Latest On Dak Prescott, Amari Cooper

The Cowboys have made more progress in their contract talks with quarterback Dak Prescott than wide receiver Amari Cooper, a source tells Clarence Hill of the Star Telegram. A new deal for Prescott would come in at around $30MM per year, Hill hears, but the Cowboys seem unfazed by that figure. 

We are sold on Dak,” Jones said in a recent radio interview. “We do want to have him for the long term. We think he is worthy of investing in for the long term. He is going into his fourth year in the NFL. When you look at the snaps he has had, the situations he has been in and how he has got here and you see he has performed, we see real upside in Dak. You don’t have it all yet. We love the way he logically progresses through a game. You see when the going gets tough when he’s got to come from behind when he turns it loose a little bit. You see him make those plays. He emboldens me to make a deal with him that puts him here for the long term.”

They’d also like to lock up Cooper for the long haul, though his deal likely wouldn’t be less than $16MM/year. Cooper underwhelmed towards the end in Oakland, but he bounced back when came to Dallas in a midseason trade. In nine starts, Cooper hauled in 53 receptions for 725 yards and six touchdowns.

For now, the Cowboys have Cooper under contract for $13.924MM in 2019 thanks to his fifth-year option. Prescott, meanwhile, is on course for unrestricted free agency after his four-year rookie deal expires following the ’19 season.

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16 comments on “Latest On Dak Prescott, Amari Cooper

  1. Z-A

    30M for Dak? If he won a Super Bowl maybe. But might as well toss the aspirations in the toilet. Hard to be a fan of this team. Dak is a 15-18M type of QB at this point. He has only shown me he can be a good QB when the OLine is 100% dominating and Zeke is there.

    • dray16

      no starting QB is worth that low of a figure. I do agree 30 mil is ridiculous though, 20-25 mil seems about right to me.

    • TheTruth12

      Forget the oline without Zeke this team would be lucky to go 6-10. Dak is around the 17th best QB and he’s gonna get paid 30m a year? It’d be funnier than the Giants taking Jones at 6

  2. $30MM AAV is a gross overpay for Dak Prescott. I would rather have Zeke and two decent o linemen for that same amount of money.

  3. jorge78

    It shows you how a just
    “good” QB is valued. You
    have to overpay. Starting
    over could be disastrous.
    You just hope the guy
    becomes very good. Besides,
    it’s the guaranteed money
    that’s important.

  4. Jimmy Johnson’s Ghost

    Dallas is going to be awesome in 4-5 years, Duk will be making 30M a year, half the O-line will be gone because they can’t be fit under the cap, along with Zeke (most likely) and half the defense. No problems there.

  5. DakandZeke

    How can any Cowboys fan think Dak isn’t worth $30 mil a year. Look at the QBs making $25 to $29 mil a year who haven’t even won a playoff game. Wake up so-called Cowboy fans and realize what a good QB we have

    • Z-A

      The guys that are worth the money are the ones that “stir the drink”. Dak is just. drink doo-dad.

    • Jimmy Johnson’s Ghost

      “Good” was the word you used to describe Prescott. I’ll give you that, I’d describe him as above avg. He’s extremely fortunate that he finds himself on a team with a great O-Line/RB. Had he been drafted by the Jets, Cleveland or Arizona he’d probably gone the way of Geno Smith or DeShone Kizer. He plays for a run first team, has no pocket presence and poor accuracy. Dallas better win the Super Bowl within the next 2-3 years because once this new contract kicks in, the team will be on his shoulders,the cap casualties will pile up and Dallas will be an 8-8, 7-9 team.

  6. dmarcus15

    Do front offices know Tom Brady is the lowest paid QB not on a rookie contract there is a reason he wins Rings being able to bring people in.

  7. What is it with the media that continues to overrate Dallas quarterbacks? Romo was better than Prescott and he was average at best. FAR better analyst on TV than a QB.

    Prescott wouldn’t even start on most NFL teams, yet the word is that it will 30 million a year? That’s at best, a 2 year deal for him.

    • earmbrister

      Yeah right homey. Romo was easily an above average QB on a team that was below average to start and average to above average at the end. The Cowboys never really had a quality defense in all of those years.

      Prescott is a winner who plays up to the situation. I’d be comfortable with a 25-28 mil/yr LT contract.

  8. crosseyedlemon

    I think Jerry’s approach here makes good sense. Get all your key players locked in long term so that when Jason Garrett is replaced (can’t be soon enough) the new coach can hit the ground at full speed.

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