Kyle Rudolph On Pay Cut: “No Way”

Kyle Rudolph might not be a member of the Vikings for much longer. In an interview with Sid Hartman of the Star Tribune, Rudolph said there is “no way” he will accept a pay cut on his 2019 salary. 

No I won’t [accept a pay cut],” Rudolph said. “I am too young for that.”

Rudolph, 30 in November, is slated to carry a $7.625MM cap number this year. However, that figure is completely non-guaranteed, so the Vikings can wipe his entire salary off of the books without cap ramifications.

Rudolph also reiterated that he wants to stay put and expressed enthusiasm about the offense under OC Kevin Stefanski and assistant head coach Gary Kubiak. But, given his contract, his refusal to adjust the contract, and the arrival of second-round tight end Irv Smith Jr., it seems likely that Rudolph will be traded or released this offseason.

The tight end had another productive season in 2018, hauling in 64 receptions for 634 yards and four scores.

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30 comments on “Kyle Rudolph On Pay Cut: “No Way”

  1. mcmillankmm

    Vikings should cut him or trade him to someone they won’t play in 2019…he hasn’t been as productive recently…they’ll enjoy the cap space!

      • jj hammond

        Professional sports are completely different than your normal everyday jobs and shouldn’t be compared to each other. That’s apples to oranges and just a stupid argument point. He also most likely wouldn’t be taking a pay cut and if he did it would be minimal because they would find a way to make it up somewhere Like what they did recently with Kendrick’s contract and convert most of it to a signing bonus and then make some of it guaranteed.

        • bowserhound

          Goes the same way when Antonio Brown, LeVeon Bell, etc. want more money. Contracts don’t mean much anymore.

        • Matthew Heywood

          It isn’t as taking a pay cut to them is the same as us if not worse. Since their career is limited, injuries can end it at any time and the team can cut him .
          So why should he?
          He would get some long term deal if cut by another team almost immediately.

      • eaterofbirds

        missing the point…and a false equivalence, it’s a business decision based on cap, needs and productivity. It’s the state of the game when you come to the monies involved and what fits where.

        With that said, and unrelated to Rudolph’s situation, I wouldn’t be okay with a pay cut, but again, its professional sports, and I dont play pro ball. Comparing the two is nonsensical and just fits a certain framework.

        Brady has done it annually now for years. That would be the comparison that fits this certain equation, just obviously not by position or productivity values.

      • nentwigs

        NO !
        But it works out the same when they continue to dump work on you and/or demand tighter deadlines WITHOUT either: providing the means to get those things done within your 40 hour (SALARIED EXEMPT) work week, providing additional staffing assistance, or lightening your existing workload.
        WA-LAH ! Boss gets more done faster WITHOUT additional payroll expense against budget and earns their H – U – G – E BONUS while the quality of life of his underlings spins ever downward.

    • rct

      He hasn’t been as productive recently? In 2018, he posted his 2nd highest receptions and yards totals.

    • axisofhonor25

      Trading isn’t an option since every team in the league would know he’d be cut as soon as they couldn’t move him.

    • crosseyedlemon

      His prospects would improve if he had a red nose and could deliver presents over the Christmas holidays.

  2. nentwigs

    I don’t know if it is Rudolph’s style of play or the way in which the Vikings use him in their offensive scheme (of course that may be due to maximizing his skill set) but Rudolph does not deliver much yardage after the catch. He seems to prefer going out of bounds on his many sideline catches as opposed to trying to turn up field. For a Tight End, he isn’t used over the middle as much as either Diggs or Thielen. Still, I don’t see a 6′ 2″ Tight End as a long term replacement. What about giving Donald Parham a look now that he is available?

  3. brewcrewer

    This is a bummer to see considering how active this guy is in our community. He really does more than most athletes. I hope he stays

  4. Crycket

    Way to be a team player, Kyle. You know, Tom Brady just mentioned the couple weeks ago that he regularly takes a lower paying contract because it helps the team fill other needs to compete for the SB every year. And they are always either winning the SB or in the conversation. (Yes, I know Brady’s wife also earns bigtime money. However, when you are earning millions yourself, that’s irrelevant).

    Hate to see the guy go, but he isnt worth his contract anyway. Will never be anything more than a 3rd option in that offense, regularly disappears and has produced many 0-catch games throughout his career. Time to move on if he wont help the team.

    • Matthew Heywood

      Tom’s wife is a billionaire super model it is no big deal for him to take a little less money . Do not compare him to any other player

        • Matthew Heywood

          Yet this guy was praising Brady for taking less while leaving out a key reason why he can do so

          • Crycket

            Wow. It’s like you didnt read what I posted.

            It doesnt matter how much she makes. He still takes in MILLIONS annually with salary and endorsements ON HIS OWN. He has made more money in his own contracts than he will ever need or spend in his life.

            So in summary, NO, it STILL doesn’t matter that his wife takes in millions as well.

            • Matthew Heywood

              Yet it is exactly why he can do so but nice try attempting to deflect away from that key point.
              Also he has made much more money than Rudolph over his career which is another reason but again nice try

  5. Steven Juris

    Why support a team that can cut you for any reason without a penalty for doing it? Especially in a sport like football. Good for him. Looking out for himself instead of the billionaire owner who can’t even build his own stadium without rooking the fans out of money.

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