plenty of sense for the Chiefs. However, his off-the-field history could give KC some hesitation given the ongoing Tyreek Hill situation. There’s also the matter of forking over a top-of-the-market deal, which should give the Colts similar pause.

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13 comments on “Chiefs, Colts Interested In Frank Clark

    • STL-NYC

      I think this trade only makes sense for the jets if they trade back from 3 and get a 2nd rd pick in the trade. Flip that for Clark. Allows them to move back and still get an edge rusher

  1. jfedex

    been hearing lots of rumors about him and KC. take it for what it’s worth but Mahomes and Mathieu just started following him on Twitter

  2. JJB0811

    Gotta love the irony of the Jets, Chiefs, and Colts for this guy. We are all repeatedly told that if you have a franchise QB, then do whatever it is to help him out & I agree with that. All three teams have good to great QB’s and yet their focus in on a D player.

    A team can make the playoffs with a top 5 O & 17th rank D; not the other way around.

    • dblackert1

      That’s not true. Chicago and Baltimore were two examples from just last year

    • dblackert1

      I disagree. You can win with a top-five D and a middle of the pack O. Chicago and Baltimore are two examples from last year.

    • zcoughlin2

      True. But the Chiefs were a prolific offense last year and a terrible defense. They need serious help on that side of the ball, and the window is closing because Maholmes will only be cheap for one more year.

    • chorn47

      what? since when is investing in a defense a bad thing? colys d couldnt stop the chiefs in the playoffs

    • dblackert1

      Chicago and Baltimore two examples of top-five defense with middle of the pack offenses that made the playoffs last year

  3. seattleite

    There is no off the field history! This guy has been a perfect team player ever since he was drafted. He’s a leader. How long does the pre-draft allegation have to follow him?

    • ayrbhoy

      Exactly! The dude has been a great team mate and a model citizen. I’m intrigued by the notion of a package that inc a 1st rd pick esp a top 10 first rounder but personally I hope the Hawks keep him, I think Clark can be even better than this past 2018 season.

  4. BAINES03

    deal already being reported by multiple sourcs to the Chiefs (for a 1 & a 2) with an extension for Clark

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