Jets Draft Led To Mike Maccagnan’s Firing?

While disagreements about the free agency cost of Le’Veon Bell and C.J. Mosley came up in the wake of the Jets breaking up their newly formed Mike MaccagnanAdam Gase decision-making duo, the team’s draft appears to have played a bigger role.

The Jets’ pre-draft process did not consist of much input from Gase, with Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reporting Maccagnan did not want his new head coach affecting his scouts’ views on prospects. Gase then remained quiet during the Jets’ draft-related meetings and was not a factor in the team’s decision-making on draft night.

It pissed Adam off,” a Jets source told Mehta of Maccagnan limiting his input before the draft. “Mike didn’t want him to speak up too much. It’s a weird philosophy.”

While Mehta adds Maccagnan used this strategy with Todd Bowles as well, Gase took his discontent to another level. The new Jets HC, who “badly” wanted to make recommendations on the types of players he wanted for his system, voiced frustration to many in league circles and prior to the draft moved his seat in the team’s war room — which was captured on video for the networks airing the event — away from camera view.

Draft weekend did not feature any Gase objections to Maccagnan’s picks and scant input from what Mehta refers to as a “detached” coach. This marked Maccagnan’s fifth and final draft with the Jets.

(Gase) literally took his seat and moved it,” a Jets staffer in the war room informed Mehta. “That was extreme.”

The Jets, who currently have Gase in the interim GM role, have taken understandable heat due to the timing of this firing. Some members of the franchise’s brain trust would have given the go-ahead for CEO Christopher Johnson to fire Maccagnan in January, when Bowles was axed, but Johnson was leery of his ability to conduct simultaneous searches for a new coach and a new GM, Mehta reports. However, the awkwardness in the Jets’ draft room looks to have pushed the relatively new decision-maker to break up the Maccagnan-Gase duo.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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24 comments on “Jets Draft Led To Mike Maccagnan’s Firing?

  1. case7187

    Wow Gase has really messed up this team they need to fire him because he’s already lost the players with the “ I didn’t want you on my team” how do you expect players to play for you

    • myaccount

      It’s just a narrative the beat writers are running with because their source (Mike Heimerdinger) was fired. Gase didn’t want to pay millions upon millions for a running back, but is said to appreciate Bell’s talent.

  2. metnoxious

    Wait. Wasn’t Mehta one of the writers who said there was no truth to the rumor of a firing? So does he have new sources??

    • tank62

      And Mehta pushed them to hire Gase over McCarthy
      That guy is a clown. I love when he gets punked out on WFAN

  3. goldenmisfit

    Not a Jets fan but how do you not get input from your head coach regarding the draft

    • bowserhound

      How are you a HC and not try to give input? Sounds like he had a hissy fit and wanted the GM to fail. Well, now you have those pieces to deal with. Gase is a joke.

      • myaccount

        Because Macc clearly didn’t want him to give input. Did you read the entire article?

  4. kevin

    very bad start for jets . not getting any input from the hc for players is really a dumb move . u need players that fix the coaches system when u draft . well count thus draft as a wash . u might see some of those players get traded in next few yrs

  5. sufferfortribe

    …….but Johnson was leery of his ability to conduct simultaneous searches for a new coach and a new GM.

    Seriously? How about hire the GM, then let the GM do the head coach search?

    • compassrose

      Outs is Johnson a part owner or just the CEO? If he isn’t part owner he should be fired.

      • myaccount

        He’s acting owner while Woody Johnson holds a position under Trump. Both of them are incompetent.

  6. compassrose

    What does the guy mean he didn’t think he could handle a search for a coach and GM? You hire the GM and let him find the coach or vice versa. You don’t do both at the same time. One of them hires a person they can work with. I don’t know much about the Giants FO but I do know from a distance they are screwed up.

    • murraysons

      And therein lies the problem. The CEO doesn’t have the bandwidth to do two jobs that he shouldn’t be doing in the first place. He should have a football ops person conducting the search for a GM, and then let the GM pick the coach. Not searching for both, simultaneously. So DUMB

  7. compassrose

    Why is my post not there again? This site baffles me. Some show some don’t. Then when I complain it shows up. There was nothing critical of a poster the only thing I said was the FO seemed screwed up.

    • Luck of Irish

      There is a feature that only displays “New” comments. So it won’t show your comment the next time you visit, if the cache shows you visited the page before and will only show the new comments since your last visit. If you look around the webpage, there is usually a button to show all comments if you want to see every post.

  8. padam

    I guess Gase doesn’t understand the GM’s role and the coaches role. Mistake hiring him.

    • crosseyedlemon

      The amount of input coaches have on the team’s draft various throughout the league. There are advantages to that but a coach with no input might possibly get a pass from the owner if the team fails, whereas a coach who had the players he wanted and still failed is almost certainly going to get fired in the same situation.

  9. Armaday

    Let’s hope we get a solid GM that works with his Head Coach and fills the holes Maccagnan didn’t in Free Agency and and the Draft. Still can’t get over him drafting another tight end and a WR that hadn’t played in two years because he had both knees reconstructed. Don’t let the door hit you on the ass!

    • myaccount

      Wesco should be valuable and Blessuan Austin is a CB, not WR. He also played a little bit each of the last two seasons. Weird to be critical when you don’t have the facts straight.

  10. bus035

    I think it’s safe to say Peyton Manning is not going to put his “hat” in the ring of this sh*t show! He is intelligent enough of a decision maker to realize there is to much discontent in that front office.

  11. Tmandolfan

    As a Dolphins fan. This is tremendously entertaining. The Jets hire our failed former coach then he parades around like a five year who isn’t getting his way AND he alienates the big FA signing, gets the GM fired, and now alienates the rookies too?!?!? All that’s left now is for him to pick a fight with Darnold and the DC on the sideline DURING a preseason game. Bah da bomp bah bah I’m LOVING it!

    • Ironman_4life

      Whatever you do don’t put any money on your dolphins this year because they will probably win one more game than the Jets

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