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Assuming the Cardinals select quarterback Kyler Murray with the first-overall pick, it’s expected that the 49ers would subsequently take Ohio State pass rusher Nick Bosa with the second-overall pick. However, Mike Florio of writes that this perception could be the 49ers’ way of throwing rival teams off their trail.

Florio says that “some in league circles believe that the extent to which the 49ers are allowing that perception to exist unchallenged could mean, in reality, that the 49ers are planning to do something else.” If this is truly the case, and the 49ers aren’t 100-percent focused on selecting Bosa with the second pick, then this could vicariously lead to a pair of draft scenarios.

For starters, the 49ers could simply be eying Alabama defensive tackle Quinnen Williams. If the organization is looking for an Aaron Donald-type player who they could easily throw in to the interior of their defensive line, then Williams would seemingly be the perfect choice. Of course, this wouldn’t necessarily explain why the 49ers aren’t doing anything to decrease the Bosa-to-San Francisco talk. If the team intends to take Williams with the second pick, they could just publicly refute the Bosa rumors. On the flip side, perhaps they’re keeping their mouths shut until they get clarity on Arizona’s pick.

The other scenario revolves around a trade. As Florio points out, it was only two years ago that the 49ers acquired an extra pair of third-rounders and an extra fourth-rounder for simply moving down one spot in the draft. If, say, the Jets are particularly enamored with Bosa, the 49ers could use their own “interest” in the Ohio State standout to get more out of a trade. Either way, if the 49ers are hoping to make a trade and draft Williams, they probably won’t be able to drop much further than fourth-overall; the majority of mock drafts have some combination of Murray, Bosa, Williams, and Kentucky edge defense Josh Allen in their top-four.

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10 comments on “Latest On 49ers’ Draft Plans

  1. DarkSide830

    assuming the Cards select Kyler…so assuming we are in a make-believe scenario?

  2. jacobsigel1025

    This could be too far fetched but I wanna see the 49ers trading back to 6 with the Giants if Murray is still on the board something like the 6 and 17 pick for the 2 pick and then trade down again with like Miami get more capital and then have SF take a Metcalf or Marquise Brown to give Jimmy another target alongside Kittle

    • Scottl

      There is no way the Giants are giving up the 6th and 17th to move up when they can take the player they want at 6. They need a QB and Haskins is their guy at 6. They will come back with a WR at 17 and maybe try and trade back into the first round with the Patriots at 32.

      • jp23

        No shot. Giants are def taking a defensive player with one of their two first rd picks. They have the worst def in football and need to load up on def. I’d love for them to take 2 defensive players with their first two picks and trade their 2nd rd pick to AZ for Rosen

  3. crosseyedlemon

    Only 2 scenarios? I feel fairly certain Florio could present at least a dozen and still miss the mark by a mile.

  4. theking24

    It doesn’t make sense to pass on bosa for Williams considering the 49ers needs. They don’t even have a 2nd edge rusher. Just because you got Dee Ford doesn’t mean you don’t need a 2nd one. Williams is good but bosa is also good and a bigger need.

  5. OCTraveler

    49ers may pass on Bosa because of his recent rants and the drama that may accompany him – this team needs to regroup and reground itself and build something positive.

  6. dugdog83

    I don’t see how the Niners could pass on Bosa. He will be just like his brother. Awesome and dominant when healthy but a whiney, self-centered casserole. The good out weighs the bad for a top defense player for years to come.

  7. SeanBeezy

    Williams and Armstead up the middle with Ford on the edge? That push up the middle will make a QB move out of the pocket and uncomfortable. Except maybe Russell Wilson in the division. No front 7 is good or “great” without the back 4 in coverage. Sherman and pray to god Verrett can stay healthy and be the shut down corner he can be. I would have no problem with the 9ers trading down a pick or two to get Williams. Use that to get Jimmy a new red zone target! Pettis can route run in the slot! Goodwin is a burner! Kettle well, kettle is for some reason always open and amazing. Get that other outside receiver.

  8. jay13

    While Nick Bosa is a great talent, I would take Quinnen Williams over him if I was in the 49ers war room. Williams is going to be as dominant as Donald in a few years. Once in a lifetime selection at a prime position. Chucky remembers what Warren Sapp did for him

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