Latest On CBA Negotiations

The tone around the NFL and NFLPA’s collective bargaining agreement negotiations has been “amicable” enough that the possibility of a lockout may have decreased, according to Ian Rapoport of

The likeliest scenario seems to envision the league and the union hammering out a new CBA after the 2019 season concludes. While there is a chance a new deal could come together in advance of the 2019 campaign, talks would need to “ramp up considerably” for such a timeline to be met, per Rapoport.

Discussions between the two parties have been described as “cordial”, and previous reports have echoed those sentiments. As RapSheet notes, multiple factors could have led to a thawing in negotiations. Not only has the national anthem issue been (for the most part) resolved, but the NFL’s rising salary cap means both owners and players are earning a fair bit of cash.

Of course, issues still exist in the ongoing deliberations, but there aren’t any questions that figure to “blow up” the talks, per Rapoport. Among the topics that could still be discussed? A DirecTV contract that expires after the 2019 season and stadium credits (money used for stadium improvements that isn’t counted when calculating the NFL’s salary cap).

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4 comments on “Latest On CBA Negotiations

  1. JJB0811

    No way either side is giving up new found billions in gambling to ‘prove a point.’. There won’t be a holdout.

    • crosseyedlemon

      Now the only thing a gambler needs
      Is a suitcase and a trunk
      And the only time he’s satisfied
      Is when he’s all a drunk

  2. They have colluded to prevent rookies and young players from earning their market value. Vets are satisfied and taking it to the bank, owners continue to bank guaranteed big bucks. What’s there to fight about?

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