Jets Interested In Peyton Manning For GM?

The Jets made news earlier in the week when they fired general manager Mike Maccagnan following free agency and the draft. They could make even bigger news with his replacement, as the team is reportedly interested in filling the role with Peyton Manning, Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio writes

Florio reports that “rumors are flying within league circles” that the team intends to make a run at the future Hall of Fame quarterback, who has ties to new head coach Adam Gase from their time together in Denver. Earlier in the week, Jets CEO and chairman Christopher Johnson told reporters that he wants “a great strategic thinker” for the position rather just a player evaluator.

“I want a great manager, a communicator, who can collaborate well with the building. I’m convinced we’re going to find that person,” he said.

If they want an excellent communicator and a strategic thinker, Manning would seem to be a good fit. One thing remains to be seen and that’s if Manning has any interest in the job. Long thought of for a front-office role or as a commentator on Sundays, Manning undoubtedly has had plenty of opportunities open to him if he wants to get back into the game.

If these rumors turn out to be true and the two sides work to a deal, Manning would be joining a team looking for a fresh start with a young, promising quarterback in Sam Darnold already in tow. Even with a few intriguing pieces, the Jets remain the only team in the NFL to not win at least six games in any of the last three seasons.

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20 comments on “Jets Interested In Peyton Manning For GM?

  1. axisofhonor25

    With all the bad news that was swirling around this organization earlier in the week, this is actually a welcome update because Peyton has one of the best football minds out there. He and Gase would be definitely a good match not only because of their time in Denver, but also are all about a throwing offense. This would be a tremendous move for them to redeem themselves for what transpired already.

  2. Dok1234

    Why Manning would want anything to do with this sad-sack franchise is beyond me. He could have a pick of several jobs, but he lands with this one? I’m skeptical. Who wants to torch his legacy like John Elway? Manning knew to get out of Poppa Johns before the racist hit the fan….

  3. Max Jackson

    Heck, Dorsey came to Cleveland and made them a contender after years of being in the cellar.

    I think Manning going to Jets with Gase as a coach might have some positive attributes. The biggest question to me is their ability to scout. Manning has a superior football mind, but can he evaluate talent and surround himself with those that can as well?

  4. dcahen

    Manning could have played for the Jets if he came out in 1997, but chose to play another year in college because he didn’t want to play for the Jets. He has turned down several offers from the Colts to return in the front office; no chance he’d go to the Jets now or ever.

  5. crosseyedlemon

    Jay Cutler: “I’m a former QB with connections to Adam Gase so make me the GM and I will complete the disaster all ready in progress”.

    • ahale224

      A former SEC east QB taken in the first round, with connections to Gase. The good news is, by the time Manning gets fired, Tim Tebow will probably have washed out of baseball.

  6. qbass187

    Lol. Putting a guy with no experience into the role of a GM just because his name is Manning (and no ties to the franchise previous) is the most JETS thing I can think of.

  7. burtgummer1

    I wouldn’t think Manning would want any part of a team that hasn’t been relevant in more that 50 years


    Manning is smart….stay away from the garbage job’s and that’ll ruin the name and brand.

    Just like the perfect timing to jump ship on Pappa Puked Pizza.

  9. bradthebluefish

    Considering how much the Jets owner meddles in things, I doubt Manning would take a stab at being a GM with the NY Jets.

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