Jets Le’Veon Bell, HC Adam Gase In Contact

New Jets head coach (and interim GM) may not have wanted Le’Veon Bell, but the two have been in constant contact this offseason, a source tells Brian Costello of the New York Post. Furthermore, Costello hears the conversations have been positive. 

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Armed with $100MM+ in cap space, the Jets used a big chunk of their available money to ink the running back to a four-year, $52MM deal. Gase didn’t want the club to spend big bucks on any rusher, but GM Mike Maccagnan got his way and landed one of the league’s most dynamic offensive talents with an average annual value of $13MM. This week, the Jets sacked Maccagnan in a curiously-timed move.

Meanwhile, Bell seems committed to making the relationship with Gase work.

There’s been a bunch of false reports and speculation about me in the past about things I’ve said and done, so I’m used to this,” Bell tweeted earlier this week. “I don’t jump to conclusions when I hear or see a story that may affect me. Even if reports are true, that won’t stop me from doing what I came here to do…everyone has a job to do, and I’m gonna do mine whether people “like” me or not. I’m here to win football games.”

Bell and Gase have little choice in the matter as both men are set to be together through at least the 2022 season. The running back did not show for the start of the Jets’ voluntary workouts in May, but he is expected to arrive for mandatory minicamp in June.

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16 comments on “Jets Le’Veon Bell, HC Adam Gase In Contact

  1. Ironman_4life

    To be fair with $52 million coming my way i dont care if you like me or not.

  2. saluelthpops

    With $52 million coming his way, why not show for voluntary workouts. Seems like that would be a good way to establish some rapport with teammates and coaches, especially if he’s interested in repairing a tarnished image (according to previous teammates).

    • Ironman_4life

      I agree. Sometimes the best way to say fu to all is to go work your tail off and be better

  3. crosseyedlemon

    Gase apparently felt that Darnold could develop and improve without the benefit of a running game. Maccagnan had his faults but at least saw how Elliot made Prescott better in Dallas and decided it was worth trying that approach with the Jets by acquiring a bell cow rusher.

    • troll_smasher

      Oh yea.. a 3 down back that can run/block/catch like a WR. Good luck eating crow in the future. He better than ANY back Cincy ever had

      • captainchaos55

        We will see won’t we? That’s just my opinion. I hope I’m wrong. He has an average QB at best. His best receiver would be a number 3 receiver on his prior team. He will miss his supporting cast a lot. They complemented each other well. It opened things up for him. I suspect they will be losing a lot, which takes away the run. Sure, he will catch some passes but it’s a lot easier to game plan against that offense than it was the offense he’s coming from. I will take Corey Dillon over him since you brought up Cincy backs. Imagine what Dillon could have done in Pittsburgh’s offense. I’m not saying LB isn’t a talented back but team and supporting cast means a lot. Dillon was a top notch back on a crappy team.

        • captainchaos55

          That’s not even counting injury history or past character issues from Bell. And before you get your panties in a bunch about character issues coming from a Bengal fan, I’m a fan and don’t control that. I know the Bengals have had more than their share of issues. But we are talking about LB here.

            • captainchaos55

              Lol I wouldn’t doubt it. I think the conversation and article was about LB and the Jets, not the Bengals. While, I disagree, neither one will be playing meaningful football in December. Just because I am a fan of a team doesn’t mean I think they are awesome and the best team. That would be silly. Yet so many people have that thought process for their teams and that’s their right, I get it. Maybe the Jets or Bengals will surprise, but I doubt it. Either way, LB’s best days are long gone without the Steelers supporting cast. He will be LaMar Miller like, which is a good serviceable back but not necessarily elite or special. That’s one football fans opinion. I could be wrong but I’ve been pretty spot on with these things in the past. Good luck, I’d rather have Mixon.

            • captainchaos55

              And while the crappy team comment was referring to the Bengals when Corey Dillon put up sick numbers as a running back on a then Bengals crappy team. However, since you mentioned it, it’s fitting for today’s Jets as well.

  4. seth3120

    Amazing how you can change how something is phrased and make something completely different from it. Does anyone think Gase didn’t “want” Bell. Of course he did. It’s a matter of spreading out and using the available cap to be the best you can be. Players and front offices are well aware. Cap casualties happen all the time. On this voluntary workout deal this is a rare time I’d take any issue with someone not attending and even now it’s not a strong opinion. I think new coach, new contract, new team, etc… it would have been a good idea but as far as people making a big thing of guys missing anything voluntary I get tired of hearing it. It says voluntary for a reason.

    • HubcapDiamondStarHalo

      Well… If Gase was truly interested in spreading out the available cap room, then the argument could be made that he didn’t want Bell…

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